Boost Your Touch Typing Online for Free Using Classic Books

Use entire classic books to increase your typing skills online for free.

Practice or improve your touch typing online using classic books instead of the standard typing drills. is a new twist on traditional typing drills. Re-typing classic books is an interesting way to increase speed and accuracy, and you get to read (or re-read) the classics while you type. The growing library of classic titles means you won’t get bored typing the same things over and over.

The site lets you choose a light or dark theme, pick from a range of titles from Frankenstein to Sherlock Holmes, brush up on obscure literary references, and increase your speed and accuracy while typing classic novels as you read them.

As long as you use the same browser, the site remembers where you stopped and will bring you back right to where you left off. It tracks your stats for each chapter, so you can see changes as you go through a title.

You can create a free account using only an email address to track where you are no matter what browser you’re using.
Settings let you change reading and theme modes, opt to ignore capitalization, skip punctuation, change cursor styles and more.

You don’t get the pangrams that often accompany standard typing drills, but you get to read or re-read classic titles while your typing improves. Give it a try if you like to read and want to try an uncommon way to boost typing skills.


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