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BufferZone Pro. Was $39.95. Now Free.

Back in December I wrote about a special offer on BufferZone, the security sandbox program that allows you to surf safely on your PC.  Trustware were giving away copies of the Pro version (normally $39.95) until the end of 2010.

You can read my original story at

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Create Your Own Online Database Apps, Online. For Free.

To create a web-based online database application, you need to know things like HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.  Or at least, you used to.  Because a fascinating new site claims to make it so easy to create online database apps that you don't need to know any programming at all.

Everything's done in a point-and-click way.  You can build your app online in your browser, or download the Windows program and do it all from the comfort of your PC.

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Hundreds of Free, Fascinating Talks Online

I was recently lucky enough to attend a TEDx conference in the UK.  TED is an internationally recognised conference phenomenon which holds events all around the world.  TEDx is an extension of that, involving additional events that are independently organised but still under the TED banner.

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Useful List of Default Router Passwords For Setup Tasks

If you're helping a friend, relative or colleague to troubleshoot a problem with their broadband connection, the quickest option is often to perform a factory reset on the device and then set it up again from scratch.  The only problem, of course, is that you then need to know the default username and password to which the device will have been reset, in order to log back in and configure it correctly.

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Blocked from Using Tor? How to Get Around It

Tor is a widely used community network that provides internet anonymity for its users for free. It works by routing your internet connection through a series of servers in such a way that nobody can locate you.  So if you visit a political activist website in a foreign country nobody can trace that visit back to you.

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A Whole New Genre of File Manager?

If you've used a computer-based calendar or diary before, such as Outlook or Google, you'll be familiar with the sort of view shown in the screenshot below.  But take another look at the picture, because this isn't my calendar.  The program I'm using is called Nemo Docs and it's actually a file manager.  I can view the files that have recently been edited on my PC by day, week, month or year.  Needless to say, double-clicking a file opens it for editing with the default application for that file type.  You can also filter by file type, such as documents, images, PDF files, presentations, an

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A Quick Way to Change or Check your DNS Setting

A DNS server is that great big internet-based lookup table which turns textual addresses such as into numerical ones such as  Without DNS, you'd have to type those numbers into your browser's address bar, so it's clearly a Good Thing.

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Another Great Free Program for Teaching Maths

Last month I brought you details of Microsoft Mathematics, a free program for anyone who's trying to study or teach maths.  Almost 21,000 of you clicked on the link to my story, making it one of the most popular Hot Find items ever.

So, if you liked that one, here's another program which is aimed at the same type of people.  IE, those studying maths, or trying to help schoolkids who are.

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A Desktop Client for Youtube

As anyone will tell you, the benefit of cloud computing means that all your information is held online and can be accessed from any computer or other device with nothing more than a web browser.  You don't need any special software installed.

Which is, of course, one of the reasons why Youtube has been so successful.  You can access it from any computer or smartphone, with no need for a dedicated client application.

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An Amazingly Smart Image Resize Tool That's Free

Take a look, if you will, at the 2 images below.  It's pretty clear that, in the second one, the image has been cropped in order to bring the main subjects (the 4 people) closer to the foreground. 

But take a second look.  If that second image has been cropped, surely there should be information missing from the top, bottom and sides.  And yet, count the number of fence posts, say, and you get the same in each picture. So here we have an image in which the main subjects have been brought to the fore, without any loss of visual information.

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