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Improve Your XCOM 2 Experience

Improve Your XCOM 2 Experience

Important: It is much easier to ensure that all mod dependencies are met if using the Alternate Mod Launcher available at  Additionally for those so inclined it is also much easier to edit the config files of mods that have them.

Also important:  Add the XCOM 2 WOTC version of the Community Highlander mod.  Many of the mods below depend on it.

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XCOM 2 Mod of the Week

If using mods recommend using the Alternative Mod Launcher available from

Week of July 28th

Proficiency: Community Perks Plugin

Adds perks to Shiremct's Proficiency Classes and Proficiency Class Heroes.

This mod requires the Proficiency Class Pack, Proficiency Class Plugin Reaper, Profiency Class Plugin Skirmisher, Extended Perk Pack, BStar's Perk Pack and Supercharge and Singe Abilities.

Week of August 4th

Muton Hunter

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