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Best Free Articles and Answers for iPad

HowStuffWorks for iPad (33.6 MB), access more than 40,000 articles, videos, quizzes and podcasts with clear explanations of how things work. Love a topic? Then dig deeper by accessing Related Stuff to uncover new content, or type some keywords to search the entire archive right from the app.


Best Free Astronomy Software for iPad

Planets (8.7 MB), view the sky above you in 2D and 3D views, identify the stars, planets and constellations with helpful labels, find out when the planets will be visible, and enjoy the interactive rotating globe of planets with this impressive astronomy app.


Best Free Language Learning for iPad

Duolingo (28.0 MB), a popular and high quality app for you to learn another language from the language you're familiar with, either it's Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, or English. It's fun, addictive and allows you to track your progress with shiny achievements. No fees, no ads and no gimmicks.


Best Free Medical Reference for iPad

Medscape (4.9 MB), a comprehensive medical app allows you to access more than 4,000 clinical reference articles, over 10,000 drugs, conditions, procedures and treatment guides, with interaction checker, daily medical news and alerts. You can also download the clinical reference for offline access.


WebMD (5.2 MB), select a part of the body that's troubling you, choose your symptoms and learn about potential conditions, search for drugs and treatments, find out their uses, side effects and warnings, and access first aid information from the extensive database. A must have tool for medical reference.


Best Free Menstral Cycle Tracker for iPad

iPeriod Free for iPad (15.6 MB), a good app for ladies to track their menstrual cycles up to a year in advance, complete with a calendar showing expected periods, fertile days, ovulation and weight, as well as notes with emoticons and unique icons symbolizing your symptoms. Ads supported in the free version.


Best Free Publishing and Reading for iPad

Free Books - Wattpad eBook Reader for iPad (24.9 MB), a remarkable app connects writers to readers instantly and has a huge library of millions of books and stories available for free. Writers can easily publish their work, build a fan base and receive feedback, while readers can collect stories into reading lists, post comments, vote for their favorites and share with friends.


Best Free Quiz Tool for iPad

Evernote Peek (11.2 MB), make full use of the iPad2 Smart Cover for studying—after choosing a notebook, close the cover and peek under it to see a clue, then lift it more to see the answer and give a mark, repeat this until you complete the quiz and check your total score. Try also create your own study notebooks with Evernote.


Best Free Science Knowledge Network for iPad

Science360 for iPad (11.0 MB), pan through hundreds of science and engineering images and videos published by the National Science Foundation in the unique 360 view, and keep abreast of breaking stories in scientific discovery. You can also search the content by tags or via keyboard with a two-finger tap, mark favorite items and share them easily with your friends.


Best Free Story Book for iPad

Toy Story Read-Along (170 MB), hear the story read aloud, record your own narration and enjoy a fully interactive reading experience packed with simple games, movie clips, coloring pages and sing-along tunes. A superb story book app and definitely a good education tool for kids. (App of the Week)


Best Free Talks and Lectures for iPad

TED (12.0 MB), talks at TED events usually last around 30 minutes and cover everything from technology to art to medicine to music. Almost all of the talks are online for you to watch at your leisure or they can even be downloaded with the app for offline viewing.


Best Free Workout Tracker for iPad

Action Burn (4.6 MB), track your running and bike workouts with GPS and build a better body with this app, complete with a calorie counter to calculate average pace and calories burnt for you. It's also a social network for you to stay connected with your workout enthusiasts. Some advanced features only available in the paid version.


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For the category of Best Free Image Editor for iPad" I recommend Lidow photo editor.

layout/grid /collage、Square/no crop for instagram、blur、color splash、mirror、Filter、light leak、lens flare、texture,share photo for instagram、Facebook、whatsapp、snapchat etc.The magical app of Photo Editor to create beautiful and amazing photo,It's Lidow:let you become different,make you unique!
No In-App purchases!

