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Free Training Manuals for MS Office

Mouse Training is a UK-based company that offers training courses to companies whose staff use Microsoft Office.  Following the release of Office 2010, the company has made available all of its training manuals for previous versions, totally free of charge.  So if you're one of the millions of people using any of the Office 2003 or 2007 apps, and you'd like some in-depth information on how to use it properly, just head on over to

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This Windows Process Manager is Free and Open Source

Windows makes it relatively easy to terminate a program or process which is misbehaving.  Just bring up Task Manager and kill it.  However, there's much more going on inside your operating system than Task Manager would have you believe.  For a truly detailed view, you need a better process manager, and one excellent such program is Process Hacker.

Process Hacker

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Simplify your Windows Desktop with Rocket Dock

If you're a Windows user and you've ever looked longingly at the "dock" on a Mac, then help is at hand.

The dock, for those that don't know, is the row of scrollable icons which is typically found at the bottom of the Mac screen.  By placing your commonly-used programs or document icons in the dock, you can free up space on the main desktop screen. 

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I Love This Free Collection of Audio and Video Converters

Rather than using a VCR or PVR to record television programmes, I use a PC running Windows 7 Media Centre.  I much prefer it to using a dedicated unit.  Partly because I find Media Centre much easier to use than the interface on any other similar device.  Partly because I can access recordings via my LAN, and thus watch stuff in my office which has been recording in the living room.  And partly because of the wonderful Remote Potato utility, which allows me to schedule recordings remotely, via the web, from wherever I happen to be.

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Connect to Any PC Remotely with Team Viewer

One of the most irritating decisions that Microsoft ever made was to split Windows Vista, and its successors, into a multitude of different versions.  With XP it was simple - Home and Professional.  The Home version did everything that home users needed, while the professional version added the stuff that professionals needed, such as the ability to join a centrally-managed domain rather than a peer-to-peer workgroup.

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This Online Web Page Template Generator Is Impressive

If you want to create a web site, the first thing you need is a template.  You can design it yourself, using HTML and CSS along with a copy of something like Dreamweaver.  Or you can download a ready-made template from sites such as  But here's yet another alternative, and I happen to think it's really very clever indeed.

It's a web-based web site template designer.  Think of it as a free Web-based service that's a bit like running Dreamweaver.

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Free Utility Makes MS SkyDrive Even More Useful

A couple of months ago, Rhiannon briefly mentioned a new utility called SD Explorer on her weekend roundup (you can read her article at  It just so happens that I've recently been using SD Explorer too, and I think it definitely qualifies as a Hot Find.  So if you already saw Rhiannon's post, I apologise for mentioning the product again.

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Retrieve the Software Installation Keys From Your PC

You know how it is.  You buy some software on CD, or online, and install it.  The program works perfectly for ages.  And then one day it doesn't.  Or you change your PC.

Time for a reinstall of your applications.  Except that you forgot to write down the installation key of that software, and the CD case (or confirmation email) has long since been lost.  So you face the prospect of having to buy another licence for that can't-do-without application.

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