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Everybody seems to have their own concept of what a PIM (Personal Information Manager) is. It may help to define the scope of "Best Free PIM" at the outset to avoid confusion. I will stay within the following scope when selecting products to include here.

Scope: PIMs reviewed here will include several or all of the following functions: Diary, notebook, appointments, events, tasks, address book, contact information and itinerary. These products have names like personal organizer, day planner or personal planner. Their purpose is to help you get things done. PIMs that fall outside that scope will not be included.

In terms of frequent usage, PIMs for tablets and smartphones are displacing PIMs for PCs while Web-apps are also replacing conventional PIM programs for PCs. There are a few good PC PIMs left though, with some of them extended to support syncing across multiple devices.

See other sorts of PIMs: If what you are looking for isn't here in this "Best Free PIM" category, something in one of the Related PIM Categories may fit your needs.


Rated Products


Offers a full range of PIM functions including appointments, events, reminders, tasks, contacts, email and more.

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Well organized user interface. Full range of well-integrated PIM functions. Data encryption, automatic backup, and iPhone synchronization. Easy to use.
You cannot export your data from the free edition, and sync and backup disabled. Provides recurring appointments, but not repeating tasks. Imports messages from Outlook, but not the folder structure, which you need to re-create. Cannot export data.
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A full-featured PIM similar to Outlook with data import and an email client.

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License: Free (Limited features)
Another full-featured PIM. Does many of the same things as Outlook and can import your Outlook data and/or Outlook Express contacts as well. Small file size. A portable version is available.
Caution: Multiple bugs have been reported by a long-term user. Supports repeating tasks (events), but not repeating to-dos. May have trouble with multiple email accounts.
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A complete and attractive PIM with an option to set repeating tasks, attach notes, photos and files.

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License: Free (Limited features)
Full featured, attractive, intuitive and well organized. Has repeating to-dos, and allows sub-tasks. Provides the options to attach notes, photos, files and other documents to almost every function. A portable version can be derived from the installed program.
CAUTION: VirusTotal is currently (Sept 2016) reporting probable Trojan behavior for the WinPim download (see report link in the discussion above). Proceed at your own risk. Syncing via the cloud requires an additional (not-free) program.
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Related Products and Information

  • PIM Xtreme would be a good choice if you want to tinker with the program interface, and the way that tasks, events, and contacts are organized and interconnected. It also has a calendar, notes, and a "Today Panel" that gives you a nice overview. PIM Xtreme has a build-it-yourself user interface. Tasks, events, contacts, notes, etc., have their own window pane, and you size and arrange them to fit your needs.

  • Chaos Free Update: This is a fine product... It does not fit the scope of this product category though. The paid version, Time and Chaos would fit (it adds projects to the mix), and I have used it for some time in the distant past. [comparison]

Related Web-app PIMs

  • InfiTrac (wasCloudPIM) is a relatively new online PIM with Web, iOS and Android apps. It also provides  a social (sharing) dimension (which you can use or not). InfiTrac has become a polished Web-app. From the web site:

    "InfiTrac is a complete personal information manager which lets you safely manage your agenda, contacts, calendar, lists, notes, ideas, chores, 'to-do' items, passwords, and much more. It is available on the web and as a phone/tablet app..."

What I want in a PIM: The option to schedule repeating tasks -- strangely missing from many PIMs -- is a key function for me. Sync between PCs and mobile devices is also important. If I was still in the work force, I'd want one product that provides contacts, tasks, events and reminders. I no longer need that tight coupling, so I use Evernote (notes) and ToDoList (task manager). I use the incomparable Tresorit (encrypted cloud storage) to sync ToDoList. smiley




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I'm a relic. I still prefer separate programs that do what I want and no more. About a month ago, I finally took some time to evaluate UK's Kalendar. It is the closest thing I've found to my first PIM, Windates. This one does exactly what I want, and it's fast and easy to configure as I choose. I'll stick with it. The developer is accessible.

WHAT technical support are you referring to? EPIM merely offers a forum, as many companies do these days, as their way of saying, "We could not care less about our customers and their complaints, but perhaps someone on our forum does, so feel free to post here..."

In fact, after a few weeks or months after posting, a guy named Max usually responds with "Your observations have been noted," but, months later, when the new (minor) release comes out, the same bug persists, so you know that your observation was relatively insignificant to them.

It is as if all of their customers were merely testing a beta version of their program, all expected to report in their errors, little by little, so that the programmers could come up with a stable release someday.

In fact, even if you do make a positive observation, to the point that they make an improvement to the program, when your one-year license expires, you are not allowed to download the improved version, if it was in the premium version. Consequently, there are no rewards for your positive contributions.

