Best Free Portable Applications

 Best Free Portable Apps for Audio & Video

Best Free Portable CD / DVD Burner:

InfraRecorder -- Home | Download | Support | Editor Review

Description: InfraRecorder is a common choice for a simple burner (its the top pick at & Lupo PenSuite for example), but ImgBurn is our "Top Pick" and can be made portable (see alternate products). InfraRecorder is portable out-of-box and therefore excellent for average users. It can create data discs, audio & video discs, write images for bootable discs, copy discs, read discs, and erase/format discs. The welcome screen is optional, but its built-in help didn't work for me.

"It works with all types of CDs and DVDs including dual layer discs. It even includes full command line support like CDBurnerXP. The interface is clean and simple without a lot of extras to make things confusing. InfraRecorder is a respectable burning program, but it has a few disadvantages as well. It does not support Blu-Ray discs or HD-DVDs. It also does not include many advanced options for tweaking the burn process to perfection like ImgBurn. Its interface isn’t as nice as that of BurnAware Free, and it doesn’t have any extra features like CDBurnerXP." Verified TruPortable.

Alternate Products: CDBurnerXP (requires Microsoft .NET Framework) although it does have disk spanning feature which is easy to use.

| ImgBurn (see steps to make it portable) | DeepBurner (borderline portable)

Best Free Portable Media Player:

The KM Player (KMP) -- Home | Download | Support | Editor Review

Description: Media players are good for playing your audio and video files and CDs/DVDs. The KM Player is "easy to use and install, has awesome playback, and plays most everything without need to download extra codec packs, making it easy to use for those with less experience. Other features include setting multifarious audio and video effects, slow down or increase playback speed with regular tone, etc."

First you need to click on the download file to have it self-extract to a folder of your choice. Then it requires a simple setting change in the interface to make it portable: use a right click on it anywhere > Options > Preferences > General > check "Store settings to KMPCfg.ini". See an alternative option here.

None of the media players run with stealth and variously write to the registry or user folder.

Alternate Products: Media Player Classic HomeCinema | VLC Media Player Portable

Best Free Portable Music Player and Organizer:

Jaangle -- Home | Download | Forum | Editor Review

Description: Sometimes media players are not enough for music lovers, and we have to search around for a suitable music player by trial and error. Jaangle has an intuitive and user-friendly interface for playing music, an excellent library for music managing, and very interesting download capabilities of artist photos/bios, song lyrics, etc. Download and extract the "files only" version.

However, it doesn't rip or convert music files, but to do that try BonKEnc (TruPortable).

Alternate Products (All TruPortable): Foobar | AIMP 2 | XMPlay | 1by1

Best Free Portable MP3 Tag Editor:

TagScanner -- Home | Download | Editor Review

Description: Once upon a time, I often resorted to Windows Media Player (WMP) mainly because it's rather good for the initial tasks of tagging and cover art finding. But TagScanner is even better and allows me to shut down WMP for good! It "supports basic and extended tags and is complete with Music Renamer and Tag Processor. You can preview tags and cover artwork from an online database before saving. However, it does not come with a normal windows menu. You may need to spend some time to get yourself familiarized with its user interface". Verified TruPortable.

Best Free Portable Video Editor:

Avidemux -- Home | Download | Wiki | Editor Review

Description: The vendor describes Avidemux as a "free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks". It has many tutorials and guides at its Wiki to help with these tasks. It's "designed for multi-purpose video editing and processing, and can be used on almost all known operating systems and computer platforms. It's simple to use and supports many file types, including AVI, MPEG, MP4, and ASF". Writes settings to user folder.

Alternate Product: VirtualDub (TruPortable)

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if you have clamwin, you might as well pair clam sentinel with it to give it real time scanning. it has a portable.

yes indeed I will check it out and see how it can be added . thanks

Additional Portable Apps for Anti-Malware Removal

winpatrol has a portable version:

Best Free Portable Software Update Monitor

yes, filehippo is great. but Sumo is far better (free and has portable) and detects everything on your system, not just filehippo software.

can i get kcsoftware on my android as my laptop wont downlad

i don't consider Comodo System Cleaner truly portable. i used it and liked it. eventually removed it. months later upon investigation found parts of 2 drivers on my system that google revealed came from CSC (was hard to find in google though). you can find them yourself with anvir taskmanager free (go to bottom and press drivers) or with esets free taskmanager tool (maybe even with free runscanner). drivers name was just a bunch of small case letters.

The ClamWinPortableDBUpdate link above leads to a non secure site, so please have a look into it.

Also, I would like to mention that there is a portable version for Superantispyware.

Thank you.

thanks, Superantispyware portable link is there . there no longer seems to be a secure site for ClamWinPortableDBUpdate