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Learn or Practice MySQL Online In Safety

One of the most popular ways to create a modern database-driven web site is to store the content in a MySQL database.  You can then retrieve the information, and search the database, using MySQL commands.

If you've read about MySQL but never used it, and you fancy teaching yourself the basics, there are lots of free online resources that you can start with.  But at some point you'll also want access to a working system that you can use to test out your skills and to experiment.

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This $4000 Software Package Is Now Free!

Mach Studio Pro v2 is a 3D production and rendering app for Windows.  Which basically means that, having created your animation and specified where the light is coming from, the program adjusts every frame of your movie to create the desired effects.  OK, it actually does a lot more than that, but you get the basic idea.

Typically, such programs are used in big-budget productions on very powerful computers.  Which is why the software itself is rarely cheap.  Until now.

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Internet Traffic Activity Monitor Gets an Update

If you keep a watch on the "activity" LED on your broadband router or cable modem, you'll notice that your PC seems to be continually sending or receiving data via the internet, even when you're not actively doing anything that might lead to such behaviour.

So what's generating all that traffic?  Viruses?  Spyware?  Someone hacking into your PC?  Or just perfectly legitimate activity by programs that you've installed?

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Find Out Everything That Google Knows About You

How many of Google's products and services do you use?  Gmail?  Google Docs?  Google Checkout?  Chrome?  Picasa?  Chances are, you use a fair few Google services.  Which means that Google knows a worryingly large amount about you.  

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Discover Undocumented Debug/Diagnostic Menus In Your Android Phone

I'm normally based in the UK, but for the past couple of days I've been in Spain on a business trip.  I took my Android smartphone with me, to use as a phone and also as a wi-fi enabled web browser.  But I needed to ensure that I had fully disabled the 3G data service, as my monthly contract in the UK doesn't include any data allowance while roaming.  A friend of mine recently ran up a bill of some $500 in just a week, because she took her UK phone to France for a week and forgot to turn off data roaming!

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This DTP Program for Windows Is Free

For those times when layout and presentation is more important than the text, you need a desktop publishing program (DTP) rather than a word processor.  For example, when producing business cards, advertising flyers, brochures, letterheads and so on.

All of which are well within the remit of a great Windows DTP suite called Spring Publisher.

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StickySorter. My Dream PIM Was There All Along.

As you'll know if you've been reading my contributions on this site, I've long been searching for a simple Personal Information Manager (PIM) that works rather like a virtual corkboard.  Or the software equivalent of moving sticky notes around on a desk or a whiteboard.

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Sort Files Alphabetically On A USB Stick Or MP3 Player

Most USB storage devices use the FAT file system.  This includes pen drives, and MP3 players.  There's nothing wrong with FAT, and it's ideally suited to removable devices because, unlike NTFS, there's no cacheing of data happening behind the scenes.  So there's less chance of losing information if you unplug your device at the wrong time.

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Gumnotes Lets You Associate A Sticky Note With A File

There's a plethora of sticky-note applications for Windows, but they seem to have one thing in common.  The notes you create are a self-contained collection of information which relates only to itself.  The only way to create an association of some sort between a note and a document is to include a hyperlink in the note.

A relative newcomer to the software scene, Gumnotes, aims to change that.  In addition to working like a standard notes program, Gumnotes allows you to associate a note with a file.  And it works with all popular Windows applications, such as Office and Acrobat.

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Experience the World of Gigapixel Photographs

It was only a few years ago that the first "megapixel" digital cameras arrived on the market at an affordable price.  Now, you can pick up an 11 megapixel camera for around $100.  Those first-generation 0.3 megapixel models, once the marvel of their time, are only found in cereal packets as giveaways.

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