[References to commercial features removed as per site rules]

The Contacts List has no means for search-and-replace, or for inserting text into multiple contact fields at once. Consequently, if the area code changes for a certain city, and I want to modify 125 contacts accordingingly, I must do so manually. If I just want to insert a "001" dialing code to the beginning of each cell-phone number, I must do it manually--no "find/replace/insert".

Instead of posting to the EPIM forum, where all the flaws are out of the public view, I will start posting here, so that others can know what they are getting.

My first exposure to EPIM was her on this forum, so I am happy to report my negative findings here, to prevent other people from making the same mistakes.

can't recomment Agenda At Once - it downloads software while installing, it then offers PUPs - wajam, wisemana, system healer, goodgame empire - though you can decline, and finally connects to with offers for driver check. Didn't trip antivirus/trojan sw but advise to avoid.

Thanks bassogigas. This is another example of the resurgence of trickery for monetary gain. I'm removing Agenda At Once from further consideration.

I'm looking for a PIM software that notices a free time space in my schedule and suggests a task that can be completed or worked on in that period of time, based on the tasks and projects I have entered. It will also allow me to assign tasks that need to be done before other tasks.
Any ideas, please.

I'm getting a virus warning when trying to download WinPim. Kaspersky is preventing download.

Thank you very much for the report Texas: I have used VirusTotal to scan the WinPim file at the source and multiple scanners report Trojan-like behavior [results]. I will post a notice here on this webpage.

I am a little frustrated that Agenda At Once is always Scheduled for Evaluation but it never happens. I have used it for years. YES it does have repeating reminders. I do not offer to evaluate as I suffer Bipolar, some days it hard enough to motivate to do anything let alone do a review. However click the link under Scheduled for Evaluation and see for your self how good it is. To my mind is is better than the top recommendations. It is not a cut down version of a paid version, it is the full version. Perhaps some one would be kind enough to give it a run for its money and do a full review. Thanks Guys.

Thanks for the recommendation Andy. Sometimes I need a little motivation myself to take another look at a product that didn't look ready or promising at first glance. Time for me to take another look and include it in this product category.

Regarding Pimero Free Edition
Sync and backup not functional (need to pay to play). If yo have this software running on more than one device it will be a big problem so, keep that in mind. Manually coping data folders will not work and then again, Why would you!... Pimero is inherently slow fetching emails from multiple accounts and forget multi-tasking while that is going on in the background. As a replacement for MS Outlook this is a poor candidate in my opinion and I am no MS Outlook fan.
Now the post mentions upcoming reviews on Chaos Free and Agenda at Once. I have used them both and they are great simple to use PIM's. Chaos Free should definitely be top choice for anyone looking for simple to use scheduling, tasks and contact management.
I have used Chaos Free for over a year now on my desktop and laptop with no hitch or hick-ups.
Looking forward to your insightful review on this product.

Thanks for your useful comments om2mo. Your experiences with Chaos Free and Agenda at Once encourage me to proceed with reviews.

Be very careful of losing your data with Essential PIM.I settled upon this software some years back as after extensive research and trialling it seemed the best overall option. I mainly used it for the calendar.

Just recently 4 months worth of data entries for the calendar, including for next year, suddenly disappeared and not one of the backup files would restore the data.

On contacting their technical support with specifics about the problem, including screenprints, I was amazed to find a lethargic, superior and non-helpful approach. I was informed that "Data can't just disappear" and they kept telling me to try importing from different backup files which I had already told them I had tried to no avail.

After exchanging half a dozen emails and getting increasingly frustrated with the blasé approach I was told: "Such problems as yours may appear either because of incorrect file or some synchronization problems...". Oh, so that's alright then?

I have no trust in the product any more - a fundamental necessity I think you will agree - and the technical support stinks so am back to looking for alternatives which is why I'm here again...

I installed Pimero. It looked good, till I tried to import my emails from Outlook. It will import all your messages but NOT the folders and folder structure! So if, like me, you have many folders and sub-folders you have to manually recreate them in Pimero, then manually select each folder or sub-folder for import. Rinse and repeat ad tedium till you're done.
I didn't have the half a day plus this would take so removed this time wasting program!

Thanks, that's good to know Redschuart. Thanks for your comment. Noted in the Cons.

Thanks for the great article. Am using the awesomeness that is Rainlender Lite for my To-Dos and Reminders for now, and will check out your two top picks.

There are some collaboration platforms online that are free for 1 user. They sometimes provide PIM functions.

For my private needs, I use combo of Essential PIM, ToDoList and Efficient Diary.