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The Complete Waste Of Time Page

Warning: do not access this page at work. Many of these sites have a high Giggle Factor and that will give you away :)

The sites on are excellent. As examples of hilarious web design, they're superb. The best of all (the worst, that is) are the Flash ones with mystery navigation, they are all ROFL candidates. How to design a website and go bankrupt. Unfortunately the standard has improved drastically and the current crop are nowhere near as good (ie bad) as those in the past - but there are still some classics in there.

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188 Free Online Games

Play online games at this site where games walk on the mild side. There are many games to entertain adults, many for kids, and the site is kid friendly.

This site at Microsoft has 188 games that you can play online for free. There are many familiar titles on the list, and games are listed by type if you don't know what kind of game you want to play. Puzzle? Arcade? Action? Card? or Trivia, you have a wide choice. Many games give you the option of playing the game with or without being timed.

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