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Best Free Construction or Management - City Building Game

With a top-down perspective, the main role of the gamers is to plan and manage a city, and is held responsible for it's growth.  Players lay down roads and zone residential, commercial, and industrial areas as well as assign salaries, work priorities and everything else that accounts for the development of the city.

  • LinCity-NG( Site |  Download)

    LinCity-NG LinCity-NG is a city simulation game. The player can develop a city by buying appropriate buildings, services and infrastructure.

    It is a polished and improved version of the classic LinCity game. In the game, you are required to build and maintain a city. The simulation considers population, employment, basic water management and ecology, goods, raw materials, services, energy and other constraints such as finance, pollution and transports.

    You can win the game either by building a sustainable economy or by evacuating all citizens with spaceships.

  • OpenCity( Site |  Download)

    OpenCity OpenCity is a full 3D city simulator game project.

    In the game, the player builds a city by marking land as commercial, industrial or residential zones. Those zones depend on each other to grow.

    The player is also required to supply the city with power and connect the different zones by building roads.


  • Unknown Horizons( Site |  Download)

    Unknown Horizons Unknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building. Expand your small settlement to a strong and wealthy colony, collect taxes and supply your inhabitants with valuable goods. Increase your power with a well balanced economy and with strategic trade and diplomacy. Find new islands, trade routes and resource deposits to raise your city's wealth and extend your reach. Painfully trouble your enemies with strategic pinpricks and take advantage of all their little mistakes to solidify your position.

Best Free Construction or Management - Business or Tycoon Game

In these type of games, the main focus is on management and economic proceseses in the form of business. Players must balance the use of limited resources to build or expand some kind of business.

  • OpenTTD( Site |  Download)

    OpenTTD OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer.

    It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features, enhacing the game experience dramatically. In game the player aims to earn money through transportation of passengers and freight by land, water and airThe game has bigger maps, stable multiplayer mode for upto 255 players both co-operative and competitive, custom AI, downloadable customizations, reworked airport system, improved teraforming etc.

  • Ore No Ryomi 2( Site | Download)

    Ore No Ryomi 2 Ore No Ryori 2 is a superb sequel to a great PC remake of a Sony Playstation game, Ore no Ryouri.

    In game you must buy foods for your restaurant, prepare customers' orders correctly, and serve them to customers perfectly before they get annoyed and leave. There are over 70 recipes you can cook, including beers, soups, steaks, sandwiches, nachos, and pizzas to name but a few. At times you will be robbed and you must chase down the criminal in order to retrieve some money. After the restaurant closes for the day you put on the manager's hat and can purchase menu items or upgrades for your restaurant.

  • Simutrans( Site |  Download |  Graphics Pack)

    Simutrans Simutrans is an open-source transportation simulation game. Your goal is to establish a successful transport company and build the necessary infrastructure to transport passengers, mail and goods between cities, factories and touristic attractions by land, air and water. In Simutrans you have multiple choices from the start to the end. There are Lots of graphics packages to choose from as well as vehicles and cargo. The game offers extensive customization, you can build and create your own world. Simutrans also lets you play multiplayer.

  • Other great games in this category:

    • Chart Wars 3: The game puts you in charge of your very own record company, your task is to manage a label, attract bands and manage the lives of the band members and competing with intelligent computer opponents. (Site |  Download)

Best Free Construction or Management - Life (Sims) Game

Life sims can either be simulation of day-to-day living of individuals and their relationships, or it can be simulation of an ecosystem and it's life-forms. Characters can drift endlessly or embark on solid life paths. These type of games are meant for pure entertainment.

  • Cart Life( Site| Download)

    Cart Life Cart Life is a simulator game which showcases the lives of street vendors in a small city which is located in western United States. Each of the playable characters has specific goals, and special traits, but also unique addictions which the player must accommodate in order to succeed within the game. Permits are required, but expensive. Is it worth risking a fine without operating one? The player also needs to accomodate their customers by paying attention to different tastes, buying habits and level of patience. Most customers will tip well when their order is filled quickly and accurately, so do your best.

  • Another Day In the Life of Bob( Site| Download)

    Another Day In the Life of Bob A life simulation game and a sequel to A Day In the Life of Bob, set in a psychedelic land. The game is open to numerous possibilities, and there is no defined way to win. It could potentially go on forever! Another Day In the Life of Bob is Inspired by games such as Stick RPG and Jones in the Fast Lane. and is a first-person simulation/exploration game with a colorful theme and an expansive playground full of surprises. With the exception of the room backgrounds and sound effects, everything in the game is homemade from scratch.

  • Evolites( Site| Download)

    Evolites Evolites is a simple life simulation where you indirectly control the fates of a countless number of tiny, unique creatures, known as Evolites. As the Evolites evolve naturally, various tools are at your disposal to save, destroy, create, and interact with them. You may let things run their course, or you may directly intervene, and make sure that only your chosen strain of Evolites survives! Partially inspired by the opening sequence of the upcoming game Spore, Evolites was created to interest, entertain, and relax all types of gamers, casual and up.

