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  • The Portable Freeware Collection: It's the only choice here without a program launcher and suite, but it's one of the very best places for portable apps and commentary. It rates programs on stealth and provides tips on making them portable if needed. You can also look at download stats, user comments, dependencies, and products in similar categories. The search engine returns portable apps and forum posts. And the forum is especially helpful. Once the programs are on your drive, you can use any of the portable app launchers.

  • Lupo PenSuite: Provides an impressive number of apps (see full list, use tabs at top). The details page for each app is very helpful, with ratings and related links. It's a very good list and an excellent portable app site to explore.

  • LiberKey: It's rather good at choosing portable apps for its launcher. For example, I would keep the majority of its picks even in its basic suite (about 16 of 24).  The suite pages have links to product websites for many of the apps.

  • It's the coolest looking site, with a professional looking launcher and a couple default suites of apps. It draws from hundreds of portable apps and then narrows them down to a select few, but I personally would only keep a few of those (5 of the 13, including a game). The forum and guides are very helpful, though. And the site is an important download source for its PAF versions of portable apps. It also has a longer list of applications.

  • winPenPack: Once you get past the awful look of the site and click the English translation, it has an excellent suite of apps. It has the most default suites at 5 (see the comparison table) and creates some of its own versions of open source portable apps ("x" versions). I was unfamiliar with many of its choices, so it may require more exploration and user testing than the suites above. Additionally, the x-versions are much more difficult to setup than PAF versions, so I recommend using versions of portable programs unless you use the winPenPack suite.

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if you have clamwin, you might as well pair clam sentinel with it to give it real time scanning. it has a portable.

yes indeed I will check it out and see how it can be added . thanks

Additional Portable Apps for Anti-Malware Removal

winpatrol has a portable version:

Best Free Portable Software Update Monitor

yes, filehippo is great. but Sumo is far better (free and has portable) and detects everything on your system, not just filehippo software.

can i get kcsoftware on my android as my laptop wont downlad

i don't consider Comodo System Cleaner truly portable. i used it and liked it. eventually removed it. months later upon investigation found parts of 2 drivers on my system that google revealed came from CSC (was hard to find in google though). you can find them yourself with anvir taskmanager free (go to bottom and press drivers) or with esets free taskmanager tool (maybe even with free runscanner). drivers name was just a bunch of small case letters.

The ClamWinPortableDBUpdate link above leads to a non secure site, so please have a look into it.

Also, I would like to mention that there is a portable version for Superantispyware.

Thank you.

thanks, Superantispyware portable link is there . there no longer seems to be a secure site for ClamWinPortableDBUpdate