How to Tell If A Website Is Dangerous


These days it can be very difficult to tell if a site is trustworthy or not. Many nefarious sites are being designed to look respectable. Thus you should always make sure that a site is not dangerous by using multiple approaches. This is especially important to consider before providing a site with sensitive information such as credit card numbers, banking information, your email address, etc...


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Introduction to Light Virtualization

I was asked by a colleague to write an article on light virtualization. While this kind of software is not my forte, I spent some time studying the market and testing various programs that offer the relevant functionality. This article should be a good starting point for anyone interested in an additional dimension of software, mostly useful for testing and security.

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How to Protect Your Online Privacy


These days it often feels like online privacy is an unattainable illusion. The truth is that there are many things you can do to greatly increase your privacy. This article is meant to present you with some general strategies to protect your online privacy. Please choose the methods that work best for you.


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Best Free Onscreen Keyboard for Security


An On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) is a virtual keyboard that is displayed on the computer screen and used as an alternative to a physical keyboard.

Besides using an OSK for accessibility recommended in Best Free Onscreen Keyboard for Accessibility, you may use an OSK to enhance your security and protect against malicious software. Security OSKs are useful for the following:

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What Else Have You Just Downloaded?

Devil imageThese days, more and more programs are being bundled with extra components such as the Ask toolbar or Open Candy which Gizmo has written about here.

There are varying opinions about the nature of these add-ons, but without joining the argument about how developers choose to fund their existence, how can users ensure that what they download is what they get, and nothing more?

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How to Stay Safe While Online


With the amount of malware currently prowling the internet it's very important to fully protect your computer from online dangers. This is important for everyone, not just the overly security conscious. Below I've compiled advice for both novice users and more advanced users. Trust me, there's something for everyone.

Recent Changelog:

5/23/2014-Fixed some links and added link to Best Free Antivirus Software article.

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