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Android Free Game of the Year 2015


There are tons of games available at Google Play Store and with each passing day the list just keeps growing. The task to find a good game isn't that easy so I've compiled a list of 5 must play Android games that came out in 2014 which I found great. If you think I've missed something that was special to you, do post it in the Comments section and don't forget to Rate this article. 


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On the House - Battlefield 3 (Claim your copy before 3rd June)

Note: You don't have to download the games before the due date to have the copy yours for free. Simply claiming the game through Get it Now button, will link the game to your Origin account, and you can download and keep it for free anytime. 

This one's a biggie, but unlike previous offers, there's only 1 week to claim the game for free, so rush..

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Freeware Game of the Week (When your favorite Cartoon turned into a Free Game)


Mar 26 - Apr 1

Ever felt like bringing back the nostalgic feeling of the old days when you were playing with a GameBoy? Or if you haven't had the chance to have  a Nintendo DS but really wanted to play one of your favorite cartoon turned game. Here you've one for your PC and best of all it's Free and in 3D!

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Best Free PC Games 2013

Finally it's time to reveal the best gems in the freeware gaming world that came out in 2013. All right hold your breath as we're revealing the Top 10 Freeware Games of 2013. Starting from No. 10, we'll be picking one game per day till we climb up the ladder to the numero uno spot. The countdown begins today...


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