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Perhaps the Most Under-appreciated Tool in Windows: the Command Line v.laurie
Perform Unit Conversions and Calculations With This Simple, Free Calculator rhiannon
Perfect PDF Reader Jojo Yee
Peek site.editor
Peek Jojo Yee
PeaZip. An Excellent File Manager And Compress/Extract Tool In One. rob.schifreen
PeaZip Jojo Yee
PeaZip site.editor
PeaZip evering7
PeaZip Remah
PDFTK Builder Jojo Yee
PDFTK Builder site.editor
PDFsam Basic site.editor
PDFsam Jojo Yee
PDFill PDF Tools site.editor
PDFill PDF Tools Remah
PDFill PDF Tools Jojo Yee
PDFill PDF Tools evering7
PDFCreator Moltke
PDFCreator Anonymous (not verified)
PDF24 PDF Creator Moltke
PDF24 Anonymous (not verified)
PDF-XChange Viewer evering7
PDF-XChange Viewer Remah
PDF-XChange Editor Jojo Yee
PDF-XChange Editor site.editor
PDF to Word Converter Is Free For 2 Days Only robert.schifreen
PDF Shuffler site.editor
PDF Shuffler Jojo Yee
PDF Shaper Jojo Yee
PDF Shaper site.editor
PDF Import for Apache OpenOffice site.editor
PDF Conversion and Online Virus Scanning - Increased Limits robert.schifreen
PCs Running the Windows 10 October Update Haven’t Received Critical Fixes rhiannon
PC Wizard evering7
PC WIzard Remah
PC Wizard jason
PC Wizard jason
PC Tools ThreatFire MidnightCowboy
PC Tools Threatfire torres-no-tan-m...
PC Tools Firewall Plus t i m
PC Inspector File Recovery danielchurchwell
PC INSPECTOR File Recovery site.editor
PC Decrapifier jason
PC Crashed Recently? This Free Program Will Tell You Why rob.schifreen
Pazera Free Audio Video Pack site.editor
Pazera Free Audio Video Pack Jojo Yee
Pazera Free Audio Extractor Jojo Yee
Password Safe Jojo Yee
Password Safe site.editor
Party Lights, Or Just Fun On Your PC rob.schifreen
Parallel Space Jojo Yee
Paragon Partition Manager Free site.editor
Paragon Partition Manager 14 Free Edition crank
Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition AndyR
Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012(高级)免费版 evering7
Panorama Perfect Lite Jojo Yee
Panorama Perfect Lite gizmo.richards
PANDA-glGo Jojo Yee
PANDA-glGo site.editor
Panda Free Antivirus George.J
Panda Cloud Antivirus gizmo.richards
Pale Moon. This New Web Browser Is Far From New! rob.schifreen
Pale Moon Remah
Pale Moon evering7
Paint.Net Ritho
Paint.NET Remah
Paint.NET evering7
Paint.NET wyf88
Paint.NET site.editor
PagePlus Starter Edition Jojo Yee
PagePlus Starter Edition site.editor
PageNest site.editor
PageNest Jojo Yee
Pacz Jojo Yee
Pacz site.editor
Pacman EX 3 Jojo Yee
Pacman EX 3 site.editor
PacketiX.NET The_Blode
PacketiX.NET Jojo Yee
Pac-Man Jojo Yee
OxygenOffice Professional Jojo Yee
Outstanding Free Clipart rhiannon
Outpost Security Suite Free MidnightCowboy
Outpost Firewall Free t i m
Outlook Express Backup philip
Outlook Express Backup philip
Outertech GetDiz Jojo Yee
Our Freeware Forums Have Moved! gizmo.richards
Our Exclusive Giveaway Worth $90. [Expired] rob.schifreen
Other articles George.J
Othello Jojo Yee
Othello site.editor
Origins Of English, And The Great Vowel Shift rob.schifreen
Organize Your Thoughts, Manage Group Projects and Create Tasks With This Free Task Manager rhiannon
Organize Your Music Files On the Go With This Excellent MP3 Tag Editor Jojo Yee
Organize Your Desktop With Stardock Fences For Windows (only available as a paid version, free version discontinued). rhiannon
Organize Information Alone Or With Others rob.schifreen
Organise Your Thoughts With An Online Corkboard rob.schifreen
Organise Your Brain With This Online Tool rob.schifreen
Organise And Search Your Photos By Metadata rob.schifreen
Orbiter site.editor
Orbiter okrick
Orbit Downloader Remah
Optimizing µTorrent for Mac For Speed site.editor
