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An Excellent Free Tool to Shrink Your Digital Images

Image files that you create with a digital camera or scanner can often be rather large.  And there's nothing wrong with that, of course, assuming that you have the hard disk space to store them and back them up.  It's always best to keep the master copies of all your pictures in files that contain as much detail as possible, in order that printed copies will look at their best.

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Dozens Of Online Photo Editing Tools In One Handy Location

There are loads of web sites that offer online facilities to manipulate or otherwise edit your photos.  Some can turn a photo into something that looks more like a painting, as per the example below, while others can blur the image, add a frame or some rounded corners, etc etc.

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Give Your PC Insomnia. Stop It Going To Sleep.

Windows comes with some default power settings, which force the computer to enter sleep mode if you don't press a key or move the mouse for a few minutes.  Generally speaking, these settings work well.  But sometimes you might need to temporarily prevent the computer from sleeping.  For example, if you're downloading a large file or keeping an eye on a particular web page that keeps refreshing itself automatically.

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This IP Address Scanner Quickly Maps Your Home LAN

If you have a home network, then every device on that network will have an IP address.  I just counted up all the devices on my office LAN and there are 18 of them!  A desktop PC, a laptop, a couple of CCTV cameras, the router, a phone, a clever little device for monitoring temperatures around the house, and more besides.

With all that lot, it was definitely time to make a neat list of devices, and tidy up their allocation of IP addresses.

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BufferZone Pro. Was $39.95. Now Free.

Back in December I wrote about a special offer on BufferZone, the security sandbox program that allows you to surf safely on your PC.  Trustware were giving away copies of the Pro version (normally $39.95) until the end of 2010.

You can read my original story at

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Create Your Own Online Database Apps, Online. For Free.

To create a web-based online database application, you need to know things like HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.  Or at least, you used to.  Because a fascinating new site claims to make it so easy to create online database apps that you don't need to know any programming at all.

Everything's done in a point-and-click way.  You can build your app online in your browser, or download the Windows program and do it all from the comfort of your PC.

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Hundreds of Free, Fascinating Talks Online

I was recently lucky enough to attend a TEDx conference in the UK.  TED is an internationally recognised conference phenomenon which holds events all around the world.  TEDx is an extension of that, involving additional events that are independently organised but still under the TED banner.

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Useful List of Default Router Passwords For Setup Tasks

If you're helping a friend, relative or colleague to troubleshoot a problem with their broadband connection, the quickest option is often to perform a factory reset on the device and then set it up again from scratch.  The only problem, of course, is that you then need to know the default username and password to which the device will have been reset, in order to log back in and configure it correctly.

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Blocked from Using Tor? How to Get Around It

Tor is a widely used community network that provides internet anonymity for its users for free. It works by routing your internet connection through a series of servers in such a way that nobody can locate you.  So if you visit a political activist website in a foreign country nobody can trace that visit back to you.

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