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     Weather you've searched everywhere trying to find the best free game in existence, or just happened to stumble here looking for something to keep your kids occupied, you've come to the right place. This is the showcase for some of the most top-notch, high quality, freeware games out there in each respective category. They really are quite a bang for the lack of a buck.

     I would first like to clear some things up. Contrary to popular belief, not all free games have viruses. In fact, a vast majority don't. You may ask "why then would the creator make the game if he or she receives no money for it?" The same could be said about the rest of the products on this site. Some are for publicity, some because they are too old to sell anymore, but most are just products of people's hobbies. There is accually a huge, thriving, community centered around creating free games, for their own satisfaction, and the enjoyment of others.


Come, take a look at this wonderful selection of known, and less renown freeware games.

Think something has been left out? Comment below.


Best Free Casual Games:

A casual game is just a simple game that you might play to ease off some stress. Like word games. It isn't meant to be aggravating or overly complex. They are games that you can pick up and put down without a second thought.

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Bridging the GapBridging the Gap Screenshot

Bridging the gap is a simple game where you construct a bridge for a train to cross. You will have to deal with pull force and push force when constructing your bridge. It is quite fun and addicting to play.

Other great games in this category:

  • Duotris - A game where you must match colors that fall from the bottom and top.
  • Bridge Building Game - Like bridging the gap, came first, more levels, dowloadable levels
  • Nud - Place your defending nuds in a path you want the enemies to follow in this tower defense game
  • Bytality Tower Defense - A good, high quality, tower defense game.
  • Mini Golf Pro - A new twist on mini golf. Very addicting.


Best Free Card Games:

Ah, solitiare. Where would we be without it?PySolFC Screenshot

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I think it's safe to say you'll never get tired of the same old types of solitaire (Spider & Freecell)  again. PySolFC comes with 1064 different layouts. It also comes with mahjong, and oriental games. You also have the option to download the cardset pack that adds 153 cardsets. Can't go wrong here.

Other great games in this category:



Best Free Puzzle Games:

The puzzle game genre is characterized by the use of ingenuity to complete a goal. From sudoku to lemmings this category can be called the most dynamic. Most games at some point or another incorporate puzzle elements.

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Quadrax Series IV, V, VI, and VII (still in development)

The Quadrax games each have many hours of playtime. In fact, they have more playtime a pop than 99% of commercial games. The goal of the game is simple: get each figure to the exit. But the game itself is by no means simple. There are obstacles, and blockages, items, and deathtraps getting in your way of the exit. You must find a way for your characters to work together to reach their goal. With so many titles in this free series, you'll be playing for quite a long time.

Other great games in this category:

  • Rocks'n'Dimonds & R'n'D jue - Both primarily puzzles R'n'D has more levels, R'n'D Jue has better graphics.
  • Primrose - A simple concept, surround each color with another color to vanish it. Oh, but it's so much harder than that.
  • Karoshi 2.0 - A platformer where on each level the goal is the same: kill yourself.

Best Free Platformers:

A platformer is a game where the primary challenge is getting from one place to another. It is normally played from a side-on view, and is focused on jumping, and in some cases fighting as well. Think Mario, Yoshi, andRunman Screenshot Sonic. There's two here due to game-play diversity and because both are excellent.


Runman is a fast passed platformer where you don't die. The primary goal is to see how fast you can get to the end of the level. It contains over 35 levels and 6 zones, achievements, and many secret unlockables. Since it's focused around the speed of completion on each level, this game has a high replay value.


Fogotto is a game about a little green frog named Frogotto and his friends. It has a 'back to the classics' type of feel. You run and jump around, cling to walls, and lick up bad guys with your tongue. The whole thing is covered in wonderful graphics, and encapsulated within a nice little story. It's great for kids too.


