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Put Photos And Music Together To Create An Online Slideshow

In the past I've told you about some great free PC software that allows you to pull together some digital photos and a music track to create a video slideshow.  But for a change, here's a brand new web-based system that can do the same thing, without the need to install any software on your computer.  

One downside, though, is that you really need a Facebook or Twitter account to make use of the system.  So if you don't have one, and don't want one, this isn't for you.  Sorry.

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A Specialist Linux Distribution For The Vision-Impaired

If you have problems with your eyesight, or you look after the computer of someone who does, then Vinux is definitely worth a look.  It's a customised version of Ubuntu Linux for those with impaired sight.  It includes all the basic Linux functionality, but customised for ease of use.

There are 2 built-in screen reader (text to speech) apps, 2 screen magnification utilities, and it works with third party Braille displays straight out of the box. It's also easy to change screen colours, font sizes, etc.

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Worried About Clicking On A Bit.Ly Link? Follow This Tip.

URLs are getting longer.  Sometimes, the address of a web page can run to hundreds of characters, large chunks of which are meaningless strings of random numbers and letters.

Such URLs are impossible to type, when you're following a link in a printed document.  And even if you're including them on a web page for someone to click on, their sheer length makes the page look messy.  Which is why many web sites, including this one, have started using the services of URL-shortening sites such as Bitly.

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Amazing Site Gets You Up To Speed On Any Subject

You need to find out everything about Nigeria.  Or glass.  Or woodpeckers.  Or Einstein.  Or pianos.  And you need to do it relatively quickly.  Maybe because your boss asked you, or perhaps your school teacher.  Either way, you'd probably start by Googling it, wouldn't you?

If so, here's a different method, and one which might actually be better too.

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Microsoft Expression Web 4 and Expression Design 4 now Free

Expression Web 4 dates back to 2010, but it is quite useful for designing and developing web pages using many tools: for example, XML, CSS or ASP.NET. It used to cost about $150 but now it is free here as it is the last version.


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Test Your PC's Security From The Outside

To keep your PC (and your data) secure, it's obviously vital that you use antivirus software.  After all, we've all heard reports about malware that can open up your PC to hackers and allow them remote access.

But how can you check that this hasn't happened?  How can you be certain that someone who tried to connect remotely to your PC over the internet wouldn't find an open door waiting for him?

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Find Information on How To Delete Accounts on Various Sites Quickly and Easily

Sometimes, we feel the need to delete an account on a site. This can be for many reasons... we don't like the site, we don't use the site anymore, or for any other reason. But often, it can be a pain finding out how to delete the account, because the site owners do not always make it easy to find the link for account deletion.

In this article, three sites are being shared which provide information and links for deleting accounts from various popular sites, like Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Google, etc, so that we do not have to hunt around for them anymore.

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A Critical Update For Java That You Must Install

For the past few weeks, security experts have warned that recently-discovered security flaws in Java were so dangerous that you should uninstall Java from your PC.

Oracle, the company behind Java, has now issued an update for the system.  It corrects 50 separate security problems, many of which could have allowed hackers to gain remote access to your PC.

If you deleted Java, it's now safe to reinstall.  If you didn't uninstall Java, you really should uninstall your current version and then head to to get the latest release.

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Try This Online Driving Simulator From Google

You've probably encountered Google Earth or StreetView before.  But you may not have come across a rather neat web-based system that ties the 2 products together and produces an excellent driving simulator.

Just type in 2 addresses and press the Go button to generate a route.  Then press the Start button to start the simulator, and watch as the entire route of your journey is simulated on the screen in real time (or faster if you change the settings).  

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Download All 270 JS Bach Organ Works For Free

The 270 pieces that JS Bach composed for the organ may not be to everyone's taste.  However, if you have a liking for this sort of music, be prepared for a treat.

A professor at the University of Michigan has recorded all 270 works, on original baroque organs in Germany, and made the entire collection available for free download.  

The full collection runs to hundreds of megabytes, although you can also search through the catalogue and obtain individual files if you wish.

The files should play on most PCs and portable players.

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