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Download All 270 JS Bach Organ Works For Free

The 270 pieces that JS Bach composed for the organ may not be to everyone's taste.  However, if you have a liking for this sort of music, be prepared for a treat.

A professor at the University of Michigan has recorded all 270 works, on original baroque organs in Germany, and made the entire collection available for free download.  

The full collection runs to hundreds of megabytes, although you can also search through the catalogue and obtain individual files if you wish.

The files should play on most PCs and portable players.

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Get A Free Book On Windows 8 From Microsoft Press

Microsoft Press has published a useful book for IT professionals that covers all the major features of Windows 8, from Internet Explorer 10 to Powershell v3.  If you want to learn about what's new in Windows 8, then there's a huge amount of useful information in the 150 pages here.

You can order the book via traditional means as a hardcopy for $14.99.  Or if you want it in PDF format, you can get it totally free at:

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Links To Thousands Of Free Kindle Downloads On Amazon

There are tens of thousands of free e-books on Amazon that you can download to your Kindle (or to the free Kindle app on your computer, if you prefer).  Finding those free books can be tricky, but a new web site called Free Book Sifter ( automates the process and updates its listings regularly.

Just browse to the site, choose the book you want, and follow the link to its page on Amazon.  You can then download the book to the Kindle.

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Get Adobe CS2 Suite For Free? Not Officially.

You may have seen rumours on the internet in recent days that Adobe is making available copies of its older Create Suite 2 available for free.  

The rumours is, in fact, true.  Head to and there are download links for Photoshop CS2, Acrobat 8, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition and more.  Along with serial numbers, ready for you to install.

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View XML Data With This Microsoft Freebie

A lot of computer programs nowadays store their data files in XML format.  XML, or Extensible Markup Language, uses a hierarchical tree struture to store data in plain text files.  It's very similar to HTML, but can be used for anything you like, not just for storing web pages.

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Watch More Than 2000 High-Quality Documentaries For Free

The web is full of top-quality documentary films that you can watch online for free.  Trouble is, it's difficult and time-consuming to find, grade and categorize them, so you often end up watching something that's not up to scratch.

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Don't Buy An Internet Radio. Use This App Instead.

I recently pondered the idea of buying an internet radio for my office.  These stand-alone gadgets look and function like a conventional portable radio, but instead of picking up FM or AM broadcasts, they connect to your own wi-fi network and stream a huge selection of web-based stations.

After considering the idea for a while, I quickly realised that my PC should be quite capable of acting as an internet radio, without the need for me to buy anything new.  Surely there must be a decent free Windows program out there that would fulfil my needs?

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Explore A Virtual Human Body With Stunning Graphics

In the old days, learning about the components of the human body meant poring over a copy of Grey's Anatomy.  Or, if you were studying medicine, you could take a scalpel to a real cadavre of course.  

Now, thanks to a fabulous web site at, you can learn about the makings of the human body without having to resort to boring textbooks or a lab.  

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Want The Ultimate Cloud Backup Service? Run Your Own!

Backing up your important documents, photos, music and other files makes sense.  In fact it's essential.  And backing them up to the cloud, via a service such as Dropbox, also makes sense too, because you don't have to remember to take manual backups.

But there are a few inherent problems with such cloud-based backup services.  How can you guarantee they're secure?  And if you want lots of space, it can get expensive.

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