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Best Free Online Photos & Graphics

Best Free Online Avatar and Emoji

Bitmoji , build your own avatar by adding all details including your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, face and hair, then save and use it everywhere with your personal emoji creatively made for you, either hi, wow, yes, lol and more. Currently available for Chrome besides Android and iOS mobiles.

Best Free Online Barcode or QR Code Image Generator

Barcoding’s Barcode Generator  allows you to create an optical machine-readable barcode image by giving barcode data, encoding type and output file format. This is an example of Gizmo’s Best encoded in Code 128.

ZXing QR Code Generator  creates a Quick Response code in various sizes for your contact info, URL, SMS, geo location or other text data. The QR code can be decoded using ZXing Decoder Online as well.

GOQR.ME  generates QR codes from any text, url, call number, sms or vCard details, with adjustable sizes and options such as margins, colors and correction code.

Best Free Online Clip Art Library

Openclipart  contains more than 30,000 images of clip art that can be used for free for any use. You can check out the most popular clipart of the week, newly added, top 10 downloads and search by category, or even create and upload yours for sharing.

Best Free Online Diagramming Tool

Cacoo , a user-friendly drawing tool to create a variety of diagrams, save or export your file in PNG format. A useful stencil is available for easily creating basic shapes, office layout, equipment, network, flowchart and more.

JGraph’s  allows you to easily draw diagrams with a range of drag-and-drop stencils, load, save or export them in JPG, PNG or SVG format, and share editing with other users in real time.

Best Free Online GIF Animator

Giphy , search and share GIFs and stickers from a huge library online with a keyword, or create and save your own with its GIF maker by choosing multiple images or trimming a video.

ezGIF , a complete animated GIF package comprising of nearly all necessary tools to create and edit GIF images, including a GIF maker, video to GIF, Resizer, Cropper, GIF Optimizer and more.

Picasion  creates an animated GIF image file comprises up to 10 frames with optional size and speed adjustments. In just a few minutes, you can then post it to the website or save it to your computer.

Best Free Online Image Converter and Resizer

FixPicture  converts all popular picture file formats and camera raw formats to jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp or pdf formats, and resizes them by a percentage or a specific pixel value with optional rotation and effects.

Best Free Online Image Cropping and Customizing

CutMyPic , 3 simple steps that allow you to quickly upload a picture, cut and customize it, and mail it to a friend or save it to your computer. Image customizing includes rounding corners and adding a shadow with thickness of your choice.

Best Free Online Image Editor

Pixlr Editor , an excellent set of tools that rival many image editors, including drawing, retouching, cropping, resizing, warping, adding text, basic and advanced lighting and color adjustments, numerous filters and layers with blending.

Sumo Paint , a powerful tool for creating and editing images with more painting tools than other paint-oriented online image editing programs, supports for layers, blending modes, special filter effects, opacity levels, handy adjustment tools, etc.

FotoFlexer  creates dazzling photo effects in a simple interface with optional fullscreen editing. Supported features include one-click auto fix, red eye removal, resizing and cropping, rotating and flipping, 20 over filtering effects, decorations, animations, layers and more.

AnyMaking Photo Editor  helps you edit an image easily in a few seconds with a set of tools for you to choose: crop or resize image, flip or rotate, add frame, filters, drop shadow, reflection and round corners.

Mara , a software suite for quick image editing and painting with a huge set of more than 50 conventional and unique tools. Mara works best in the Google Chrome browser and is a client-side web application.

Best Free Online Image Generator

PhotoFunia , select a template from more than 100 fun effects such as billboards, magazines or stamps, upload your photo and click “Go” to create your masterpiece with auto face recognition technology. You can then save it to your computer or share with your friends and family.

Boxshot Online , a 3D graphic creator—just find some photos on your PC to use for the front and sides of the box shot, upload them and in a couple of seconds you’ll have your box ready for download in JPG, GIF or PNG format.

Cool Text , an easy way to generate cool and impressive text logos or buttons without a lot of design work—choose a style, fill up the form with text and adjust the settings, then click the Render button.

Best Free Online Image Optimizer

Squoosh  compresses and optimizes images locally with no additional data sent to the server. It shows changes to the image in real time using a split screen, supports a range of web formats and completes with various options including smoothing, resizing, dithering, color palette reduction, and zooming in and out.

Optimizilla , upload up to 20 images in one go to shrink them to minimum file sizes suitable for use on websites or sharing with friends. You can preview optimized images and adjust the level of compression before downloading results to your computer.

TinEye , submit an image to discover the source of the image, where it is being used and check out its modified or higher resolution versions if they exist on the web. , a good place to search for high quality and royalty-free photos and choose the ones you like to download. Type a keyword to search for the photos or check out what are the most downloaded photos.

Findicons , browse through a large collection of over 300,000 free icons, search them easily by keywords, and choose one in the size and format you want to download to your computer. You can also convert your icons online or upload an icon pack for sharing.

Best Free Online Photo Collage

Photovisi , a useful tool to create photo collages, quick and easy—just select a template, add photos, then click save and download.

FotoJet , make a collage of your photos easily with image and text editing tools and a wide range of high quality templates to choose from, either a modern, classic, art or 3D collage, a Facebook cover or post, or a photo card for your birthday, anniversary and more.

Best Free Online Photo Management and Sharing

Flickr  a popular web service for users to upload their photos, edit and organize their collections and share them with groups and privacy controls. Uploading video is an added feature.

Best Free Online Poster / Tiled Printing

Block Posters , create a large-size poster from a small-size image for printing in three simple steps: upload an image, slice it and download the pdf file. You can then print and assemble the pages into a big poster.

Best Free Online Screen Capture Utility

Thumbalizr , capture a top screen or full scrolling webpage in seconds—just enter an URL, click thumb it, and download the image in width of your choice. Free sign up for even better quality.

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