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Free, Portable App Encrypts a USB Flash Drive

A USB Flash drive is a wonderful way to store or back up  hundreds of megabytes of files in a tiny pocket-sized device.  Until you lose it, or it gets stolen.  You then get to spend the rest of your life worrying about where your files have ended up, and who's been looking at your private/confidential/personal/intimate information.

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Real-Time Continuous Backup Freebie

I've never been a big fan of traditional backup applications.  I normally find it simpler to back up my files with something like Robocopy, which is a free command-line utility that Microsoft has shipped with all versions of Windows from XP onwards. Or if you don't like command lines, there's a similar utility, again free from Microsoft, called Sync Toy.

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This 50-page Guide to Windows 7 is Free

If you're still running Windows XP or Vista, but you're considering the move to Windows 7, here's a handy e-book which goes into useful detail about where 7 is different from, or similar to, previous incarnations of Windows.  It's a handy, easy read, and is well worth checking out.

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Free Software for Aspiring Novelists

Ever been tempted to write a novel?  If so, you'll probably have approached it in the same way that most aspiring novelists do.  Fire up your favourite word processor, then start throwing random words, scenes, plots, characters and one-liners into  a document.  And then you realise that you've ended up with an impenetrable mess, and should have used something other than a word processor.  But what?  An outliner?  Database?  Spreadsheet?

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Netbook Operating Systems to Replace Windows

If you want a cheap, small laptop that does everything a traditional laptop or desktop can do, then a netbook is a great buy.  However, netbook hardware is rarely as powerful as a "proper" laptop (what do you expect for the price?), which means it's not ideal for playing processor-intensive games or doing serious work such as video editing.

As a general-purpose machine for lighter tasks, such as word processing and web browsing, though, it's perfectly adequate.

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Amazing 3D Sculpture App Is Currently Free

A very talented programmer called Tomas Pettersson spent 6 months creating an amazing Windows program which he called Sculptris.  It is, effectively, a computer simulation of a ball of clay, which you can sculpt, prod, pull, poke, and generally manipulate with your mouse in order to create a sculpture.  

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Check The Temperature Of Your CPU

If your PC keeps crashing for no apparent reason, and if those crashes tend to occur when the machine is busy doing lots of things, there's a pretty good chance that the problem is down to an overheating CPU.  Maybe one of the fans in your system has stopped working, or an air vent is blocked with dust.

To help diagnose such problems, here's a wonderful little Windows utility that tells you the current internal temperature of your CPU.  If the chip has multiple cores, it'll even give you a separate reading for each. And if there are multiple CPUs, that's catered for too.

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DNS Server Blocks Malware Sites Automatically

Here's a great idea to help keep your PC free of malware.  It's free, and you don't need to install anything.  You simply need to change a setting on your PC or in your router.

As you probably know, every web server on the internet has an IP address.  Google's, for example, is  If you were to type into your web browser, you'd reach their web site. Try it if you don't believe me.

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Turn Your PC Into A Kindle

Amazon's Kindle device is probably the best-selling dedicated ebook reader right now.  Almost half a million books are available in Kindle format, which you can download straight to the device automatically if you buy from Amazon.

If you don't have a Kindle, but you want to experience the e-book concept for yourself, Amazon offers a free application for Windows that turns your PC into a Kindle.  You can then download your e-books straight to the PC and read them there.  

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This To-Do List Manager is Top-Notch and Free

If you're the sort of person who buys self-help books aimed at busy people, you've almost certainly heard of David Allen.  He's the inventor of a concept called GTD, or Getting Things Done.  It's not so much a way of managing your to-do list, but more a way of life. 

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