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Scroll the window under the mouse pointer with this free and useful app

illustration computer mouse

Wizmouse is a free utility that lets you scroll in any window by putting the mouse pointer over any open application instead of having to click to change the focus to a different window. No more clicking on a window before being able to scroll inside the window with the mouse wheel, saving you extra clicks and time.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Sunrise Solstice at Stonehenge

Wallpaper of the Week: Sunrise Solstice at Stonehenge

This week's wallpaper is Stonehenge at sunrise. Ground fog forms around the base of the stones under a yellow sun rising above orange clouds. Birds flit across the trees that form a silhouette in the background. Soft edges and colors show icons well in most areas of this background.

Stonehenge at sunrise summer solstice

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Windows Registry: What it is, and what you can do with it

Microsoft Windows stylized logo

The Windows Registry is where much of the information for programs, hardware, preferences, and system configuration is stored. Editing settings in the Registry can enable features and change how certain things function in Windows.

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Get the classic Windows 7 and 8 Calculator in Windows 10

Calculator app Windows 7/8

If you miss the classic Calculator from Windows 7/8 and want to have the same Calculator in Windows 10, here's how.

The Calculator in Windows 7/8 is more compact and easier to use with a keyboard and mouse than the current Windows 10 Modern Calculator app. If you miss the Calculator from Windows 7/8 and are using Windows 10, you're in luck. This small app can bring the same Calculator to Windows 10 that Windows 7 and 8 use.

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Learn to tie any knot at this top rated animated knot tying site

Grog's Animated Knots

This animated knot tying site is an outstanding site to learn about tying knots, ropes, safety and related subjects.
It's an invaluable reference for knots and is ideal for learning how to tie and use knots in several areas; fishing, hobbies, boating, rescue, climbing, household use, neckties, scouting and more.

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Wallpaper of the Week Halloween Moon

This week's wallpaper shows a full moon behind a raven perched on a branch with bats in flight across the moon. Spider webs and Spanish moss hang from the branches on either side of the image. Icons show up well in most areas of this background.

Wallpaper full moon with bats and raven

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Convert PDF files to multiple formats online with no ads, registration or watermarks

easy PDF logo

Use this secure, anonymous online PDF file convertor to convert PDF files to several formats with no registration, no watermarks, and no ads.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Steampunk - Noah's Ark

This week's wallpaper is a steampunk image of Noah's Ark. A large watercraft sits under a rainy sky amid a flooded city while metallic creatures approach the ship from the air, water, and land. Birds, dolphins, giraffes, elephants and other creatures draw near to and enter the steam powered ship. Smokestacks, boilers, cogs and other steampunk components are rendered in great detail. The overall tones are shades of metal and gray. This is a nicely rendered steampunk background that goes well with icons.

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Discover new and unusual things with Science Friday

Science Friday logo

Science Friday is a source for entertaining and educational stories about science, technology, and other cool stuff. Science Friday airs live on nearly 400 public radio stations throughout the United States and you can visit the site for the podcast and many more interesting videos and articles.

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