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The registry is an important part of every computer, but as you use your PC, the registry gradually becomes messier and bigger. Thus, it gets harder and harder to find things in the registry.

The registry must be treated with a lot of care as even the slightest mistake by the registry editor, or even yourself, can ruin your PC. Therefore, before you download anything please read this article What Everybody Should Know About the Windows Registry.

Remember if you don't know what you're doing then don't even try to edit your registry as you could render your PC useless.


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The most simple registry editor provided in Windows

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Totally reliable, simple, easy to use, fast.
Not many features.
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Registrar Registry Manager - Home Edition  

It works reliably, with excellent functionality in a simple user interface

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Reliable, simple user interface and excellent functionality.
Some features are available only to the commercial Pro version.
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A small tool to browse and change the registry

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Simple, small.
Slow, buggy, search does not function correctly.
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O&O RegEditor is better! and it's free!

Please review RegMagik

Here's my top choices:

1) Reg (By David K. Gasaway)

+ Goto Path
+ Search
+ Open Source
- There isn't a portable version, but it will still run.

2) O&O RegEditor

+ Goto Path
+ Search
+ Portable
- Didn't like the Search function as much as Reg.

3) Regscanner

+ Search
+ Portable
- Goto Path

I just wanted to mention that Aezay now have a green light from WoT, though I can't actually recall a time when they didn't.

I really like Registry Commander ... the layout is unfamiliar at first (no tree view) and although it has an export function it lacks an option to restore the entire registry. These points aside though it's my favourite of the freebies. The search function I find fast enough (though speed isn't much of an issue for something that I don't use frequently) and the bookmarks are invaluable.

I'm not sure what about 2012 Registrar Registry Editor lite (or any version) put it below MS Regedit. There may be other 3rd party (free) software that rivals Registrar Lite, but I've not used any extensively.

I've used Registrar Lite & Regedit extensively in W 98, XP, Vista - for years. I've never found that Registrar messed anything up. On most all operations it can perform, it's faster than Regedit. WORD OF CAUTION: users that don't know what they're doing in the registry or don't back it up first, shouldn't be making changes.

Registrar Lite is much faster on searches (Find) & has far better display of search results than Regedit. Registrar lists all search results in a list w/ columns of data for each result, so it's easier to review results to find what's relevant.

Regedit gives one result at a time, then must "fast forward" to the next result found. The fast forwarding can take some time. Plus, Regedit forces you to go through possibly dozens of undesired search results, one at a time, even if not relevant.

Once in a great while, Registrar Lite can't open entries (usually marked in red), that Regedit can open. That's so seldom, it's hardly a concern - use Regedit on those.

Backing up the entire registry is also faster in Registrar & the files are much smaller.