Artweaver is primarily a paint program but equipped with a curves-and-levels tool that works better than Paint.NET

Our Score
Our Score
License Free
Comprehensive help with tutorial instructions; Interface is sparse and some features are not intuitive; Extensible with four types of plug-ins; Creates PDF files.
Really a paint program at the moment; Visual interface supports paint rather than image adjustment.

Artweaver is primarily a paint program and would not have been reviewed in this category if it was not for the Image | Adjustments menu. It might be edged out by other applications I review but at the moment I agree with the previous editor that it “has a curves-and-levels tool that works a little better than Paint.Net“. It uses a rather monochromatic interface which sets it apart from the other editors. And the tool and color palettes on display are clearly focused on painting rather than photos but that is largely the case with more advanced image editors trying to look like Photoshop. Artweaver is extensible by plug-ins for effect filters, file formats, and importing and exporting from devices which could include cameras and scanners. This is also a feature of more advanced image editors.

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