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Easy Way to Install Ubuntu - from within Windows



A full installation of the Ubuntu Linux system into your computer requires selecting or re-formatting a partition with the ext4 or other file system. This procedure might look complicated to newbies.

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Easy Way To Use Linux In Windows

During my time at University, I have come across many useful tools available in Linux that are not available in Windows. I know what some of you are thinking.  I could simply switch to Linux, as it is more-or-less as easy to use as Windows.  But I require some programming tools in Windows that make the switch impossible.  I really did not want to reboot every time I required a Linux-only program.  For a long time I would use a VNC client to remotely log into a Linux PC to use the tools I needed, but that left me with two locations with current files.  Not ideal.

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The Definitive Dual Booting Guide

Step by step article on dual booting Windows 7, Linux, Vista and XP

There seems to be a small but growing interest in Linux. One of the good things about Linux is that you can get a Live CD, where everything runs off the CD with no changes to your current system. Another is that you can install Linux as an additional operating system on your computer. When your computer boots up, you pick whether you want to use Linux or Windows.

One of the best things about this article is that it shows how to boot from each system to another system.
Like this:

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Review: Ubuntu 8.04 - "Hardy Heron"

"It's Hardy Heron for hardy heroes as Ubuntu still can’t fly." That's Briard's take on the latest Ubuntu Linux release

Over a year has passed since I asked the question: "Is Linux Desktop ready for ordinary users?". After a long journey, I concluded that very few Linux distros were, and that Ubuntu wasn’t among them. Edgy Eft was a good name for that version.

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