Best Free Vehicle - Flight Game

Flight Games includes (i) Flight Sim which artificially re-creates aircraft & space flight and have no particular objective. The category also includes (ii) Action Flight games that has a solid campaign with a neat story and narrative.

  • Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn( Site |  Download |  Patch)

    Wing Commander Saga In game, you assume the role of 2nd Lieutenant David Markham. Fly patrols, work with your wingmen, and struggle to survive as the final battles for the fate of humanity begin to unfold. The Saga Prologue sets up the tone and the story for the epic struggle and apocalyptic finale you will experience in the full release of Wing Commander Saga. The game features breath taking, high detail models, dozens of believable characters, bountiful mission variety, complex and compelling storyline and complete voice acting by the orginal cast.

  • Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line( Site |  Download | Patch)

    Battlestar Galactica Drafted and pressed into service, your only hope of survival is to fall in line and train to join the ranks of the elite Viper pilots of Battlestar Pegasus. Get a taste of the action that awaits you in the upcoming main campaign with intense single- and multiplayer missions. Will you become one of Pegasus elite, or will you give your life in the vast, cold battleground of deep space? A three mission single player campaign depicting never-before-seen events, interwoven with and true to the series storyline. The game features original characters and voice acting.

  • Flight Gear( Site |  Downloads)

    Flight Gear FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator. The goal of the FlightGear project is to create a sophisticated and open flight simulator framework for use in research or academic environments, pilot training, as an industry engineering tool, for DIY-ers to pursue their favorite interesting flight simulation idea, and last but certainly not least as a fun, realistic, and challenging desktop flight simulator. With FlightGear it is possible to choose between three primary Flight Dynamics Models. The game has an extensive an accurate world scenery data base and sky model.

  • Other great games in this category:

    • Orbiter: A free and realiastic flight simulator that gives you an idea what space flight really feels like - today and in the not so distant future. ( Site |  Download)
    • Babylon 5: I've found Her: IFH is the computer game project maintained by Space Dream Factory, based upon the popular Sci-Fi TV show Babylon 5. (Site |  Download)
    • Star Wrath 4: Reviction: The game includes a diverse single player campaign of over 25 missions, random instant action, and built-in mission editing. Also includes 4 multiplayer modes. (Site |  Download)
    • Wing Commander - Privateer Gemini Gold: A remake of the 1993 hit game, with a new graphic engine and real 3D space flight.  ( Site |  Download)
    • No Gravity (Space Girl): A fantastic and futuristic universe made of five intergalactic worlds. An arcade type game with great playability, where it is easy to plunge into space battles against spacefighters, space stations and more ! ( Site | Download)

Best Free Vehicle - Racing Game

This genre encompasses all games in which either driving a vehicle or participating in a race (often both) is a primary gameplay element. Many such games revolve around racing, i.e. trying to move faster than an opponent to reach a specified goal or beat a specified time etc.

  • SuperTuxKartSite |  Download)

    Trackmania Nations ForeverSuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer with a variety characters, tracks, and modes to play. Its a game that is more fun than realistic, and provide an enjoyable experience for all ages.

    In Story mode, you must face the evil Nolok, and defeat him in order to make the Mascot Kingdom safe once again! You can race by yourself against the computer, compete in several Grand Prix cups, or try to beat your fastest time in Time Trial mode. You can also race or battle with up to eight friends on a single computer, play on a local network or play online with other players all over the world.

  • Trackmania Nations Forever( Site |  Download)

    Trackmania Nations Forever First and foremost, you simply drive on fun tracks boosting ramps, wallrides, loopings and gigantic jumps. Then you can make much more out of it: improve your driving skills and become a world champion, achieve world records, build tracks, edit videos and easily share all that with everyone. It fuels 7 different racing environments; hundreds of thousands of tracks and millions of players to compete with. You can download the car you are dreaming of, paint it, drive it through insane tracks made of loopings, ramps and off roads. It is all about you, your driving skills and the track in front of you.

  • TORCS( Site |  Download)

    TORCS TORCS is a highly portable multi platform open car racing simulation.

    It features many different cars, tracks, and opponents to race against. It is also possible to drive with the mouse or the keyboard. Graphic features lighting, smoke, skid marks and glowing brake disks. The simulation features a simple damage model, collisions, tire and wheel properties, aerodynamics and much more.

    The game play allows different types of races from the simple practice session up to the championship. Enjoy racing against your friends in the split screen mode with up to four human players.

