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Windows comes with a tray clock and, yes, it displays the time. However, many think that it is too basic in its functionality and would wish for more features and display options. There are a few free tray clock replacements out there that might just do the extra bit you're looking for. Here is a review of the ones I favor.


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TClock Light  

A vastly improved replacement for the standard Windows tray clock.

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License: Free
Many enhancements - tiny footprint - many language packs available.
Help file could be better.
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Enhances the standard Windows taskbar clock with user customization in format, font and color.

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License: Free
A small program yet with many features.
Has not been updated for some time.
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Pops up its own calendar with a single click on the tray clock for reminders and to-dos.

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License: Free
Reminders and to-dos - works very well.
Doesn't allow a simultaneous time and date display.
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In Windows 10 version 1709.16299, every time I use the Control Panel to change the clock display to show day of the week, month, day, and year (i.e. Wed 05-16-18), Windows resets it so it only shows the hour and minutes! I have done this twice and Windows insists on resetting it back to the dull default setting. Therefore, I installed the 64-bit version of DSClock on my 64-bit system, formatted it to display a two-line hour, minute, second, AM or PM on the top line and day of the week, month, day, and year on the bottom line. I set the font in white, the background in black and move in to be in front of the standard clock in the taskbar. Once locked in position, my clock display is now the way I want it, not Windows' pitifully ugly clock display.