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Amazing Windows Program Creates Animated Mosaics From Your Own Photos

Here's a piece of Windows freeware that made me go "wow" today.  It's called Animosaix, and you can get it from

Anomosaix creates new mosaic images that are automatically used as your Windows wallpaper.  The clever part is that each mosaic consists of one of your own photos, constructed from hundreds of your other images.

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Create A Collage From Your Own Photos

Here's a great way to turn 2 or more of your favourite digital photos into a collage.  First, point your web browser at  If you've never used the service before, sign in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter credentials.  Then choose a layout for your collage, from dozens of options.  As you can see, I chose a relatively simple one with 2 small picture areas and one larger one.

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Strong, Effortless Security For Your Internet Usage. And It's Free.

Here's a really neat idea to help improve your security and privacy when you're online. It's a new service from a startup company called Spotflux.

The way you use it is pretty simple.  Download and install the Spotflux driver.  From now on, all your web access goes trhough Spotflux's servers before it reaches you.  Everything happens transparently, so there's nothing complicated that you need to set up.  The benefit is that, as your internet traffic passes through the Spotflux systems, all malware, viruses, cookies, adverts and other unwanted content is removed.

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Turn Any Document Into a Great-Looking Word Cloud

You've probably seen tag clouds on web pages, which aim to summarise a conversation or a collection of tags by using a word's size on a diagram to reflect its importance.

A tag cloud, or more generally a word cloud, is a neat way to summarize a document.  It looks pretty, and actually tells you a lot more about the file than you might imagine.

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A Duplicate File Finder That's Simple To Use And Unbelievably Fast

One of the safest and most efficient ways to free up space on your hard disk is to look for duplicate files.  Depending on what you find, and where you find them, you can then delete the duplicates or move them to a quarantine area for deletion at a later date.

Now that I have a few gigabytes of audio and video stored on my PC, I thought it about time that I took a dose of my own medicine and tried searching for duplicate files.  And in my search for the best utility to track them down, it was recommended that I give Anti Twin a go.

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Assign A Frequently-Typed Word or Phrase To a Single Key

When I'm not bringing you news of interesting freeware for Gizmo's, one of my other jobs is as a system administrator for a collection of servers running Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.  Consequently, just about every sentence I type into Google or an email message tends to include the phrase "Sharepoint 2010" somewhere in it.

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How to Make YouTube Run Faster

The trouble with modern web pages is that they are often very information-heavy behind the scenes.  Even a relatively simple news story page might involve a download of half a megabyte by your web browser, in order to retrieve all the text, images, Javascript code, adverts, comments, navigation areas, and so on.

When you're trying to watch video clips, speed is crucial.  If your internet connection isn't fast enough, the video simply stops until your computer catches up.  

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Play The Original Wolfenstein Games In Your Browser For Free

In these days of photo-realistic 3D games, it's hard to remember programs such as Castle Wolfenstein that started off the whole genre 20 years ago.  If you want to relive your childhood, or you want to see what those original games were like, or you just want to play a simple, fast, fun 3D shooting-based adventure game, point your browser at  

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