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Get a Free Year's Licence For This Recommended Security Program

Over at there's a round-up of some of the best products available to help protect you when surfing online.  One of the recommended products is from Returnil.

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Download a Free Office Suite And Help a Charity Too

If you need an Office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation graphics) for your PC but you don't want to fork out hundreds of dollars/pounds/whatever for Microsoft Office, then there's a handful of well-known free alternatives.  Probably the best-known is Open Office, but in recent years it's become big and slow.

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Edit PDF Files Online, For Free. No Download Required.

There are plenty of free programs around for reading PDF files.  There's Adobe's official app, of course, as well as lightweight alternatives such as Foxit Reader.  But if you want to edit a PDF file, your choices are much more limited. 

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A Very Handy List of CPU Rankings

I'm typing this on a PC which, according to Windows, has an Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 running at 2.33 GHz.  I can easily find this out, by right-clicking on the My Computer icon and choosing the Properties option.

But just how good is a Q8200 compared with, say, an AMD Athlon 2800+? 

With so many hundreds of processor options available, how do you know whether the new machine you want to buy is actually faster than your current one?  And, if so, by how much?

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Add Album Cover Images to Your MP3 File Icons

If, like me, you prefer to store your music collection on your PC, you've probably got a load of MP3 files in a handful of folders which look, frankly, ugly.  All those hundreds of filenames, but they each have the same boring icon that consists of a blue musical note. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was an app which automatically changed each MP3 file's icon to the cover of the album it came from.  The good news is that there is indeed such an app.  It's free, and it's called creevity.  You can get it from

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Security Software is Free Throughout December

Sometimes we all do things on our PC which we know we shouldn't.  Such as browsing P2P systems, or checking out web sites which are of interest but which seem slightly suspect.  Or allowing a friend or relative to use the computer, and having no idea what they're doing with it.

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Play The Classic Lemmings Game Online In Your Browser

Game fans of a certain age will surely remember Lemmings, which was one of the hottest games of the 1990s.  Amazingly, someone actually managed to recreate a clone of the game as a Web-based application that you can play in your browser.  It works just like the original, and is just as fun and addictive as you'll remember it.

To see for yourself, head to

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Free Access to Online VMs Running Thousands Of Apps

If you've ever used VMware Player, or VirtualBox, or Windows 7's XP Mode, you'll know all about VMs, or Virtual Machines.  A VM is a complete computer, stored as a hard disk image that you can "play" on any suitably equipped computer. One benefit of VMs is that one physical computer or server can run lots of VMs at the same time, so companies that used to have rooms-full of servers can now just have one or 2 high-powered computers instead.

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