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Download 'Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies' Ebook Free For A Limited Time


You can download 'Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your PC All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition' ($16 value) for free through July 19, 2018.

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Create Private Microsites That Are URL's With This Great Web Tool

itty bitty web tool collageitty.bitty is a web tool that takes html (or other data), compresses it into a URL fragment, and provides a link that can be shared. When it is opened, it inflates that data on the receiver’s side.

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Gizmo’s Freeware is 84% Saved. Come on Guys and Gals, Help us Make it 100%

Thanks to the amazing generosity and support of our readers, our fundraiser has now raised almost all we need to keep Gizmo’s Freeware independent, non-commercial and free. A heartfelt thanks to all who have donated over the last 2 days.
We are now 84% towards our minimum target so if you haven’t yet donated could you please consider chipping in and get us across the line. 

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The Best Browser-Based Screenshot Program I've Ever Used



Screenshot or Screen capture utilities are programs designed to take photos of your computer screen and save the captured image to a file where you can view it or insert it in an email or document.

They are very powerful; anything that you see on your screen can be captured as an image whether the website owner or copyright owner wants you to be able to capture their text or images or not.

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A Practical Way to Help Freeware Authors and Get Some Free Goodies at the Same Time

Our friends at are celebrating their 13th birthday - a minor miracle for a non commercial site. Congratulations guys.

DonationCoder is a site that provides exposure and support for free software authors in a way that is highly ethical and yet ensures they get recognition for their efforts. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen too many freeware authors having to resort to bundling toolbars and other marginal practices just to survive. DonationCoder provides a worthy alternative that is honest and fair to all.

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A Fond Farewell From Me

I’ve been writing about software for a long time now. Next week it will be precisely 35 years since I started doing so, as a writer on a highly popular computer games magazine in the UK. And when I’m not writing about software, I actually use it too. I do a lot of programming, and I spent almost 14 years in the IT department of a university.

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Free Business-Grade Antivirus For Your PC

Sophos AntivirusIf you use Windows 10 then you're probably relying on the built-in antivirus and security software called Windows Defender. But if you want something a little more powerful and feature-rich, then have a look at Sophos Home. Sophos is a well-known supplier of security software to companies around the world, but you may not be familiar with their name as they don't sell to individual users.

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