Other great games in this category:

  • Knytt Stories - Every level is it's own story. It has several expansions you can download, and a level editor.
  • Spelunky - Welcome to the world of random generation. Hunt for treasure within deep, randomly generated, caves.
  • Focus - You are able to bend time and space to reach your goals in this little platformer.
  • I wanna be the guy - Prepare to die many, many times..
  • Mushroom Kingdom Fusion - Play as Mario, and many other video game characters as you explore mushroom kingdom. (Their sites a little rough right now, recuperating from the shutdown of 
  • They Need to be Fed - Picture this 360° platforms. That's what this game brings to the genre. Also try Frozzd by the same creator.

Best Free Action Platformer:

This category differs from its close relative in one perspective: There's guns involved. In the typical platformer the goal is focused on jumping, this genre shifts that slightly.Cave Story Screenshot

Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)

It's an old game, but it's still the best in the business. It has wonderful game-play, and a story to match. There are many weapons to find and change, there are multiple endings, beautiful music, and great characters you are able to connect with. It's got tones of hidden secrets, and hours of game-play. Don't let the graphics fool you, this is about as good as it gets. This link is to the deluxe version, which comes with a level editor, ogg editor, and several other tools. The game itself is only .99 mb.

Other great games in this category:

  • TGAP - The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins. It pretty much describes itself.
  • Legend Of Princess - An action platformer where you play as a princess.
  • Gun Girl 2 - A great title, recently released, about a zombie apocalypse.
  • Hurrican - A remake of an old game called Turrican, with better graphics of course.
  • Soldat - An online multiplayer game, that involves soldiers, ragdoll physics, and guns.
  • Halo Zero - A 2D remake of Halo. They did pretty well on this one. Look here for more levels. Also check out Halo: OWaW (Still under development)
  • Action Fist - A little game where you have 3 different colored guns that work best on enemies of the same color.

Best Free Top-Down Shooter:

The camera is positioned above the head of your protagonist and, as the name entitles, you're shooting things. Although it can be 3d, top-down shooters are mostly portrayed in the second dimension.

SubveinSubvein Screenshot

A great online top down shooter that is set apart by its experience and skills system. The experience is called mutation and you can use it to buy tones of different skills and game-play effectors. To go along with scavenging guns, you can also earn the money to purchase your own weapons. To keep things fair, you don't get to keep your experience and cash from match to match. Subvein's terrain is all 3D, while the characters are two dimensional. There is quite a nice line of sight effect that blacks things out around corners, giving the game an ominous feel. The developers are also planning on adding vehicles. With plenty of guns, bots, and character upgrades this game is about as good as the top down genre gets.

  • Shoot First - Fight your way through randomly generated dungeons gathering power-ups and damsels.
  • NaaC - A bloody alien survival arena shooter game.
  • Thesus - Return of the Hero - Released as freeware by the creators of Alien Shooter and Zombie Shooter.
  • Subzero Conditions 2 - A quite attractive 2D shooter with a compelling story. Author Wilhelm Clemm seems to have disappeared, along with his site.
  • Killing Engine - an online multiplayer only top-down shooter with lots of guns and a nice level editor.
  • Zombpocalypse - A 3d zombie shooting game.
  • Bloodmasters - An open source online top-down shooter similar to Subvein. 
  • Tapan Kaikki Bloodshed - A 1 to 4 player top-down shooter game that is quite gory.
  • Nortrium - A survival game where you make your own guns and shelter.
  • Counter Strike 2D - a fun 2D incarnation of counter strike.

Best Free First-Person Shooter:

Full Review

A first person shooter is played through the eyes of the the beholder. You see what the character sees. This is one of the most common counsel genres because it is capable of taking full advantage of 3d rendering. Even early FPS's were still pseudo-3d.

Urban TerrorUrban Terror Screenshot

Urban Terror, commonly abbreviated UrT, is an action based FPS. It is only multiplayer. Described as "fun over realism" by the creators, the game has fast paced, intense game-play. UrT doesn't throw realism to the wind mind you, but rather tries to enhance game-play with elements like powerslides and wallhops.


