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Create Professional Looking Posters, Flyers, Infographics and Presentations Online For Free

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This web based service allows anyone with little or no design experience to create professional looking posters, reports, flyers, infographics and presentations with easy to use design tools.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Beautiful Mountain View

This weeks wallpaper is a view from atop a mountain into a green river valley. Scattered red, purple, white and yellow flowers, grasses and a fallen tree pepper the foreground, leading to a view of a river gently winding along the bottom of a mountain valley. Mountains are illuminated by sunlit clouds and fade into the background. Evergreen trees line most of the hillsides, interspersed with lighter areas of green. Scattered patches of snow are visible on the higher slopes.

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Solve the Windows 10 100% Disk Usage Error With These 9 Tips

illustration hard disk drive

If your hard drive is sluggish or you're getting a 100% disk usage error, one of these nine tips could solve the problem.

Is your hard disk drive is in good shape but acting sluggish or slow and the hard drive seems to be working overtime? Are you getting disk usage errors? If so, one of these nine tips could fix the issue.

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Wallpaper of the Week: Rocks Rising from Purple Sea Mist

This week's wallpaper shows a line of jagged rocks protruding from a deep purple sea mist. A line of lighter purple splits the horizon between water and sky. A few lights on the far shore are sprinkled across the horizon. Deep blues and the darker shades of purple are the dominant hues, contrasting nicely with the line of dark hued rocks. Icons show up very well against this background.

Rocks rising out of purple sea mist

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How To View YouTube Videos Frame by Frame

Youube logo on film strip

View videos from YouTube and Vimeo frame by frame using these two methods.

Whether you're watching a how-to video, want to catch a particular detail, or missed something, knowing how to stop a video and watch frame by frame comes in handy.

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