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12. Best Free Games for Android

Best Free Action Game for Android

PapiJump (624 KB), tilt your device to move the Papi guy left and right for him to go up higher, game over if you let him drop. Three levels of gameplay in this simple yet addictive jumping action game.
Fruit Slice (4.4 MB), swipe the screen to cut as many fruits as possible and get scores in this fast action game. It's game over if you slice a bomb or let more than 3 pieces of fruit fall off in the Classic mode. Fast enough? Try Pipeline and Time modes as well.
Tank Hero (13 MB), destroy your enemies with cannons, heat seekers and howitzers, and become a tank hero with this fast paced 3D tank action game. Easy to maneuver and just tap to fire.
Labyrinth Lite (686 KB), tilt a classic or 3D wooden labyrinth and move the steel ball to the goal while shunning the holes along the path. Limited to 10 levels but you can also edit your own levels in this lite version.
NinJump (7.73 MB), tap to jump from one wall to the other, clear obstacles from the air but avoid them on walls, and rise to the top to become a ninja master. A game of fast action and precision, with original sound and music.
iStunt 2 (21 MB), hit the slopes for incredible stunts, escape deadly buzz saws and balance the snowboarder by tilting your device in this fun and fast moving multi-levels game, with awesome music and beautiful sceneries. Ad-supported.
SoulCraft - Action RPG (free) (230 MB), fight against evil demons for victory and play as an angel in this action role playing game, with awesome graphics and great gameplay in five different game modes. Ad-supported and some features require in-app purchases.
Critical Strike Portable (28 MB), play the exciting first-person shooter (FPS) against the bots or other players on the web and on other mobile platforms, with customizable touch controls, popular game types and unique maps. The context menu looks too small to read on small screen devices though.

Best Free Physics and Chemistry Game for Android

X Construction Lite (2.3 MB), build a strong bridge with enough supporting girders to let the train safely cross the valley. Is it possible that your bridge collapses even before the train starts moving? Give it a try.
Angry Birds (34 MB), use the unique powers of angry birds to destroy the fortresses of pigs who stole their eggs. A challenging physics-based gameplay in multiple levels needing logic, skill and force to solve. Advanced features require in-app purchases.
Angry Birds Rio (32 MB), a special edition that pairs the original game Angry Birds with unique twists based on the hit motion picture, Rio, containing 6 fantastic episodes with multiple levels to achieve and special hidden fruits to discover. Advanced features require in-app purchases.
Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE (23 MB), cut the ropes by swiping across them and feed candy to the creature Om Nom. It's not always easy to win as you need to think out of the box in this game, which combines realistic physics with precise controls. Constant free updates with new levels and animations but ad supported.
Where's My Water? Free (49 MB), dig trenches through the dirt and guide water through the pipes to the bathtub for Swampy to get squeaky clean in this popular physics-based Disney game that's fun, strong and engaging with multi levels in various chapters, suitable for all ages.
Pinball Deluxe (17 MB), a nicely designed pinball game with three different tables and unique play styles—Carnival, Space and Underwater—with precise physics, gorgeous graphics, optional sound and vibration effects.
Alchemy Classic (9.2 MB), start with four basic elements—Air, Earth, Water and Fire—and combine them to create new elements. How do you make Stone and Alcohol, or can you get a total of 238 elements?

Best Free Simulation Game for Android

Smurfs' Village (66 MB), combining elements of FarmVilla and Sim City, this app allows you to grow crops and build a new village with your own creativity for the Smurfs to call home. A popular and addictive farming simulation game to engage you for days and months without paying a cent unless you opt for speed-up credits.
Air Control Lite (3.6 MB), draw lines to direct airplanes to runways and helicopters to helipads but avoid any mid-air collisions. A simple yet addictive ATC (Air Traffic Control) simulation game with classic and puzzle modes that can engage your interest and attention for hours.

Best Free Shooting Game for Android

Defender (11 MB), defend your castle and shoot arrows to kill your enemies before they reach your stronghold. It's never an easy battle as your enemies become fiercer while you try to add more power to your weapons. Definitely a challenging and addictive shooting game.

Best Free Running Game for Android

Temple Run (23 MB), take the idol from the temple and see how far you can run away from its guardians who will chase you down the ancient temple walls and sheer cliffs. Easy to play—just swipe left or right to turn, up to jump, down to slide and tilt to run by the side to avoid obstacles and collect points to gain more power-ups from this addictive and endless running game.
Jetpack Joyride (30 MB), guide Barry to run around a secret lab as far as possible and to avoid obstacles such as lasers, electrified zappers and incoming missiles, while get him to pick up vehicles to drive along the path faster and collect coins to upgrade. One-touch controls, easy to play and yet equally challenging.

