Best Free Streaming TV Sites

As the internet continues to grow in nature and complexity, more and more people are starting to get their media fix -- TV, movies, music, videos -- directly from Over The Top providers and not from theri cable or satellite providers.  I've written a series of  four articles focused on streaming media which are linked below.

This article focuses on the Best Streaming TV sites that you can view

Initially I will list my favorite streaming TV sites here but over time I will continue to provide added descriptions and flair to this article.  Please let me know if you would recommend something that I do not have here or if you agree or disagree on my recommendations.  If you have any other suggestions, please reply below.  Thank you, Kerry


  1. Hulu -- This site shows movies, TV shows, and Videos.
  2. Surf The Channel -- An aggregation site showing TV shows
  3. -- easily watch ABC owned programming with minimal advertising
  4. -- shows NBC TV shows along with other videos.
  5. XFinityTV -- An aggregation site owned by Comcast (replaced fancast) which allows you to see TV shows
  6. CastTV -- This is an aggregation site showing TV shows


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by Xojo on 30. January 2013 - 3:04  (104954)

Surf The Channel ( is dead.

by kerry2 on 3. February 2013 - 16:01  (105070)

Thank you, we will remove that.

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