Best Free Streaming TV Sites

As the Internet continues to grow in nature and complexity, more and more people are starting to get their media fix (eg TV, movies, music, videos etc) directly from 'over the top' providers and not from their cable or satellite suppliers. I've written a series of four articles focused on streaming media which are linked below.

This article focuses on the Best Free Streaming TV Sites that you can view.


  1. Hulu - this site shows movies, TV shows, and videos
  2. Surf The Channel - an aggregation site showing TV shows
  3. - easily watch ABC owned programming with minimal advertising
  4. - shows NBC TV shows along with other videos
  5. XFinityTV - an aggregation site owned by Comcast (replaced Fancast), which allows you to see TV shows
  6. CastTV - this is an aggregation site showing TV shows


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by Xojo on 30. January 2013 - 3:04  (104954)

Surf The Channel ( is dead.

by kerry2 on 3. February 2013 - 16:01  (105070)

Thank you, we will remove that.

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