  • Other great games in this category:

    • Generally: A freeware arcade racing game that is played from a top-down perspective, that features 1-6 players, 12 cars, 36 tracks and thousands of mods. ( Site |  Download)
    • Speed Dreams : an Open Motorsport Sim: A fork of the open racing car simulator Torcs, aiming to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for the player, as well as constantly improving visual and physics realism. ( Site |  Download)
    • Ultimate Stunts: A remake of the famous DOS-game stunts. Racing involves some really spectacular stunts, like loopings, corkscrews, bridges to jump over, etc., and you can design your own tracks! ( Site |  Download)
    • ManiaDrive: A free clone of Trackmania and is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay), and features a network mode, as the original. ( Site |  Download)
    • Dolphinity Racer: A free car simulator project, using high-end car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism. ( Site |  Download)

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Overpowered reminds me of I Wanna Be the Guy. Its very hard
"... This Way Up is a simple-yet-challenging puzzle experience aimed at anybody who's ever wondered what it would be like to be a cardboard box stranded on a series of puzzle-shaped platforms floating high above the earth, flopping about onto its sides and shooting out glowing purple magic stuff at crystal switches whilst it makes its way towards shiny blue tiles and the ever-elusive 3-star ratings ...": "... Lambda Wars is a free multiplayer Source Engine modification for Alien Swarm set in the Half-Life 2 universe that brings the war between mankind and their brutal Combine overlords to a traditional real-time strategy (RTS) setting ...":
CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game:
"... Dead Island: Epidemic is a multiplayer action hack&slash arena where players duke it out over supply points using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork ...":
"... Super Wolfenstein 3D is a loving reimagining of the classic Wolfenstein 3D game by ID Software, but with the big difference of it having realistic physics ...":
Nurikabe is a logic puzzle with a bit complicated rules and challenging solutions:
"... Boringman - Battle other badly drawn 2D stickman online while jumping around like a lunatic and getting blown up into smithereens ...": Nox Timore:
"... Dungeon Heroes is a RPG in the classic dungeon crawler style. Features: - different characters to choose from - turn based combat - spell creation - equipment enhancement - various quests - hidden passages and secret rooms - intense boss fights ...":
Jet/lag - A Hyper Minimal Rogue-like-like-like that features unforgiving tactical gameplay in the noisiest environment possible: "... Photobomb - Hello, Media Peace Officer #S1493. As you know by now, a bomb was detonated in the city square only minutes ago. Our algorithms have been scraping social media to collect photos leading up to the event. We have narrowed the list of suspects to 6 in the vicinity who weren't wearing their ID trackers. Scour the social media timeline and place the photos in the scene to paint the suspects. Determine the location of the bomb and identify the guilty suspect. Time is of the essence, #S1493. The people want justice. You have 2 minutes ...":
"... In OMDB you play as Noel Brody, a former scientist for the evil “Mortiga Consolidated” who after protesting the use of her work as a weapon is subjected to it herself. Now as a twice dead creature of the night she must fight her way through the “Mortiga Consolidated” headquarters in order to: find a cure for her affliction, reclaim her experiment, and maybe even have time for a little revenge ...": Atticus: "... Beneath The Crimson Moon, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's short story Masque of the Red Death, is an exploration puzzle game in which the player must find objects that can be destroyed. When destroyed, the materials gathered, can then be used to navigate obstacles by re-building other objects such as bridges or ladders ...": "... Music of the Spheres ... It’s a game about patterns. More specifically, it’s about bullets that bounce, and that play glockenspiel notes when they do ..." (now free):
"... EDuke32 is an awesome, free homebrew game engine and source port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D ...":
Refunktion is a first-person stealth platformer with exploration and speedrun elements. This is a very challenging game dedicated to the hardcore players. The first episode of Refunktion was released for free: "... 3030 Deathwar is an Open World 2D Space RPG - Similar to games like Escape Velocity Nova and Elite/Privateer, the game features Open World exploration, boarding stations and derelicts, many diverse NPCs, tons of missions and an exciting plot! The new version adds higher resolution, massive balance and gameplay changes, a smoother tutorial and many other improvements ...": One Minute To Midnight is an RTS game in which you must assert your sociopolitical influence over opposing movements by occupying buildings: Such Inheritance. Much Saga: "... It’s a game about sneaking by or fighting pirates and avoiding their traps ...": "... Super Sagan RPG is a quadratic mathematic bizarro blend of strategy, scientists and giant mechs. The Sagan Research and Processing Group is dedicated to exploring the weird and wonderful of the known universe. Of course this is done by cloning famous scientists, grafting their heads onto mech suits designed around natural science disciplines, and pitting them against each other in a fight to the death in space. Newton battles Einstein, Tesla fights with Edison: research and observation have never been so dangerous ...": I Wanna Be The Fangame - "... A fangame based on the ever-masochistic "I Wanna Be The Guy" by Kayin, I wanna be the Fangame delivers a slew of new and interesting puzzles, challenges and bosses for players to test their skill and patience against ...":
Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius - "... As Captain Kayto Shields, embark on a galactic voyage of heroism and survival. With his home world destroyed and his nation conquered, the inexperienced Captain Shields, and his newly minted vessel, the Sunrider, are left as the only hope against a galactic evil intent on subjugating all sentient life. Together with his loyal First Officer, he undertakes to find allies across the stars to retake his home planet and restore peace to the galaxy ...": Altitude - "... Blast your way across the cartoon skies in this fast-paced game of aerial combat ...": "... Floating Point is a free, peaceful game about using a grappling hook to swing yourself gracefully through randomly generated spaces. In the air, you're fighting gravity. When you splash down beneath the water, you're fighting your own buoyancy to swing yourself further into the depths ...": Chronotron - "... This one will really mess with your head. You'll need to go back in time to create copies of yourself to perform tasks on each level ...":
Falcon's Eye has been abandoned. From Vulture's official page: "... Vulture is an isometric graphical user interface for NetHack, SLASH'EM, and UnNetHack. The Vulture project continues the abandoned Falcon's Eye project ...":
Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play third person online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world:
Mars Commando: Mimicry Man: Compact Conflict: KDice - online social strategy game inspired by Risk and Dicewars: Powerglove is a classic-era run 'n' gun (download at the bottom of the page): Star Commander: Space Goblin in a Land of Jello: Level 2: The Virus Master: S.W.A.P (Subterfuge Weapons Assessment Program) is an indirect first-person shooter:
"... Long forgotten is the legend of Gaurodan, the bird of thunder, and his fight with Guayota, the fire beast. But now mankind has discovered the egg of Guayota within Mount Teide, and it is only a matter of time until Guarodan returns from the sky to fight the beast and punish us for awakening his ancient enemy. Fly around the Canary Islands as Gaurodan, and destroy cities, armies and colossal creatures in your path throught this frantic shmup, created for the lovers of classic games that require mastering ...":