Best Free Match-2 Puzzle for Android

Flow Free (4.4 MB), connect two dots in the same color with a pipe to form a flow, and complete a level by filling up the entire board with pipes without crossing or overlapping. Simple yet addictive, with different board sizes, multiple levels in the free-play mode, and various durations in the time-trial mode.
Trainyard Express (8.4 MB), lay down tracks to guide trains from their starting points to the stations matching in color, with skills needed for crossing over, merging trains and mixing colors as you try to solve more than 60 puzzles in this fun and addictive game good for all ages.

Best Free Match-3 Puzzle for Android

Candy Crush Saga (51.3 MB), crush candies by matching three or more of them and meet a target within limited moves for the next level in this popular addictive game, with more than 300 levels to win and free lives to get from Facebook friends. Advance features need in-app purchases.
Jewels (1.92 MB), like Bejeweled match-3 puzzle, it's an addictive game good to play for hours in three challenging modes—normal, timed and infinite, with nice graphics and sounds, supports for resuming games, saving local and global scores.
Bubble Blast 2 (5.5 MB), touch and burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them, complete at least 20 levels in the Puzzle mode before you're allowed to enter the Arcade mode. A good game of guess and check with plenty of addictive levels.
Puzzle Blox Arcade! (2.0 MB), enjoy this award-winning match-3 game inspired by Tetris, Bubble Breaker and Bejeweled. It comes with a different twist with unique tilt-and-touch game play and endless play modes for all ages.
Move the Box (3.6 MB), move, drop and swap the boxes to match three or more boxes of the same kind in a line, and clear them with a limited number of turns. More than 100 exciting levels of difficulty waiting for you to solve.

Best Free Jigsaw Puzzle and Creator for Android

Jigsaroid (1.0 MB), select a favorite image or photo either from your Gallery or the Internet, and create a digital jigsaw puzzle for solving. You can set the number of pieces depending on your Android device, with useful features such as thumbnail, background image, tray control and saving games.

Best Free Sliding Puzzle for Android

Mouse (2.9 MB), help the mouse escape from the trap by sliding blocks and find the exit in a maze. A highly addictive game challenges your skill and patience, with many levels of puzzles to solve.

Best Free Word Game for Android

Wordfeud FREE (1.9 MB), play up to 30 separate word games simultaneously with your friends or against random opponents at your own pace using English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish dictionaries, with shuffle, swap, scoring tiles, chats and other features. Ad-supported.
Words With Friends Free (13 MB), build words with your friends or a random opponent over the Internet, play up to 20 games simultaneously with the turn-based design, and stay in touch with friends and family with in-game chat messaging. Ad-supported in the free version.
4 Pics 1 Word (27 MB), identify something in common in the four pictures shown and give your answer in one word in this easy-to-play addictive puzzle game, with multiple levels to unlock for free but a fast track requires in-app purchases.
wordoid! (819 KB), hone your linguistic skills and form words on the letter grid within seconds in this simple yet challenging game, featuring wildcards, bonus tiles and high scores.

Best Free Jawbreaker for Android

Bebbled (2.3 MB), pop the bubbles in this easy-to-play and entertaining game, featuring dynamic difficulty levels and different types of gameplay in three modes—Campaigns, Freestyle and Online.

Best Free Card Game for Android

250+ Solitaire Collection (2.5 MB), more than 250 Solitaire card games including Freecell, Klondike, Canfield and others in one place, with undo and redo moves, help for rules and demo for each game.
Hearts Deluxe (2.7 MB), embrace the Queen and shoot the moon by winning all 13 Hearts and the Queen of Spades in this well-designed Hearts game with sound and animation effects. The Omnibus variant for winning the Jack of Diamonds is optional.

Best Free Computer Chess for Android

Chess for Android (389 KB), a popular chess app with a built-in engine and a GUI with various board colors, piece sets, and full navigation buttons to correct moves and analyze games. Touch and hold an empty spot and you get to save and load games, set up positions, install and uninstall third-party UCI or XBoard engines for Android.
Chess (734 KB), play chess against the computer in 10 levels or Internet chess by connecting to the FICS servers. Useful features include save and load games, import and export games in pgn format, set up the board, puzzles, and support UCI engines including Robbolito, Stockfish and Bikjump. Better still, no annoying ads.

Best Free Sudoku for Android

OpenSudoku (219 KB), a simple open-source sudoku game with clean and clear design. In addition to the preloaded 90 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels, you can also get more free puzzles of higher levels online to import into OpenSudoku easily. See also Google Goggles.