Optimizing µTorrent (or BitTorrent) For Speed site.editor
Optimizing Vuze (formerly Azureus) for Speed site.editor
Optimizing Transmission For Windows For Speed site.editor
Optimizing Tixati For Speed site.editor
Optimizing the Transmission Bittorrent Client for Speed site.editor
Optimizing qBittorrent For Speed site.editor
Optimizing Halite For Speed site.editor
Optimizing Deluge For Speed site.editor
Optimizing BitTorrent For Speed site.editor
Optimizing Bittorrent Clients for Speed site.editor
Optimizing BitComet for Speed site.editor
Optical Illusions Jojo Yee
Opera Mobile gonzo99
Opera Mini gonzo99
Opera Mini site.editor
Opera Mini site.editor
Opera Mini ITnight
Opera Mail site.editor
Opera Browser (for mobile) site.editor
Opera (M2 Mail Client) Jojo Yee
Opera site.editor
Opera Remah
Opera Jojo Yee
OpenShot site.editor
OpenShot lizabrown
OpenDNS Smart Caching Displays Websites Even When They're Down site.editor
OpenDNS Remah
OpenDNS site.editor
OpenDisc Jojo Yee
OpenDisc site.editor
Open Workbench 2 Remah
Open Workbench philip
Open Workbench Jojo Yee
Open Source Windows Grep stankovski
Open Source Album Art Finder fmaresca
Open Office Remah
Open Last Closed Tab Jojo Yee
Open All Your Favourite Programs Automatically When You Log On rob.schifreen
Open A Microsoft Project File. Without Microsoft Project. rob.schifreen
Opcion Font Viewer site.editor
Opcion Font Viewer Remah
OOPs, This Page Cannot be Located gizmo.richards
OOPs I can't find that page gizmo.richards
OOPs gizmo.richards okrick
OnLine Taxes okrick
Online Multiplayer World Meets Car Racing Sim robert.schifreen
Online Mind Mapper Makes Planning Easy rob.schifreen
Online Armor Free t i m
OneDrive kyengineer
OneDrive site.editor
One Touch to Unblock Websites Jojo Yee
One of the best free music players out there Shawn5800
One Of My Favourite Youtube Videos Ever rob.schifreen
On-Screen Hard Disk Activity Indicator rob.schifreen
On the House - Battlefield 3 (Claim your copy before 3rd June) George.J
Omea Reader philip
OI File Manager Hannomir
Offline Mode Makes Windows Defender Even Smarter rob.schifreen
Offline Google Chrome Apps for Windows Desktop Use v.laurie
Office Web Jojo Yee
Ocean Quest Jojo Yee
Ocean Quest Jojo Yee
Null FTP Remah
Null FTP evering7
NTP Time Zone Clock Jojo Yee
NTP Time Zone Clock site.editor
NSIS George
NSIS George
Now You Can Add A Watermark To A PDF File rob.schifreen
Now There's A Free WhatsApp Desktop Program rob.schifreen
Now In Beta: Firefox Browser That's Twice As Fast rob.schifreen
Now available to all: 9 Great Freeware Programs that should be on Every PC Anonymous (not verified)
NoteTab Light site.editor
NoteTab Light Brendan Peckitt
NotesHolder site.editor
NotesHolder Jojo Yee
Notepad++ site.editor
Notepad++ Jojo Yee
Notepad++ evering7
Notepad++ Remah
Notepad With Added Encryption Makes A Great Password Saver rob.schifreen
Not Yet Upgraded To Windows 8.1? Beware! rob.schifreen
NoScript Extension Is Now Available for Google Chrome rhiannon
NoScript Jojo Yee
Norton Safety Minder Remah
Norton Power Eraser George.J
Norton Family site.editor
NoRoot Firewall - Control your Apps Internet Access tamxir
Normalise Your MP3 Files So They All Play At The Same Volume robert.schifreen
Nook Jojo Yee
NOOK site.editor
Nomad.NET George.J
Nomad.NET George.J
Nomacs - Image Lounge marcdarkin
Nomacs - Image Lounge marcdarkin
Noiseware Community Edition Jojo Yee
Noiseware Community Edition Photo Addict
NoDelay Remah
NoDelay site.editor
No More Ransom: A Step Towards Eliminating Ransomware rhiannon
Nmap jhand
Nmap site.editor
NitroPDF Reader Remah
NitroPDF Reader evering7
Ninja Download Manager George.J
Nine Shortcuts to Speed up Internet Browsing that You May Not Know v.laurie
