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 Best Free Portable Apps for Home & Office

Best Free Portable Office Suite:

OpenOffice Portable -- Home | Download | Support | Editor Review

Description: One of the greatest names in freeware is the OpenOffice software suite for productivity, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, powerpoint presentations, graphics, and a couple math apps. Merchants often advertise commercial counterparts to OpenOffice (mainly Microsoft Office) to customers buying a new PC, which come at a very expensive price. OpenOffice allows you to smirk back at them with confidence!

OpenOffice is free and open source, it does almost everything commercial suites do, and it saves/loads document formats compatible with Microsoft Office. You can get the PortableApps version or the winPenPack x-version. Verified TruPortable.

LibreOffice is proving to be very popular and well worth the down load and can be downloaded from      

If you need to use certain wizards or database functions, you will need Java Portable or to portablize Java. Otherwise it's not needed.

Other Download Sites: winPenPack's X-OpenOffice

Alternate Products: SoftMaker Office (no portable download and writes to registry, see steps to make it portable)

Best Free Portable Word Processor:

AbiWord -- Home | Download | Support | Editor Review

Description: If you only need a lightweight word processor, then AbiWord is an excellent choice. "It's a multi platform application and reads many standard document types (OpenOffice, MS Word, WordPerfect, RTF, HTML...)." You can add extra plugins and tools to enhance it (such as dictionaries or fonts), see here for how.

Alternate Products: Jarte (requires INI file to make it fully portable) | Tomahawk PDF+ (TruPortable)

Best Free Portable PDF Viewer:

PDF-XChange Viewer -- Home | Download | Editor Review

Description: There are many lightweight alternatives to Adobe reader. PDF-XChange is an excellent choice for its good text clarity, and its ability to make annotations without watermarking. "It loads reasonably fast, prints PDFs, exports PDF documents to many formats (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG), magnifies text, and extracts text and images. It also allows you to save and fill Adobe PDF forms." And the portable download is half the size of the regular installer. Verified TruPortable.

Alternate Products: Foxit Reader (writes settings to registry) | Cool PDF Reader (TruPortable) | Sumatra PDF Portable (TruPortable)

Best Free Portable Personal Finance Software:

GnuCash Portable -- Home | Download | Support | Editor Review

Description: If you need specialized financial software to avoid messing around with custom spreadsheet functions, GNUCash can make things easier. "It will ease you into accounting equations and help you keep tabs of your budget. You are allowed to easily create as many accounts as you need. The program has a reporting and graphing module to generate a full suite of standard and customizable reports, including balance sheet, profit & loss, portfolio valuation, etc. On the downside, it doesn't provide encryption of files, but you can rely on third party encryption software to keep files confidential and secured if necessary." Its online banking features write settings to the registry.

If you need to automatically retrieve financial quotes, see just below here for information on Perl Portable.

Alternate Products: RQ Money (TruPortable) | Money Manager Ex (Writes to the registry)

Best Free Portable PIM:

EssentialPIM Free -- Home | Download | Support | Editor Review

Description: Personal Information Management (PIM) software helps store and organize your information electronically. EssentialPIM Free includes "tools to satisfy your calendar, contact management, to do list, notes and email needs." The portable version saves all your data in one file and encrypts it (with standard Rijndael, a 128 bit key). Get the "free portable" version (ZIP download).

EssentialPIM also has additional syncing and scheduling features: "It does many of the same things as Outlook and can import your Outlook data and/or Outlook Express contacts as well. There is no way to schedule repeating to-dos, but by creating an all day repeating "task" (which is essentially an appointment) you can effectively create a repeating to-do which begins before the day grid." Verified TruPortable.


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if you have clamwin, you might as well pair clam sentinel with it to give it real time scanning. it has a portable.

yes indeed I will check it out and see how it can be added . thanks

Additional Portable Apps for Anti-Malware Removal

winpatrol has a portable version:

Best Free Portable Software Update Monitor

yes, filehippo is great. but Sumo is far better (free and has portable) and detects everything on your system, not just filehippo software.

can i get kcsoftware on my android as my laptop wont downlad

i don't consider Comodo System Cleaner truly portable. i used it and liked it. eventually removed it. months later upon investigation found parts of 2 drivers on my system that google revealed came from CSC (was hard to find in google though). you can find them yourself with anvir taskmanager free (go to bottom and press drivers) or with esets free taskmanager tool (maybe even with free runscanner). drivers name was just a bunch of small case letters.

The ClamWinPortableDBUpdate link above leads to a non secure site, so please have a look into it.

Also, I would like to mention that there is a portable version for Superantispyware.

Thank you.

thanks, Superantispyware portable link is there . there no longer seems to be a secure site for ClamWinPortableDBUpdate