Best Free Casual Game for Android

Talking Tom Cat Free (14.19 MB), a popular fun game to cheer you up for a good moment—talk to Tom and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice, pet his body to make him purr, or otherwise he will yawn or sneeze... Definitely a good try and other variations are available, mind the file size though.
Paper Toss (5.92 MB), getting bored at work? Try this casual game to toss a ball of crumpled paper into a metal trash basket, bearing in mind that paper can be blown by the wind to the left or right from a fan spinning at varying speed. Six levels of difficulty, easy to play and oddly satisfying.

Best Free Reversi for Android

Reversi Free (3.9 MB), flip your way to victory by challenging the CPU engine with 10 difficulty levels or going for a 2-player game, plus features like hint, save and resume, animation and sound effects, optional piece sets and boards.
DroidZebra Reversi (3.2 MB), improve your skills in this excellent app with a strong built-in Zebra engine. Can't beat it? Set the strength of the engine by limiting the number of moves it can analyze, or play in the practice mode where it evaluates the best move for you.

Best Free Backgammon for Android

Backgammon Free (6.2 MB), bear off your checkers and win this popular classic game with strong AI, 5 difficulty levels, two different boards and piece sets, hints, undos and stats, designed for both phones and tablets.

Best Free Air Hockey for Android

Glow Hockey 2 (7.1 MB), play a computer opponent at 4 difficulty levels, or against a friend to see who dominates the air hockey table in 2-player mode. Features include two table themes, four selectable paddles and pucks, colorful glow graphics and realistic physics.

Best Free Reaction Game for Android

2 Player Reactor (2.0 MB), challenge your friends to a battle of reflexes, basic wits and knowledge, and determine who wins in this fast reaction game, with supports for configurable game modes and multiple languages.

Best Free Dressup Game for Android

Androidify (2.1 MB), dress up the little green Android, customize and stretch or shrink it, then save and share it with your friends, set it as a photo in your contact book or use it as an avatar. It's fun and more than a game.

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by kendall.a on 6. January 2011 - 18:25  (63977)

Hey, check out Lookout. It's a free antivirus, backup program, that also will help you locate your phone if you lose it.

by Av_Crazy on 7. January 2011 - 2:01  (64018)

What does stub only means ?
and u have not included angry birds .. is it because it is already very popular ?
and yes a mention of antivirus will be good..currently i am using norton security but its still in beta and for now it is free
i will keep an eye on this one as i now own an android :D
some suggestions
not categorised - amazon kindle , applock , dropbox,app2sd,sdrescan,smsbackup,wallswitch
photo editing - photoshop express,picsay
file manager - astro
messengers - ebuddy,skype
browser-opera mini,ucweb
music player - poweramp
image viewer - quickpic

by Jojo Yee on 7. January 2011 - 4:19  (64031)

Good suggestion, kendall. It's now in the list.

by Jojo Yee on 7. January 2011 - 4:20  (64033)

Thanks for sharing, Av_Crazy.

by Bill G. (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 5:33  (64035)

This couldn't have come at a better time for me, upgrading the family's phones with tax refund and getting several droids. I don't know if any of these apps have known issues, but for apps that secretly collect personal data (regardless if it's known how they use it) maybe a disclaimer could be added to the review?

I'd love to see android app reviews as a recurring theme here. Maybe even a list of the apps known not to play nice.

by Rixk (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 5:43  (64036)

Uninstaller, AppMonster, Documents to Go, My Market, Evernote, Currency (XE), Springpad, Dictionary, Tunein Radio, Watchdog, World Clock, Startup Auditor, LCD Density, Quick Settings, & Yahoo! Mail. I also use Lookout like kendall, & a lot of the ones in Av_Crazy's list.

by MidnightCowboy on 7. January 2011 - 6:48  (64043)

"Stub only" means that the review is basic and incomplete. As soon as Jojo is happy that the content detail deserves elevation to the status of a full review, he will remove the tag.

by Brandon (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 7:00  (64045)

Android has so many great apps, it sucks my provider won't provide an update to Froyo for some time so I can install apps to the SD card. My favorite launcher out of the three popular ones is Go Launcher. You can choose the number of screens and designate any one as the home screen. It has a scrollable dock. The app drawer can be sorted into folders. It also has tabs showing recently used apps and ones currently running, displaying the memory in use and allowing you to close apps. It has many more features I haven't even fully explored. I miss the flyout effect from Launcher Pro, though.