Nimbus Note bernardz
Nifty Way to Safely Move Folders or Programs to Another Drive or Partition in Windows 7 v.laurie
Nifty Way to Automatically Run a Windows Script or Program Whenever You Turn Off the PC v.laurie
Nifty Free Windows Application for Batch Conversion, Resizing, and Renaming of Image Files v.laurie
Nifty Free Application Lets You Control Hundreds of Windows System Utilities in One Convenient Place v.laurie
NFOPad site.editor
NexusFont site.editor
NexusFont Remah
Next Generation Malware Attacks PCs Via Firmware in Hardware Devices gizmo.richards
Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for v.laurie
New Website? New Kitchen? Need A Colour Scheme? rob.schifreen
New Uses For Old Laptops rhiannon
New Sysinternals Tool: RAMMap George
New Microsoft Service Fixes Common PC Problems for Free Anonymous (not verified)
New Microsoft Online Tool to Help Keep Track of Security Bulletins for Your Software v.laurie
New Microsoft Emergency Tool for Malware Infected Windows PCs v.laurie
New Google blog "The Keyword" is a central source for Google news and stories rhiannon
New Free Windows System Tool Called Sysmon from Sysinternals v.laurie
New Free Tweaker from Winaero for Windows 7/8/10 v.laurie
New Free Suite of Windows System Utilities v.laurie
New Free Edition of Paragon Backup & Recovery (10.1) MidnightCowboy
New Free Digital Photo Stitching Program Beats the Rest gizmo.richards
New Free Adventure Game Just for Windows 8.1 v.laurie
New Free Adobe iOS App with Many of the Features of Photoshop v.laurie
New Firefox Extension Makes Surfing Safer Anonymous (not verified)
New Chromium-Based Browser Includes Add-Ins As Standard rob.schifreen
New Articles, Updates and Forum Posts Anonymous (not verified)
New Articles, Updates and Forum Posts Anonymous (not verified)
Neverthink Jojo Yee
Never Re-install Windows Again Part 3: Imaging your hard drive gizmo.richards
Never Re-install Windows Again Part 2: Partitioning your hard drive gizmo.richards
Never Re-install Windows Again Part 1 gizmo.richards
Never Forget A Grocery Item Jojo Yee
Never Forget A Conversation In A Phone Call Jojo Yee
NetWorx George
NetWorx George
NetSurveyor George
NetSurveyor George
NetSetMan lets easily you change your network settings on the fly joe.bennett
NetMeter George
NetMeter George
Netflix Secret Codes: How To Access Hidden Movie Categories rhiannon
NetCraft Toolbar Remah
Netbook Operating Systems to Replace Windows robert.schifreen
NetBeans IDE site.editor
Netbeans Ritho
NET Traffic Meter George
NeoMem Jojo Yee
NeoMem site.editor
Neo's SafeKeys Jojo Yee
Neo's SafeKeys site.editor
Nemus Launcher leland.w
Need To Trim An MP3 File? Do It Online. rob.schifreen
Need To Make A PDF File Smaller? Look No Further rob.schifreen
Need To Identify A Song? Just Sing It To This Site! rob.schifreen
Need To Browse The Characters In A Font? Here's How. rob.schifreen
Need Graph, Music Or Lined Paper? Generate And Print Your Own. rob.schifreen
Need An Office Software Suite? This One's Free. rob.schifreen
Need A Vector Drawing App? This One's Free And Simple. rob.schifreen
Need A Simple Cloud-Hosted Database App? This One's Free robert.schifreen
Need A Personal Information Manager? Here's A Free One. rob.schifreen
Need A New File Explorer? Try This One, It's Free. rob.schifreen
Need A More Powerful File Manager? Look No Further. rob.schifreen
Need A HDMI Cable? Tempted To Spend Heavily? Don't. rob.schifreen
NDNoise Jojo Yee
NDNoise Photo Addict
NASA Made Their Entire Media Library Free to the Public rhiannon
NASA Image of the Day (Website of the Week) rhiannon
namebench Remah
MyUninstaller site.editor
MyUninstaller torres-no-tan-m...