Oh, I hate to see "Candy Crush Saga", or ANY Game by "King" for that matter, listed as a "Free Game" when they are cleverly designed to Make you PAY for virtual Items - power ups like "Gummy Fish" for instance - without which you can't advance very quickly, if at all! I refuse to even start on games that require you to buy intangibles in order to compete with the long time players who already have them! I have better things to spend cash on, like, say: a Gizmos T-Shirt or Cap (hint, hint.)

I'll tell you about a GOOD Free "Swap to make 3-in-a-row" game that runs a lot longer than "King" Branded games & doesn't have any required in game purchases: it's called "Moon Jewels". 

Moon Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle Game by MIKHAIL BORBOT

270 Levels and absolutely NO in App Purchases available At ALL! Isn't that refreshing?

Why can i get to the Ebook to read.

For the category of  Best Free Calculator for iPad I would recommend this one

Calculator Free for iPad

As it has 60 digits of precision available - as well as multiple free skins to download!

Calculator Free for iPad by MobArts

Regarding Wi-Fi Finder. It was developed by a company who changed their name back in June 2014 and is strictly a marketing company. The app has not been updated for almost 2 years. It has some wifi hotspots but is missing several national chains here. Also there are some errors in the current database and no way of correcting the locations of the incorrect HotSpots

I don't understand why there are no free antivirus programs for ipad. Is there a built in antivirus or what. With the millions of ipad's being used there must be many viruses trying to get in.

The great thing about this site is not just the recommendations, but the comments that the community provides. I do not find it "negative", instead, I see it as a true marketplace of ideas, and reading through the comments is a necessity for each app suggestion.

It's upsetting to see so many negative comments here.
This site is run by volunteers who do a great job.
Sure, no one knows everything, but they are doing their best.
The knockers are always the ones that do nothing to help.
How about making constructive suggestions instead of of knocking them.

Words with friends
Great but have trouble signing in too offen

Coast browser, simply the best...

I think this should be broken down into more categories. Best iPad apps is too general. There should be top puzzle games, top action games, top utility apps, top fitness apps etc.

I totally agree I got into an online debate of how ipad apps need more vraitey and different catoriges to find stuff like top puzzles and brain teasers it's stupid how the whole thing is set up!

A good suggestion picabloo. Click a page number and you will find more categories listed on other pages.

Stanza is not currently available for the U.S. market. I couldn't find the app in the App Store. When trying to get to the app through the link above, I was given the message about it not being available in the U.S. Thanks, nonetheless, for the many helpful recommendations.

The review crew might dig a little harder. FileMaster is superior to FileApp in several very obvious ways, one being it needs no special wads of software to be installed on the other devices & its a LITTLE more intuitive and pretty fast. Both are unimaginative vs the best 3 in the Droid field and its not strictly an issue of closed/open. An unrooted 'droid has limitations also. The IOS-centric dev seems to think that users only need very narrowly-limited networking, the default being to a Cloud service. IMHO that's a mistaken view. The 'droid dev community treats "all of the above" as potential sharing partners; LAN, WAN, Cloud, NFC, et al. and uses a term approach to connectivity: if you have credentials, you can drive the action from the handheld

FileApp? you gotta be kidding. compare this pig to ES File Explorer for android. the latter is a useful app.
FileMaster is a little better than FileApp, but neither are very good.

if anyone smarter knows of a REAL file management app, cross-device, cross-platform, for iPAD, please suggest to the Editors!

Unfortunately Cognus this is restricted by the iOS which is known as a walled garden and doesn't allow complete access to the filesystem like the Android OS. Moreover, the iOS confines each app to working within a restricted sandbox where it has complete control over its files. Due to this, not a file manager for iOS will work the same way as a file manager for Android. See also: Apple and the file system

I am little surprised that you are missing Wunderlist as a ToDo app. It is fantastic. It is web based and cross platform. Works on all my devices and computers. It also has a beautiful iPad interface.

Another app you seemed to forget about is [edited: commercial app]. This is now my preferred method for blogging.

Oh, yeah and Splashtop for remote control in computers.

Browsers to consider - Mercury Browser is fantastic. Finally Puffin Browser allows flash.