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Split your Monitor into Sections with Acer GridVista

I recently came across GridVista while looking for a tool that would help me manage my open windows better.  I cannot afford multiple monitors and find that I often need to have two windows open at the same time so that I can read one, while I write in another.  You can split your monitor into two (half size), three (one half, two quarter) or four (all quarter) sections.  You can then "maximise" your windows into any of the sections so that no screen real estate is wasted by simply dragging the window int

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The Iron Browser - A Google Chrome Browser Clone that Offers Privacy

I was perusing the articles on this site about Personal Firewalls and HIPS when I came across someone mentioning that they use the Iron Browser. Curious, I Googled the name and found this information about an open sourced Google Chrome browser clone that does not transmit statistics about your browsing habits and maintains your privacy, and is just as fast. Wow!

Check it out at this link:

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A Free Utility that Really Does Speed Up Firefox

I must admit that I wince whenever I read a claim that a particular program will speed up my PC. I've been trying these programs for more than a decade and frankly most don't work. But there is always an exception that proves the rule and SpeedyFox is indeed, such an exception.

SpeedyFox is a program designed to speed up Firefox. It doesn't claim to speed up your browsing but rather to make Firefox load more quickly and to accelerate some specific operations such as viewing/searching your browsing history and working with cookies.

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Free Online OCR Service

I don't have sufficient need to justify installing an OCR program but I do occasionally need to convert an image containing text into real text. Luckily I stumbled on a nifty web service that does the job for free.

It's called and it will accept images up to 2MB in PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF or BMP formats

I tried it on screen shots of a web site and screen shots of a PDF document and it worked perfectly.

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A PDF File Allows Editing in 100% Layout Accuracy


Oracle PDF Import ExtensionIf you need a PDF file which can be opened for editing with OpenOffice in 100% layout accuracy, PDF Import for Apache OpenOffice (formerly Oracle PDF Import Extension) is a perfect solution.

This PDF Import is an extension or addon to the office suite OpenOffice. To get this extension to work, install the office suite before you install the extension.

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