Another app indispensable for me is SMS Popup. An incoming text shows as a popup with buttons for closing, deleting, or replying within the popup; among many other features. Thanks for sharing the ones I didn't know about. I just have to find room now.

by Franc (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 7:15  (64046)

Be sure to read the manual and user licence etc as you will have to give this program access to everything on your device.

by mmmike on 7. January 2011 - 13:42  (64066)

"Call Confirm" is great for the occasional phone call that goes out inadvertently. Don't know about you but I have found that phone calls were completed when my phone is in my pocket.....kinda dumb, I know but it happens. Call Confirm's pop-up verifies that you do in fact want to make that call.

by Samalama (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 14:08  (64070)

The best has to be AppBrain

- a simple web-based replacement for the awful market place. Simply install the app (via barcode etc) then on their website choose what you want to install on your phone, sync and hey presto all apps installed!


App 2 SD Free (move app to SD)
Barcode Scanner
ES File Explorer -far better and free - also connect to LAN and FTP!!!!!!
Documents To Go 3.0 - DO NOT USE QuickOffice!
AppBrain App Market
Catch Notes
SMS Backup +
App Protector Lite
Official eBay Android App

by Herbmmm (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 14:10  (64071)

Screebl Lite, ScoreMoble, NFLMoble, PalmaryWeather, AKNote Pad, Call History, Car Panel, Easy Answer Button, Fox News, Gmail, Gauge Battery Widget, GoMarks, ICE, MY Backup Pro, Rainy Days, Settings, Stocks, Volume Locker, Weather Bug, xScope, and Zillow

by pme (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 14:16  (64072)

Taskos is a great voice to text app. for errands, etc. love it.

by Kpocha (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 14:18  (64073)

I would like an app that let me easy add tasks and control my calendar... It takes too much time to use the phone.. Is there something faster than a paper and a pen?

And please, try these ones!

Handcent SMS >> replace of the basic SMS app
Call Meter NG >> measure call, sent sms, data transfered, etc... perfect!
MotoTorch LED >> control the flash's leds of the phone
Instant Lyrics Lite >> shows the lyric of the song that is playing on the phone

4 PLayer Reactor >> play 4 player game!

Sorry for my English!
Regards from Rosario, Argentina!

by Riliwan (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 14:35  (64074)

Great stuff here. ni am going for the barcode scaner

by SteveA (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 14:48  (64075)

Oh man, there are sooooo many
Gesture Search -- from Google and has to be seen to be believed
Solitaire -- I'm addicted
The Weather Channel
Jorte -- My idea of a better calendar
Easy Answer Button -- solves the answer the phone problem
Flashlight -- The best!
LastPass -- Remembers passwords

by wmgoat on 7. January 2011 - 15:38  (64080)


Vlingo - voice to text
Google Googles - location identifier from a photo
Google Navigation
SportsTap or ESPN, both work good for up to minute action
Advanced Task Killer to kill off unwanted apps
Flashlight - quick flashlight, but really drains battery fast

Will aka WmGoat

by kennyshu (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 16:20  (64081)

I will say the QuickMark QR Code Reader is better and much more faster than Barcode Scanner.

by kennyshu (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 16:38  (64082)

According to the most recent review
the application didn't get very high rates.

by wjracy (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 17:14  (64083)

Gizmo, thanks for providing one of my favorite go to sites when I'm looking for good free software. Now thanks for recognizing another area that deserves guidance.

Here's some of my favorites:

Advanced Task Killer – Keeps background processes to a minimum
Android System Info – Provides vitals of the resources
AnkiDroid – Great flashcard quizer
AppBrain App Market – Better Market replacement
Application Protection – Password protect apps from others
App List Backup – Creates download list for installed apps
App Referrer – Found a good app, send info to a friend
Apps Organizer – Creates folders to reduce icon clutter
Call Confirm – Eliminates pocket dialing
Cardio Trainer – Fitness tracking software
Dolphin Browser – Great internet browser replacement
Dropbox – Share files from your PC and others
ES File Explorer – App, file and task manager
Graffiti – Good keyboard replacement ala Palm
K9 Mail – Gmail replacement
Pandora – Streaming online music
Park Droid – Now where did I park my car
Password Safe Lite – Encrypted password manager
Swype – Replacement keyboard for fastest input
Weather Bug – Great weather data
Zedge – Looking for a ringtone or wallpaper

by rerun (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 17:31  (64084)

Not one mention of my favorite drawing, sketch, painting app....
PaintJoy. I've actually done some sophisticated work with it, even with obvious limitations.

