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"... AstroMenace is a brilliant 3d scroll-shooter allowing you to feel the adrenalin rush of a fierce space battle against relentless swarms of alien invaders. Immerse into a decisive battle against tons of cunning foes, face the terrifying bosses and protect your homeland throughout 15 diverse levels of the game. The hardcore gameplay of AstroMenace, packed with pure non-stop action, will become a full scale test for your basic instinct of survival ...": Blobby Volley 2:
Micropolis is one of the oldest and greatest city-building games based on the original code for SimCity. Features: * Unlimited playability offers hours of fun * Eight included scenarios, each a game in itself, with an unlimited number of ways to win or lose * Multiple Views allows you to open up any number of animated city maps and editors at once * Micropolis features pop up "pie menus" for quickly selecting city editing tools No Time to Explain:
OGame is a strategy-game set in space. Thousands of players across the world compete at the same time. In order to play you only need a web browser:
Hi Panzer, browser games won't be discussed here.
I think I can live with that ... :)
UnReal World is a unique graphical roguelike RPG taking place in the Far North long, long ago. It brings you a realistic game world rich with historical atmosphere in which northern folklore, knowledge and way of life play an important part:
Egoboo: Features: * Over 40 uniquely hand-crafted mystical dungeons * Choose between 8 different classes like the Wizard, Elf or Rogue * Play with up to four players using hotseat! * Awesome 3D graphics with cute and funny character models Project gnh20: POWDER: Runesworld 2: Dungeon Door is a fast isometric turn-based tactical RPG played in a classic dungeon crawl setting. It is a blend of a role-playing game and a tactical strategy game:
flOw (download link at the upper right section of the page): Dyadin is a 3D action puzzle game for two players at one time. Each player must navigate their character through the gamespace by closely interacting with one another both in the virtual sense and the real. The game is played on two personal computers located next to each other:
Bombermine - The most Massively Multiplayer Online Bomberman on the web — up to 1000 players on a single map:
MMO's won't be featured in this category....
I know. But since we do not have a page for MMO's, I posting them into main games thread ...
ShadowFlare: Episode One: Summoning Wars: Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall: Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords:
The eyeballing game:
One Late Night is a short immersive horror-game experience, starring an unnamed graphic designer employee, working late one night at the office, until strange things start to happen:
PoxNora is a collectible, turn-based, tactical, online fantasy game. Players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon relics and equipment of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents: FoFiX is a fork of Frets On Fire:
Nikki and the Robots Free Version 1.0 is a 2D platformer game with a cute protagonist, various robots and diverse levels. It combines modern gameplay — including simulated physics and wall-jumping — with innovative überpixel retro style (download can be found under the picture):