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An Instant Gateway to 250 Brilliant Browser-Based Games

There are thousands of free browser-based games on the internet that you can play from your PC for free.  However, the quality of the games is very variable.  Some are superb, others are very poor.

Friv is a simple web site that offers a direct gateway to 250 excellent browser-based arcade games.  Just go to and hover your mouse around the icons to find a game that you like, then click to play.  In each case, there's a link back to friv for when you feel like trying a different game from the selection.

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Free Online Courses And Lectures. Learn SQL, Psychology, Business And More.

Udemy ( is an online college/school/university/academy that offers a whole host of courses that you can use to teach yourself in your own time.  The courses include printed material and video lectures.  

Although many of the courses require a payment, there are also lots of free ones too.  You can browse the catalogue without registering, though you'll need to sign up if you want to view the free content.  



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Create Your Own Music Mash-Up From MP3 Files

Myna is a free web-based system for creating music from audio clips.

Start by uploading some of your own clips, or choose from the large free built-in library of vocal, instrumental and rhythm sounds.  Then move them around to construct your own sounds.  Or if you prefer to just listen to other users' compositions, you can do that too.

So turn your speakers to 11, fire up your browser and head to

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Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's Back And It's Free.

A year ago, Microsoft announced that it was canning its Flight Simulator game, much to the irritation of those who'd bought and played it for years.

Now, though, it's back.  It has a new name (just Microsoft Flight), and it's free. In its new incarnation, you play it as an online game, and the adventure takes place in and around Hawaii.  Other planes and environments are, or will be, available but these will be optional paid-for extras.

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A Handy Tweaking Tool For Windows

I normally try to steer clear of system utility tools such as registry cleaners, generic Windows clean-up suites and so on, because in my experience they can do more harm than good.  But a simple, free program called Tweak Me seems to work rather well, and it's easy to reverse any changes because you can keep track of the selections you make.

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Keep Tabs On How Much Data Your PC Downloads and Uploads

One of the most useful software tools that you can keep within reach of your computer is something that tells you how much information you upload to, and download from, the internet over a specific time period.  And, of course, how fast those transfers are taking place.

Those figures allow you to check that your internet connection is working correctly, that you're not in danger of reaching your ISP's monthly traffic limit, and that there aren't any trojans on your PC silently uploading the contents of your hard disk to some foreign hackers.

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Online Multiplayer World Meets Car Racing Sim

So here's the situation.  You rather like the idea of online, multiplayer environments.  But you're not really a sci-fi buff, so you really want something that isn't full of monsters, dragons, dungeons and spells.  Second Life isn't really a game, and anyway it's not particularly cool any more.

If that sounds like you, read on.  And if you like playing car racing games, I have just what you've been looking for.

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PDF Conversion and Online Virus Scanning - Increased Limits

Even if you have a virus scanner on your computer, having an extra one is often a good idea if you're installing something that you downloaded from the internet.  Two minds, as they say, are better than one.  Although 43 are even better, and that's what VirusTotal gives you.  Upload a file and, within half a minute or so, it'll be scanned by no less than 43 different programs and the results instantly displayed.

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Play Transport Tycoon Deluxe on Your Windows PC

A couple of days ago I told you about a great free arcade game for Windows.  It proved popular, so here's another one for you.

If you ever played Transport Tycoon Deluxe on your old computer or console, and you'd like to play it again, then you Open TTD.  It is, as the name suggests, a free, open source version of the original game.

It runs under Windows XP and above, and is a 4 MB download.  VirusTotal reckons it's free from viruses and malware. You can get it from

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Feedback is very important and today it is incredibly easy to get it. That is why we do surveys. It is a great way to understand and engage people and every organization has a lot of questions that they want answered, for example. 

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