Build a Bridge!

A fun and thought-provoking physics game for all ages.

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Easy to play with hints, multiple difficulty levels, 3D simulations, physics game engine.
Repeated ads on each level.

Bridge builders are a welcome genre of physics-based puzzle games that are fun and thought-provoking to play for all.

Among them, this excellent game Build a Bridge gets you deep into this genre of puzzle games to test your engineering and improvisation skills by building bridges with different materials for various types of vehicles to pass through.

Offering many levels, the game starts off with fairly easy steps and gradually increases in difficulty.

Beware the game is addictive yet with simple gameplay. At each level, lay down pavements and hold them with unlocked materials such as wood, metal and cables, in a structure that is strong enough to support the vehicle.

On a touch-screen mobile device, you can easily drag to add an element, double tap to remove it, or touch and hold a joint then drag to move it.

When you’re done, tap the Go button to switch to the 3D mode and watch a vehicle drive through your bridge. Retry the level by editing the structure and materials if the vehicle fails to reach the destination.

The game tests your construction mettle with several restrictions and obstacles. More pavements and materials used in a level reduce the budgeted amounts and star ratings, while environmental obstacles are a cause of concern to shape your constructions.

When caught in a difficulty, you can apply a hint, either build it for you or show you how to build it, to help solve a puzzle but at a cost of reducing coins.

Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, the game app is supported with ads, and in-app purchases to get higher budgets, more worlds and coins with no ads.

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