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Need A Simple Cloud-Hosted Database App? This One's Free

So you've got a few hundred CDs, or a few thousand books, or a collection of something else.  And you feel that it's about time you catalogued everything into a database.  But you don't have a database app on your PC.  And even if you did, it would only be accessible to you, and you'd quite like it to be hosted online so that family and friends could log in and search the information.

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The Perfect Way To Save Web Pages For Reading Later

How often do you find yourself researching a particular topic on the internet, and having trouble keeping track of all the useful documents you encounter?  Sure, you can add each interesting URL to your browser's bookmarks or favourites section, but it then becomes difficult to manage.  And your saved items are only accessible from one machine.  Another option, which I have to admit to being guilty of on more than one occasion, is to just hit the "Print" button whenever you come across useful information, and then spend ages sifting through half a tree of stuff.

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Free PowerPoint Add-On Creates Superb Timeline Charts

If you use PowerPoint, then Office Timeline is a free add-in that may interest you.  It's designed to help you create project timelines.  Just enter details of each stage of the project (start date, description, etc), and the program instantly creates a timeline slide within your current presentation.  There's lots of templates and designs to choose from, in addition to the one shown below.

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TotalMounter - a Free Virtual CD/DVD Burner That's Easy to Use

TotalMounter from KernSafe is a CD/DVD drive emulator. This means it creates a virtual CD/DVD drive on your computer. This virtual drive can be used to read, and burn virtual discs(image files). So it behaves exactly as if you were using a real disc drive to read, and burn a CD/DVD, except of course it runs much faster.

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Folder Axe Splits A Folder-Full Of Files Into Smaller Chunks

It's not uncommon for some folders on your PC to grow to an uncontrollable size.  For example, if you have a directory/folder in which you keep your favourite songs or photos, it won't be long before there's hundreds or thousands of files in there.  Which can make backups tricky, and also causes problems if you want to copy everything to a relatively low-capacity device such as a USB stick or a CD-R disc.

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Correlate. A Fascinating New Research Tool From Google

You have to hand it to Google.  Their boffins continually come up with fascinating new ways to examine data.  Although, with the amount of data that Google holds about the internet, and those of us who use it, it's hardly surprising that they're always looking for new ways to analyze it.

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Read All Of Someone's Postings With the Facebook Time Machine

The social networking phenomenon, in the shape of sites such as Twitter and Facebook, has changed the way that the world communicates.  You can argue, of course, that email already did this 20 years ago, but there's one (at least) fundamental difference between email and today's social networking.  With social networking, everything you say is public, and stays around for a long time.  Long enough for something you said a long time ago to come back and bite you.

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Are You Using ClearCloud DNS? If So, You MUST Read This

Every computer on the internet has an IP address.  This includes web servers, as well as any other computer that you might wish to connect to.  In order to make things more friendly, the DNS system allows you to refer to a computer by name rather than number, and this name is then passed to a very large lookup table in order to find out the remote machine's IP address.

That's how your web browser allows you to type in rather than a string of numbers.

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Web Server for Windows Media Centre Reaches v1 Milestone

Like millions of people, I use a PC running Windows Media Centre instead of a traditional set-top box or PVR.  It means that I can watch and record TV programs, just like everyone else, but I can also use the machine for more conventional web surfing too. It's the ideal living-room companion.

But the one feature that Media Centre lacks, in my opinion, is a built-in web server to allow me to schedule recordings over the internet when I'm away from home.

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