Other great games in this category:

  • True Combat Elite - A more realistic FPS where aiming down the gun sights is a good idea.
  • Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe - A tactical WWII special operations fps.
  • America's Army - A free game that has been ported to several consoles.
  • Sauerbraten - A game that capitalizes on fast pace action and level editing.
  • Prisim Guard Shield - Made by the national guard, a real nice game.
  • Nexuiz - A fast paced arena shooter, now being made into a console game.
  • Warsow - A game with amazing levels, and real fun moving dynamics.



Best Free Offline RPG:

With all the MMORPG's trying to snag your pocket under the 'free to play title,' nowadays an offline RPG is hard to come by. A role playing game is a game in which you take control of a character and explore the world completing quests, and following a complex story.

The Spirit Engine 2

The Spirit Engine 2 is a side scrolling RPG which implements a wonderful real-time battle system, and a giant story. A story so big, it spans nine different characters. All of the different characters have a plot in a story of cults, rulers, and defending the nation. It was once commercial, but has recently been released as freeware. It has plenty of play time, and very enjoyable 2D graphics.

Other great games in this category:

  • Eternal Daubter - A side scrolling platformer RPG with an entangling story.
  • Ardentryst -  A side scrolling action RPG.
  • Dink Smallwood -  A small pseudo 3D isometric RPG. Its value lies in its modability.
  • Ahriman's Prophecy - An RPG Maker game with many hours of game-play, and quite a story.
  • Laxius Power I, II, III - Many many hours of game-play. (Developers have abandoned it, links to a forum)
  • Ark22 - A futuristic RPG about a boy who's space ship crashes on a frozen planet.
  • Guardian of Paradice - A small game with great pixel art. Plays a lot like the older Legend of Zelda games.

Best Free Real Time Strategy (RTS):

Real time strategy games are games in which you gather resources, build buildings, and erect armies to destroy your opponent. These can be online or offline, and most contain both game play options.

Warzone 2100Warzone Screenshot

Warzone 2100 is a great 3D futuristic real time strategy game. When it was released in 1999 it was a commercial product, but in 2004 it was given to public domain. Warzone2100, as we know it today, started as a resurrection project. Now it boasts over 400 different technologies, multiplayer online, and single player campaigns. While the visuals are a bit behind today's standards, graphics aren't what a good game is all about.

Warzone 2100 is still being worked on diligently, so check back to its site often if you're interested in updates.


Other great games in this category:

  • Ground Control - A  futuristic commercial rts released as freeware *Requires FilePlanet account to download*
  • Command and Conquer Series - Commercial to freeware, the games that started the real time strategy genre.
  • MechCommander - Another commercial to freeware game. You complete missions by controlling your crew of mechs.
  • Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War - A discontinued 3D rts where you can play as a hero in first person.
  • BattleZone - You drive the tanks around and specify where, when, and what units are manufactured.
  • MegaGlest - the continuation, by fans, of the freeware title Glest, a fantasy rts.
  • Globulation 2 - An rts with a twist. You have no direct control of your workers.
  • Broken Brothers Deluxe - An art-game real time strategy still in beta phase. (Second from the top of the games list)


Best Free Turn Taking Strategy:

You take turns to fulfill the requirements of an RTS. This category takes on a slower, more strategic, game play. The player/s take turns moving units, raising armies, or doing whatever strategic thing the title allows.

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Battle for WesnothBattle for Wesnoth Screenshot

Battle for Wesnoth is a massive fantasy strategy game. It features a host of different campaigns, all taking place within the same world, and hundreds of units. The mainline campaigns have outstanding depth, and tie in well with the game-play. It has an in game download feature with even more content. The ability to play solo, online, or hot-seat, and also contains the most in-depth help system of any game I've ever seen.