A little known update for DirectX is DirectX (June 2010). It applies to Windows XP SP2 and SP3 (DirectX 9.0c), Windows Vista (DirectX 10), and Windows 7 (DirectX 11).

Here's the link for the redistributable:

Here's the link for the web installer:

Robocraft - Free-To-Play MMO Robot vehicle shooter: "... Javel-ein is a retro-style platformer with a difficulty curve that never stops going up. Fight your way through 60 diverse levels split across four chapters, each with a unique boss. The only thing keeping you alive is your trusty javelin. You'll need to throw it to take out the various creatures attacking you, but you're completely defenseless until it's back in your hands, so think before you throw ...":
Roguelight: "... Town of Salem is a fresh innovation on the classic party games Mafia and Werewolf. It is a game of murder, accusations, deceit and mob hysteria. Town of Salem takes place in the era of the Salem witch trials in an alternate universe version of Salem, MA. ...": Game can be played here: Candlelight:
Path of Shadows is a 3rd person stealth game where you control a reborn assassin capable of manipulating the shadows. The player can blink between the scenario shadows, and create new shadows when there are none: Super Puzzle Platformer is an action/puzzle mashup featuring puzzle and platforming game mechanics:
"... Super Adventure Pals is a lovable action RPG platformer in which you travel the land and battle monsters-a-plenty in an epic quest to track down the evil Mr B who has stolen your pet rock ...":
Sigils of Elohim - solve dozens of formidable sigil puzzles under the watchful eye of Elohim:
"... Mutant Factions is an online top-down shooter. The gameplay is unique because you don’t play as a man, but as a mutant. Killing enemies lets you mutate and unlock crazy skills, making for intense and tactical combat ...":
"... Firefall is a dynamic, open-world MMO shooter with limitless exploration of a vast future Earth, rewarding skilled players as they progress through a deep story. Players will be able to customize their character in a living world that constantly offers new challenges ...":
Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a free-to-play digital battlefield game, focusing on a military aircraft simulation: If you don't have a Steam account, you can get the game here: The Expendabros: Fistful of Frags - Multiplayer based, first person enabled, action packed and skill demanding shooter set in the Wild West times. A unique combination of non stop action and slow but powerful weaponry: If you don't have a Steam account, you can get the game here: Loadout is a multi-player shooter that’s all about the guns (still in beta):
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok is an adventure/RPG hybrid: If you don't have a Steam account, you can get the game here:
I've kept tab on this game. I didn't know it's got a Steam release. A well made game.
Starpiecer - "... You are a trans-galactic ripper assigned on the impossible mission of saving our unique fragile world which has been compromised by the aggressive intrusion of alien forces though the hole in the space-time continuum. That's why you find yourself slipping from one dimension to another either fighting enemies or preserving friendly environment. Beware: destructions in your home world brings only pain and suffering for you while demolition of enemies boosts your energy and helps to carry on your journey ...":