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Find the Passwords Internet Explorer is Storing On Your PC

One of the features of modern web browsers is that they automatically store usernames and passwords for many of the private web sites that you visit.  This can, of course, be a very useful feature.  Sign up for a discussion forum, log in once, then you don't have to worry about logging in again.  Just let your web browser fill in the details automatically, each time you visit the site.

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New Sysinternals Tool: RAMMap


I just noticed that Sysinternals released a new free utility called RAMMap. It is a great companion to the rest of this extraordinary set of system utilities.

RAMMap requires Windows Vista or higher, or Windows Server 2008 or higher.

Here is what Sysinternals writes about it:

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Two Excellent Free Mind Map Programs

I've always been a fan of a business graphics package called Smartdraw (  It's an easy way to do mind maps, org charts, calendars, room plans, flyers, web pages, and just about every other type of graphic you can imagine.  However, at almost US$300 it's not cheap.

Edraw ( is cheaper, at around US$100, and works in a similar way. 

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Find Out What's Been Causing Your PC to Crash

Windows is generally quite tolerant of badly behaved programs but sometimes a program (or especially a device driver) causes a problem so severe that Windows gives up entirely, and you're left with nothing but a Blue Screen of Death.  

Before Windows stops responding, it normally creates what's called a Minidump file.  Within this file are a lot of clues as to what caused the problem.  However, understanding the file is not easy.

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This Privacy Settings Scanner for Facebook is Great

If you use a PC you may already be familiar with Microsoft's free "Baseline Security Analyzer" tool.  It checks your PC for missing security patches, critical updates, weak passwords and so on.  

If you like the concept of such a tool, and you use Facebook, and you're worried about allowing strangers to find out information about you online, you need Reclaim Privacy.  It's a great new piece of freeware which checks your Facebook settings and gives you advice about whether they are secure or not.  For example, here's what it said about my own Facebook account:

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Free Trial Versions of Latest Microsoft Office and Visual Studio

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2010.  Office 2010 is now available to corporate customers who are on site licence deals, and will be available for general purchase next month.

Meanwhile, you can now download trial versions of both packages, to see what all the fuss is about.

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Free Programs to View or Edit Very Large Text Files

For editing document files, Open Office or Microsoft Office contains all the tools you need.  And for working with plain text files, Notepad or WordPad are included with Windows and do the job just fine.  But what if you need to edit, view or search text files which are too large for Word, Writer, Notepad or Wordpad to comfortably handle?

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A Brilliant Way to Organize a Meeting or Activity Online

It's time to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or new job with a group of close friends and family.  Or perhaps you need to get together with a few colleagues for a meeting.   What's the easiest way to arrange it?

If you're lucky enough to all work in the same organisation, and you all use something like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, the process is relatively easy.  You can search everyone's online diary to find dates and times when the entire group are free.

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Fix Blurred Photos with Free Software

Every photographer knows the disappointment of taking a great photograph only to find the picture was ruined by camera shake or the subject moving.

Such photographs cannot be brought back to crisp focus but they can be improved using software that employs an advanced mathematical technique called deconvolution to try to undo the blur.  Deconvolution is widely used in many areas of signal processing such as reducing the severity of echoes in long distance phone conversations.

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This Free Authoring Software Turns Video Files into DVDs

So here's the thing.  You've got some video files in something like WMV or AVI format that you downloaded from the internet or from your own camera.  You can play them on your computer or MP4 player just fine, but you want to create a "proper" DVD that will play in a conventional living-room DVD player.  You probably tried just burning the files to a DVD disk, in the hope that your player would be happy.  It wasn't.

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