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20 Over Places To Look For Free And Beautiful Wallpapers


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The Best Freeware for Old Computers

The categories in this list are ones useful for keeping a lean computing environment or basic computer operations.

When the software pick deviates from the Editor's Choice [D], it is because the pick here is faster and/or less resource-intensive.

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The Best Resources for Smartphones and PDA's

More and more people are moving away from cell phones and now using smartphones:  Cell phones which now have pda functionality and even the ability to connect to the internet to check email and browse the web.  It is safe to say that today's PDA/smartphones are more powerful than even the beefiest desktops of 5 years ago.  We have the Apple iPhone, Palm Centro, RIM Blackberry, and many others, all of which are capable of much more than making a cell phone call.  Just about all of them can have their functionality expanded with additional software.  Below are some of the best places on t

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Best Free Add-ins for Internet Explorer


Unlike FireFox users, many Internet Explorer users don't seem to be aware that there are also many Internet Explorer add-ins available. Admittedly, Internet Explorer has nothing like the sheer variety that FireFox users can obtain, but the add-ins reviewed here do a pretty solid job of enhancing your surfing experience.

All of these tools have FireFox equivalents, which are often available from the same download source.

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