Best Sites for Scripts, Drivers and Fonts


Scripts, Scripts and ... more Scripts
Looking for ready-made CGI, Perl and JavaScript code for doing commonly-requested features on Web sites such as buttons, validating user input etc?  These sites have excellent collections that you can cut and paste.

Free Driver Sites
I'm always getting asked where the best place to find device drivers is. Unfortunately one of the best sites,, charges a $29.95 subscription fee but there are some pretty good free alternatives:

Fonts Galore
I never thought I'd live to see it - a free font site without ads. What's more, the site's multi-dimensional font classification system makes it easy to find and select which of the 3700+ fonts you want. Thanks to subscriber Richard Steinitz for letting me know about this one.

Font of Wisdom
There are many free Windows font sites but many are so loaded with advertising that they are virtually unusable. This one keeps the ads discreet and has a fabulous range of free type styles. I've bookmarked this site and I suggest you do as well.

Free GIFs and other Art
Here's a good collection of GIF based art including some quite excellent animated GIFs, all free provide you link back to their site. This is not the largest site of its kind but at least it's totally free from ads.

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