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Retrieve the Software Installation Keys From Your PC

You know how it is.  You buy some software on CD, or online, and install it.  The program works perfectly for ages.  And then one day it doesn't.  Or you change your PC.

Time for a reinstall of your applications.  Except that you forgot to write down the installation key of that software, and the CD case (or confirmation email) has long since been lost.  So you face the prospect of having to buy another licence for that can't-do-without application.

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This Professional Application Prototyping Tool is Free


If you develop software professionally, and you're after a program to help you develop prototypes and mockups, here's a great application.  Serena Prototype Composer ( is an industrial-strength tool which is completely free to download and use. 

You do have to supply a valid email address and phone number before you get to see the download link, but that's a small price to pay for what is a very powerful product.

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Get Remote Access to your Windows Media Centre


One of the best features of Windows 7 is Media Centre (ok, Media Center if you prefer, but I don't).  Connect a TV tuner card to your PC, either as a plug-in card or on a USB stick, and your computer becomes the ultimate Personal Video Recorder.  Not only can you easily watch and record TV and radio programmes, but you can also access those recordings from elsewhere on your home network.

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Hundreds of Free, Portable Apps on a USB Key

If you're like me, you probably carry a USB pen drive around with you, just in case you need to copy a file or 2 from someone else's PC.  You might even go as far as keeping a couple of important apps or documents on that stick, just in case.

But imagine having hundreds of ready-installed applications on that drive, ready to access from whatever machine you plug it into.  Never again will you borrow a friend's PC, or use a public computer, and not have access to an installed program that allows you to do what you need to do.

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Download These 1080p HD Video Clips to Test Your HTPC's Display

No longer is the home PC just used for word processing and web surfing.  An HTPC, or Home Theatre PC, is designed to look nice enough to sit in the living room alongside the TC and hi-fi, and to act as a TV receiver, media player, personal video recorder, and so on.

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I Love this Free Desktop Extender

Have you ever stared in envy at people who have multiple monitors on their desktop PC, and wished you had enough money (and desk space!) to allow such a setup?  If you like the idea of multiple monitors but you don't have the space or money to implement it for real, then take a look at this great desktop extender application for Windows.

The program is called GiMeSpace (give me space!), and you can download it from various sites including:

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Automatic Face Recognition Helps Tag Your Photo Collection

Managing a collection of digital photos on a PC isn't always easy.  How should you arrange the folders and directories?  Should the pictures of dad at your wedding be filed under dad, or wedding, or last June?  

There are some great freeware applications available to help manage, sort, display and print all the images stored on your PC.  Google's Picasa is one well-known example, and others include Irfanview and FastStone.  

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This Top Windows Tweak Tool is Now Free

If you're the sort of person who likes fiddling with Windows settings, then X-Setup Pro may be well known to you.  It allows you to tweak more than 1900 settings, including those to do with MS Office, booting, internet access, and hundreds more.

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