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New Microsoft Online Tool to Help Keep Track of Security Bulletins for Your Software

Security updates and patches just keep coming from Microsoft and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of which ones apply to your particular system and what problem is involved for a given patch. In theory, the Windows Update feature provides a record of Microsoft security bulletins but there is a new online service that makes it much easier to keep track of what security bulletins have been issued for your software, the nature of the problem addressed, and where to find more details about the problem.

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Three Ways to Find out Which Versions of the .NET Framework are Installed on a PC

Love it or hate it, the Microsoft  .NET Framework is ubiquitous in Windows and is used in a lot of applications. Since there are a number of versions, you may sometimes need to find out which ones are installed on a particular PC. Here are three ways to check out which .NET you have.

1. Manually from Registry entries

Information about the .NET Framework is stored in subkeys of the Registry key 


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New Free Adventure Game Just for Windows 8.1

Gizmo’s has several editors who are computer game experts but I am not one of them. I waste enough time on FreeCell and chess as it is. However, a new free game released by Microsoft for Windows 8.1 caught my eye. It’s called “Microsoft Treasure Hunt” and is available at the Windows Store.

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Is That Really True or is it a Hoax? Eight Places to Find Out

Can you believe everything you read on the Internet? Of course, Gizmo’s readers know that you cannot – not by a long shot. Many things you see are obviously a hoax or a scam. But sometimes it isn’t all that clear whether something is true or not. Fortunately, there are some websites devoted to keeping the facts straight. So, when you want to know whether something is just a con, an unfounded rumor, or made-up story, here are some places to go.

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Prevent Spam and Theft of Your Email Address with this Browser Extension

Hiding your email address has always been a way to prevent spam but these days there is another important reason to safeguard your email address. Almost every day it seems that some database has been broken into and account information such as email addresses stolen. All the more reason, then, for you to mask your true email address when setting up an account with some online service. And that is what the free browser extension named MaskMe does.

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If You Don't Want to Appear in Google Ads, Read This

Do you have a Google account? Then you'll want to know about a Google practice called "shared endorsements". A previous tip gave a preliminary report on "shared endorsements'' and here is an update.

The recent version (April 14) of the terms of service for a Google account says:

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Creating and Managing Windows 7 and 8 System Restore Points the Really Easy Way

System Protection with its ability to make system restore points is an important tool for Windows maintenance and backup. Unfortunately, the standard way to access System Protection involves a number of steps. If you wish there was a better and quicker way to make restore points, here is a free utility that makes the whole process of creating and managing system restore points much simpler.

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Why Are Your Photos Upside Down?

upside down photoWe took some photos during a holiday and my friend requested me to email to him some of his nice photos. He received his photos and asked me, "why are you sending me photos upside down?" I answered, "sorry, but they all look nice on my computer."

If this sounds familiar to you, here is why the photos look upside down and how you can display them properly.

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