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A Brilliant Way to Organize a Meeting or Activity Online

It's time to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or new job with a group of close friends and family.  Or perhaps you need to get together with a few colleagues for a meeting.   What's the easiest way to arrange it?

If you're lucky enough to all work in the same organisation, and you all use something like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, the process is relatively easy.  You can search everyone's online diary to find dates and times when the entire group are free.

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Fix Blurred Photos with Free Software

Every photographer knows the disappointment of taking a great photograph only to find the picture was ruined by camera shake or the subject moving.

Such photographs cannot be brought back to crisp focus but they can be improved using software that employs an advanced mathematical technique called deconvolution to try to undo the blur.  Deconvolution is widely used in many areas of signal processing such as reducing the severity of echoes in long distance phone conversations.

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This Free Authoring Software Turns Video Files into DVDs

So here's the thing.  You've got some video files in something like WMV or AVI format that you downloaded from the internet or from your own camera.  You can play them on your computer or MP4 player just fine, but you want to create a "proper" DVD that will play in a conventional living-room DVD player.  You probably tried just burning the files to a DVD disk, in the hope that your player would be happy.  It wasn't.

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This Free WiFi Network Finder is Easy to Use and Very Powerful

Is your WiFi running slowly?  Do you sometimes lose your connection?  In many cases, the problem arises because another nearby wireless LAN is configured to use the same channel as yours, and the signals are overlapping.

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Latest Microsoft Panorama Stitcher Wows Gizmo

I review so much software every year that it takes something truly special to make me sit up and say ‘Wow!”
But that was exactly my reaction to the latest version 1.3.3 of Microsoft’s free “ICE” panorama stitcher. 

The ICE program or Image Composite Editor to give it its full name, is a product from the imaging group at Microsoft Research. This group has been doing some remarkable work including the mind-blowing Photosynth project that creates 3D views by combining multiple two dimensional photos. (see

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Free Software Avoids Paper Wastage When Printing Web Pages

It's a problem that's all too familiar.  You find a useful web page and you want to print it.  So you hit the "Print" button in your web browser.  But rather than getting a single printed page that contains just the text you want, you also get 15 other pages that you don't need, containing menus, comments, and other assorted junk. Which costs you real money in wasted paper and ink.

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Do You Qualify for Free Microsoft Software?

Microsoft has always been acutely aware that the best way to get people to start using its programming tools is to catch them young.  By the time a novice programmer has started down the route of Apache and PHP for web development, for example, they're unlikely to ever want to switch to ASP and .NET.  

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Send Email from a Windows Command Line

The technology involved in sending an email message from your PC isn't particularly complicated.  You need an account with an outgoing SMTP mail server, which generally comes as part of the service provided by your Internet Service Provider.

You also need an email client application, such as Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.   This takes your outgoing message and sends it to the SMTP server, which takes care of the actual transmission.

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Edit or Share Google Docs Files from within Microsoft Office

Google Docs is a web service that allows users to create, edit, store and share documents online. It’s a great service but has limited features.  OffiSync V2 is a free extension for Microsoft Office that overcomes two of these limitations: easier collaborative editing and better integration with Microsoft Office itself.

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A Superb Online Photo Library That's Completely Free

When you're creating a web site, newsletter or document, a carefully-chosen picture or 2 can really make the difference between something that looks OK and something that looks highly professional.  But where can you find those pictures?

One option is just to do a Google Images search.  Trouble is, the pictures aren't always that good.  And even if they are, taking an image from someone else's web site and using it for your own purposes is no more legitimate than software piracy.

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