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Free Utility Can Remove Annoying Nag Screens

It's not uncommon for free versions of commercial programs to flash up a nag screen suggesting you upgrade to the paid version.  Well here's a free utility called ClickOff that may kill off some of those annoying nag screens for you.  It won't work in every instance but is sure worth trying.

The program works in several ways:

1. It can simply close a window that you don't want
2. It can press a particular button in a window
3. It can enter text into windows then press a button

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Free Multi-function Screen Capture / Image Editor Impresses

Yes this really is impressive.

PicPick is a free utility that combines into one package different functions normally handled by several different programs.  So many in fact it does so much that we had to create a new software category just to accommodate it!

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Free Utility Creates Mosaic Photos from Other Photos

You have probably seen those impressive photo mosaics where a large photo is created from "pixels" that are actually other tiny versions of other photographs. Here's an example:

This looks hideously difficult but if you use the free utility Foto-Mosaik-Edda it is dead simple.

It works like:

First you create a database of photos that the program can use for the "pixels."  Technically these are called "tiles."

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250 Best Free Online PC Games In One Place


Many free online PC games are available at various sites on the internet, but most of them are usually full of advertisements and might not be the best. If you're looking for a page full of online PC games that are best and free with least advertisements, or games that are allowed to play full-screen, then check this out.

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A Freebie that Integrates Gmail, Yahoo Mail into Windows

What it does

Web based email services are great but they don't work well from inside Windows.

So for example, if you click an email link on a web page Windows will most likely start your desktop email client. You will get a similar response from Windows if you try to email a document from Word or right click a file on your desktop and select "Send to mail recipient."  Windows simply does not recognise web mail services.

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10 Free Linux E-books For Beginners

Just ran across this. Half the books are in PDF format and the rest in HTML.

To check the quality I downloaded "Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference." It is a 170 pagebooklet in PDF format. It covers up to Ubuntu 8.04. On a quick look I'd rate it as excellent.  The other I haven't checked so please leave a comment here for others if you download them

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Detect Active Hotkeys With This Tiny New Freeware Utility


Active Hotkeys (Freeware from Donation Coder)

Ever tried to set a new hotkey only to find it isn't available because it's already been registered elsewhere? You try to think of another memorable combination, but that's no good either. And so on, until you get lucky. Or until you have a hotkey conflict...

If that story rings a bell, then a minimalist new freeware utility from DonationCoder called Active Hotkeys could help you out.

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