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Look Up That Term
Come across an IT term that you don't recognize? If you can't find out what it means from one of these sites, then it's probably a misprint.

You can also reference technical terms related to Microsoft products and technologies through the exhaustive glossaries listed here.

Top Site for IT White Papers
The papers on this site cover a wide range of subjects from CRM to programming. I thought the security section particularly useful with categories including authentication, content filtering, encryption/cryptography, intrusion detection/prevention and more. Be aware that some of these papers come from product vendors.

FAQ Finder
FAQs are compilations of Frequently Asked Questions. They are a gold mine of information particularly when you have an obscure problem to solve. This site has searchable listing of ALL the UseNet FAQs and believe me, that's a LOT of information.

Free Knoppix Book, Linux Training
"Knowing Knoppix" [1] is a free downloadable 124-page book released under the GNU Free Documentation License. It's a great introduction to Knoppix for those coming from a Windows background. For a more formal set of tutorials, try the free online courses from this [2] site.

Learn HTML for Free
I often get requests from readers asking how they can best learn HTML. I usually refer them to this site that offers a free on-line tutorial. The course starts from a very basic level and takes about five hours to complete after which you will have
learned more than enough to build a simple web site. The same site offers a number of other free courses such as dynamic HTML and Windows 2000 server but I haven't tried these.

HTML Reference
Looking for a good book on HTML?  Don't bother.  The reference pages on this Web site are as good as anything you can buy off the shelf, in our opinion.

Excellent Free JavaScript Tutorials
These are the best free JS tutorials that I've yet encountered. If you want to learn JS, this is the place to go.

Web Programming Tutorials
Like to brush up on your JavaScript? Need some help with HTML4? Then head for this site where you'll find lots of links to free web programming resources.

Free Web Site/Application Development Tutorials
I don't think I've ever seen a more comprehensive collection of web development tutorials. Topics include HTML, XML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, .NET and dozens of others. The amazing thing is they are all free.

Free Web Developer Tutorials
Thanks to subscriber Roger Davis for letting me know about this top site featuring free tutorials and guides for web programming languages. Many of the guides are in PDF format and can be downloaded for off line reference. The quality is excellent.

Regular Expressions Explained
Sooner or later every techie runs across "regular expressions" either in programming or embedded in a software tool. This excellent free tutorial explains what they are and their use.

Free Tutorial Makes Regular Expressions Comprehensible
A few issues back I mentioned a free tutorial on this oft-troublesome subject. Here's another excellent guide.

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