Other great games in this category:

  • UFO: Alien Invasion - a 3D game where you build a base and defend earth from attacking aliens
  • The General - A simple strategy game, with only a slight trace of any graphics, that you can play with friends.
  • Titans of Steel: Warring Suns - Design and build you own mechs, then go and fight them.
  • Freecol - Similar to the success game Colonization (dos) you take the role of early pilgrims trying to colonize a nation
  • Freeciv - Similar to Civilization (dos) you grow and maintain a civilization.
  • C-Evo - Similar to Freecol and Freeciv
  • Free Orion - Command ships, capture planets, and harvest resources to eventually conquer the galaxy.
  • Fantasy Battlefields - Fight other armies with your own with this games 3 phase battle system.
  • 8 Kindoms - a 3D turn taking strategy with some great potential, still under slow development, but playable.

Best Free Scorched Earth / Worms-like game:

This is a fun little category in which you take turns aiming and firing at your opponent. This category can be played against a computer, online, or hot-seat.Scorched 3D screenshot

Scorched 3D

Scorched 3D is a three-dimensional remake of scorched earth. It features many weapons, random maps, and plenty of vehicles. The goal is to hit your opponents (online, solo, or hot-seat) with one of the weapons you choose to use. This game has excellent 3D graphics for a free game.


HedgewarsHedgewars Screenshot

Hedgewars took more after the Worms franchise. It provides you with lots of cute 2D graphics. You command small little creatures (hedgehogs, who look nothing like a hedgehog) and try to eliminate the other player's team. It can be played online, against a computer, or hot-seat.

Other great games in this category:

  • Carnage Contest - A more violent entry into this section.
  • Wormux - Hedgewars' counterpart. It is slightly behind, but still holds it's own.

Best Free Fighting Game


Lugaru is a fast paced medieval kung-fu rabbit fighting game. 'nuf said.

(P.S., due to a bug in the current version, Windows users will not have clothes on their bunnies.)

For more information on the source release of Lugaru click here.

Other great games in this category:


Best Free Racing Game

Racing games, while most often contain cars, are games where your goal is to race as fast as you can to a place, or around a course. Normally there are opponents, and most freeware games in this genre are not centered around online play.

Trackmania Nations: ForeverTrackmania Nations Screenshot

Another commercial to freeware game released to promote its sequel. This title does not pride its self on realistic physics, but rather fun physics. You will be jumping off ramps, doing loopty loops, and turning around tight corners in no time.

Other great games in this category:

  • Generally - a small, low poly, stationary camera, physics rich, super addicting, racing game.
  • TORCS - the open source race car simulator. Over 50 cars and 50 tracks to play with.
  • VDrift - a race car simulator who's primary focus is on the ability to drift.
  • Dophinity Racer - another race car simulator. This one tries to be as realistic as possible.


Best Free Sandbox Game

Full Review

A game that doesn't really have a point. You can do whatever you want, just for the sake of fun. Kids generally enjoy this type of game too.

PhunPhun Screenshot

Phun is a great 2D Sandbox Game with Fun Physics and many options to create things. You can invent anything you can think of: Machines, Towers, Cars, Abstract Fantasy Stuff, etc. Start from scratch or choose from thousands of selections on phunbox.

Other great games in this category:

  • Stunt Playground - A car game where you have the ability to place premade objects into an arena, and do stunts off them.

Best Free Kids Game

Kids games are generally simpler versions of the categories above. They are normally more easy for younger kids to understand. Since kids of different ages appreciate different games this is a hard category to present a 'best' to.

GlaceGlace Screenshot

(Cnet download. Author's site isn't loading)

Glace is a game about a little blue blob who looks like a raindrop. As you follow a story, you collect beads to throw at your enemies. It has cute graphics, nothing that will scare little kids, an interesting story, and fun game-play even if you can't read. Your character can run, bounce, and wallhop his way to victory in every level.

Other great games in this category:

  • Marble Arena - A game where you roll a marble around collecting the required amount of stars.



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