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Firefox Extension of the Week (FlashGot)

Mar 31 - Apr 06

It would be hard to find someone who doesn't use a download manager these days. If you require any or all of the following: faster downloads, scheduling, resuming incomplete downloads, bulk downloading, downloading media and URLs; then yes, you definitely need a download manager! cool

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Firefox Extension of the Week (Readability)

Mar 21 - Mar 27

Firefox has thousands of extensions in its gallery. If you can imagine Firefox browser as a racing car, then having extensions is like customizing the nitrous purge, hydraulics, spinners, doors, trunk audio, split hoods and even add paint to your exhaust, spoiler, roof scoop etc. Thus buying parts, upgrading performance and changing the looks, makes your car to come "alive". 

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How & Why to switch from Yahoo! Mail to GMail

It's a hard fact that All new Yahoo! mail sucks. This may be just personal but Yahoo gave me tough times with server errors on numerous occasions. For me GMail edges out Yahoo! Mail because of its speed and spam blocking. Yahoo! has too much spam, including IM span. Also POP access and disposable addresses require paid account. I'm afraid a day might come in the future when Yahoo won't allow access to your account even if you enter the correct ID and password. Once my Yahoo mail got hacked, I had enough with it.

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Best Free Greasemonkey User Script


Greasemonkey is a hugely popular addon for most mainstream browsers. To me, this is my second most used add-on (first being DownloadHelper).

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