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Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation [Ubuntu 12.04 to 13.10]



Ubuntu UnityUbuntu is a free operating system or a Linux distribution ("distro") which currently receives the second highest hits after Linux Mint at DistroWatch.

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What to do when giving away an old computer

Say you have an old computer that you wish to get rid of: give away, donate to charity, let a friend enjoy it for a few more months before it dies, maybe even sell it. Whatever you decide, you might be faced with a big question. What kind of steps do you need to take to make sure that your data is not going to be used by the new owners? This article will teach you about different methods designed to ensure your private data will not fall into wrong hands when you dispose of the hardware that previously stored it.

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Using Windows 7 And Linux On The Same Computer

For many reasons, often related to security, Windows users are drawn to looking at Linux as an alternative. Some may not realize that Linux can also be used as a complimentary system by dual booting it alongside Windows.

Linux is all about choice but unfortunately this is where the journey for many Windows users begins and ends. Not only are there so many Linux distributions to choose from, many also offer a variety of desktop environments making the choice process highly confusing.

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Best Free Operating System For Kids


Keeping young children occupied these days is quite a challenge. Quite naturally they see computers as a source of entertainment and want to enjoy them along with the rest of us. Herein lies the next challenge in that some areas of the internet are not suitable at all for child viewing and can potentially present real life dangers.

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Create Your Own Tiny Custom Linux Installation CD

Yes, this is another Linux story.  And yes, I know I did a Linux-ish posting yesterday.  But don't worry, that doesn't mean I've defected from Windows, and it certainly doesn't mean that this section of the site is going to be overrun with Linux postings.  It just so happens that I've been doing some work in this area for the last few days, and wanted to share a couple of interesting finds.

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Netbook Operating Systems to Replace Windows

If you want a cheap, small laptop that does everything a traditional laptop or desktop can do, then a netbook is a great buy.  However, netbook hardware is rarely as powerful as a "proper" laptop (what do you expect for the price?), which means it's not ideal for playing processor-intensive games or doing serious work such as video editing.

As a general-purpose machine for lighter tasks, such as word processing and web browsing, though, it's perfectly adequate.

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Make Your Own Customized Bootable Linux Live CD (or USB Stick)

Recent versions of Ubuntu and other Linux distros can be set up to create “persistent” live CDs and USB flash drives where your data is saved across sessions.

That’s nice but what if you want to preserve your wallpaper, theme, custom drivers, apps and general system configuration?  In other words, have a live CD or USB where Linux is configured specifically to your personal taste and requirements.

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A Free Utility that Creates Bootable USB Drives

Bootable Linux Live CDs such as those offered by Ubuntu and Mint are a great way to try Linux without interfering with your Windows installation. They are also a handy tool to have on hand as they give you access to your Windows data without the need for Windows. This can be invaluable should your Windows system become unbootable or infected by difficult-to-remove malware.

CDs are however an inconvenient format to carry around. USB Flash drives are a better solution as they are smaller and give better performance.

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