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Traceroute programs are used to identify the Internet path and time taken for communications between your PC and a remote Internet server. Technicians typically use them to identify network performance problems but end users sometimes employ them to help identify the location of a remote website and the path taken in between.


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3D Traceroute  

A good example of a trace-route tool to display the route taken between you and the server.

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License: Free (Limited features)
3D diagram, full details list.
Globe route display disabled in freeware.
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VisualRoute Lite  

An excellent route tracer when your goal is to identify response time issues.

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License: Free (Limited features)
Local and online version, informative route graph display.
Map display and list display only available in full commercial version.
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Alien IP  

A simple streamlined trace-route tool mapping the hosts world location.

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License: Commercial (Trial/Demo available)
Globe map route display.
Unregistered mark over map, can't resolve names once in a while, results sometimes questionable.
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Open Visual Traceroute is vastly superior to any of the above-mentioned in that it has cross-platform or system-specific versions; is open-source, ergo, no feature tiers; and, unlike the reviewed applications, is regularly updated, the latest being in Apr_2017.

The icing on the cake: you can switch between 2D and 3D renderings on-the-fly. -or-

BTW, the links to the "Editor's Choice" appear to be broken. I can't navigate to them, anyway.

I knew there had to be a catch: Java.

So what?