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Another Free Web-Hosted Personal Finance App

I've written about a couple of web-based personal finance managers recently, so here's a final one to round off the trilogy.

Out Of The Dark (OOTD) is an online service designed to help you manage your money.  Just enter details of what comes in, and what you spend it on, and the site's rich collection of reports and visualisations will help to ensure that you know where all your money is going.

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Normalise Your MP3 Files So They All Play At The Same Volume

A few years ago I ripped my CD collection into MP3 format.  Along with songs I've also collected from other sources, I have thousands of tracks stored on my computer.  Trouble is, if I want to play a collection of songs I'm continually having to adjust the volume control, because some are much louder than others.

This isn't always a problem if I'm at home, but can be awkward if I'm in my office.  I need to keep the noise from the speakers low, so as not to disturb people in neighbouring rooms.

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This Free Online Bookmark Organizer Uses Mind-Map Principles

Organizing your web bookmarks or favourites is always a tricky task.  There are so many ways to do it.  Every web browser has a built-in bookmark feature, of course, but none of them is particularly friendly.  And if you store your favourites in your browser, they're not available to you if you're at a different computer.

There are lots of web-based bookmark organizers, for sure, but their layout is not always popular with everyone.

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Keep Track Of Your Personal & Business Life Online, For Free.

Using a computerised system to keep track of your personal and business life makes sense.  It's safer than paper, and edits are neater.  But if you do it on your own PC, there's a risk of data loss if you don't back up your information regularly, and it's difficult to access the system when you're on the move, so a cloud-based alternative often makes sense.

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Free Web-Based Service Keeps A Constant Eye On Your Web Site

If you run a web site, you probably find yourself logging into it a few times a day, just to make sure it's still working properly.  If so, here's a free web-based service that could save you time and help keep your site running even more smoothly.

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Instant Links To Hundreds Of Useful Web Sites, On A Single Page

Has anyone ever asked you the question "what is the web, exactly?".  Or have you ever sat down for an evening's surfing, and wondered how best to find some interesting new sites to visit?

If so, then here's a web site that you really must visit.  It's a very simple concept.  It contains categorised lists of hundreds of top web sites, all ready for you to click onto.  Categories include email, video, maps, search, weather, shopping, travel and more.  About 3 times more than fits in the screen shot that I've included below.

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Program Your Mouse Buttons & Wheel To Do Whatever You Want

The great thing about Windows is that you can configure just about everything to be precisely the way you want your computer to be.  You can choose different themes and colours for your desktop, and you can have different sound effects too.  There are also various free hotkey programs around, so that you can program certain key combinations to do exactly what you want them to.

But what about your mouse?  Ever wanted to be able to program your mouse so that, for example, the scroll wheel adjusts your speaker volume or the right button opens your browser?

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Your Personal News Periscope

When you read an article on a web page, do you ever wonder if you're getting the whole story?  Has another web site covered the same topic and perhaps given a different angle, or included more information?  

Here's a really easy way to find out, and it's completely free if you use Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

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Print Only The Part(s) Of A Web Page That You Wish

With most web sites now carrying loads of ads, pictures, banners, and other assorted content in addition to the actual text of each page, printing out a web page can be difficult.  Printers don't always print multi-item pages correctly, especially if they're quite wide, and printing out those photos and banners wastes ink.  

Some sites, of course, offer a "print this page" option which strips out much of the unnecessary content.  But still, there are often adverts left in the printout.

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Free Program Downloads 1000 TED Talks To Your PC [Updated]

If you've never heard of TED, that's a great shame.  It's an organisation that sets up free conferences throughout the world that offers a selection of interesting talks from inspiring speakers.  Topics include everything from science and technology to education, politics, finance, medicine, and just about everything else you could possibly imagine.  When I attended one of the offshoot TEDx events last year, there was even a session on life drawing, complete with naked model!

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