[Moderator's note : Commercial details removed]

by ogian on 7. January 2011 - 18:10  (64088)

Thanks for providing this category. However, I don't think launcher pro is ready for prime time. I just installed it and tried to make a phone call. I got "continue this action using...". I selected launcher pro, then I decided I wanted to go back to the home screen and I could not unless I selected the standard android launcher. I don't need this app getting in the way when I want to make a simple phone call. I also couldn't find it in my app list after install. That was enough for me. I'll stick to home switcher for the time being.

by steveorg on 7. January 2011 - 18:47  (64090)

Let me second a couple of programs that were already mentioned.

AppBrain is a great app manager because it lets you use the app market from a regular computer and select apps to install or bookmark for later. It also makes reinstalling apps on a new phone much easier since it synchronizes the app list on your phone with your online account,

Springpad is the ultimate information organizer. Notes, tasks, bookmarks, web page content, recipes, lists and almost everything under the sun can be saved to your online account. Most importantly, everything is instantly synched, so using a computer and phone together is seamless. Evernote is also solid in this category. I prefer using Springpad, but Evernote is better at sharing with others.

by Wolfton (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 19:13  (64094)

Frozen Bubble is great for phones with trackballs, but for the others; not so much.
Multi Mount SD-Card Free
Photoshop Express

Most of my other favorites for phones are already mentioned above.

For tablets like the Nook Color, Musical Lite and xPiano are fun to have.

by ramblingderek (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 20:45  (64097)

AlpineQuest Uses Mobile Map Creator (Java on PC, Mac etc) to download maps from anywhere in the world. Includes OS maps for UK. Copy the maps created to your Android. Not a navigation guidance tool but as the GPS shows where you are it is ideal for walkers and cyclists. Free version doesn't track where you have been but still very useful.

by Owen (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 20:54  (64098)

Lastpass - the Android client is quite usable and the application generally is very worthwhile. While I think it is a more than reasonable price, continued access to any mobile client (e.g. Android) is part of LastPass Premium which is $12/year. Again, well worth it, but not free :^).

Google Reader - if you are an RSS addict (ahem) you will absolutely love Reader on Android. I have tried other Reader clients and this is as good as it gets (as close to desktop experience as you could ask and ideally optimized for small screens). If you don't use Reader, but follow lots of different (or even just a few) websites, you should try Reader - it is a very efficient way of browsing large amounts of information and only getting the details on things you really want to know / see.

TweetCaster - much better than official Twitter client version and the free/ad supported version is not irritating. So good, you should probably part with $3.99 for the pro version just to support the developer.

Google Shopper - too cool! Use your camera to view almost anything that you are thinking about buying (a book cover, UPC code of almost any product, etc.) and it brings up competitive pricing and product reviews.

I agree with others on Soduko Free, official eBay App and DropBox.

Looking forward to more entries and categories here.

by rhiannon on 7. January 2011 - 21:44  (64099)

The 12 best apps for your new Android device

The Gentle Alarm looks quite useful.

by elgie (not verified) on 8. January 2011 - 0:31  (64103)

Toss It
Talking Tom
Google Sky
Google Voice
Metal Detector

by 54pete on 8. January 2011 - 3:00  (64109)

I love this site, and now it has an Android category - brilliant! - Task / todo manager using GTD methodology. Cloud data, sync between Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone.

Mini File Manager - But haven't tried your recommended Astro yet.

MyPhoneExplorer - Downloaded to get phone data backup facility, but it does so much more. You can even send SMS or place phone calls from your PC (through the phone).

AppBrain - Agree with others on this, very good.

MyTracks - I record bike rides. Records the usual including elevation / profile. Upload to Google MyMaps.

DropBox - Access to 'cloud' files from smartphone. Mentioned in another PC category.

Google Maps - Works well. Now with navigation so can be used as SatNav.

Maps (-) - Similar to Google Maps, but uses OpenStreetMap and its cycle maps. Shows bike paths - yay! (at least in Oz) I'm pretty sure it caches maps on phone to help reduce data traffic.

Blogaway - Blog from your Android phone.

Reduce Photo Size - I used this to reduce the size of images uploaded to my blog. Instead of picking up an image from the Gallery (HTC) or camera, you pick it up from this which then gives basic editing options.

WebSharing Lite - Simple file sharing between phone and PC through wifi instead of using USB. Had this before MyPhoneExplorer which seems to have more functionality.

AndTidWiki - A bit specialised, allows editing of TiddlyWiki files on Android. TiddlyWiki files are HTML files with the editor built in (Javascript).

You've certainly got you work cut out now, Jojoyee...

by Jojo Yee on 8. January 2011 - 3:46  (64110)

Thanks Pete for the good suggestions. I'll look into them and many other products mentioned in the comments section here.

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