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Thanks for the reply :). Yea, LibreOffice seems to be in continuous development, and they are improving it rapidly. So, that's good. I was curious as to how they fared out.

Please note that your License Type of Unrestricted freeware for Kingsoft Office Suite is false.

Please read their EULA:

the "Product" is a personal edition software, it shall be used only in personal computers, and shall not be used in the computers of legal persons or other organizations (including but not limited to government agencies, companies, enterprises, other organizations, etc.; regardless of the organization is an economic organization or not; regardless of the organization's usage is for profitable purpose or not).

Therefore, if you run a company from home, and are looking for a free office suite, it can't be used. Unfortunately, it can only be used in your personal capacity.

Subsequently, I don't think it deserves your Top Pick award.