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Best Free HDR Software Samples

A Real World Test

(Link to the main article: Best Free High Dynamic Range (HDR) Software)

Methods and Testing:

To make my comparisons of the best free High Dynamic Range Software, I used three different sets of images.


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Best Free Animated GIF Maker


A picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true for an ordinary static picture then what about a picture that contains motion or animation? An animation has far greater impact than an ordinary picture. It offers many more possibilities to creators/artists, enabling them to convey greater meaning to users. An animated format can also hold a lot more content which is almost impossible for a normal static image.

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Best Free Color Picker


A color picker allows you to identify the color codes of any color present on your screen. This information can be helpful when editing an image, programming, writing HTML language or setting up a web page, etc.

There are many free color pickers to choose from. This review picks out a select few, based on the following features:

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