MyTrees okrick
MyPaint Sahil Waste
MyPaint Anonymous (not verified)
MyHeritage Mobile okrick
MyHeritage Family Tree Builder Jojo Yee
MyHeritage Family Tree Builder site.editor
MyHeritage okrick
MyDefragmenter 4goTTen21
MyDefrag Remah
MyDefrag site.editor
MyDefrag Anonymous (not verified)
MyDefrag evering7
My Preferred File Compression/Unzip Tool rob.schifreen
My New Favourite Network-Fiddling Tool rob.schifreen
My Most Popular Hot Finds For 2014 rob.schifreen
My Lockbox site.editor
My Lockbox Jojo Yee
My Free 350-page HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL Book. Get It While You Can. robert.schifreen
My Favourite App For Joining MP3 Files rob.schifreen
My Favourite Ad Blocker. Now Open Source Too. rob.schifreen
My Favoured Youtube Downloader Of The Moment rob.schifreen
My Defragmenter site.editor
My actual blog v.laurie
MX Video Player trainman261
MX Player trainman261
mVideoPlayer trainman261
Musixmatch Lyrics Jojo Yee
musiXmatch trainman261
Musicolet Music Player Jojo Yee
MusicBrainz Picard Jojo Yee
MusicBrainz Picard Jojo Yee
MusicBee Built-in Tag Editor Jojo Yee
MusicBee Jojo Yee
MusicBee site.editor
MusicBee Jojo Yee
MuseScore Stafford Otter
MuseScore Jojo Yee
MuralPix Wallpaper Changer site.editor
MuralPix Manager Jojo Yee
MuPDF IO.Hazard
MuPDF site.editor
MultiGet Remah
MultiCommander Remah
MultiCommander George.J
MultiCommander evering7
Multi Commander George.J
Much More Than Safe Mode, From Windows 10's Magic Restart Menu rob.schifreen
MrPostman site.editor
MrPostman Jojo Yee
MPTagThat Jojo Yee
MPTagThat Jojo Yee
MPC-HC George.J
Mp3tag Jojo Yee
Mp3tag Jojo Yee
mp3splt-gtk site.editor
mp3splt-gtk Jojo Yee
mp3DirectCut site.editor
mp3DirectCut Jojo Yee
Mozilla Thunderbird Earlybird Remah
Mozilla Thunderbird Jojo Yee
Mozilla Firefox Jojo Yee
Mozilla Firefox site.editor
Movie Collector George
Movie Collector George
Mouse Only Keyboard site.editor
Mouse Only Keyboard Jojo Yee
More than 100,000 free icons in one place rhiannon
More Nifty New Tricks in Windows 7 v.laurie
More Great Freeware For Drawing And Graphic Design rob.schifreen
More Free Books From Microsoft. Download Yours Now. rob.schifreen
More Free Backup Software Recommendations & Reviews site.editor
More Browsers George.J
More About QTTabBar site.editor
More About Privacy Settings in Windows 10 v.laurie
Moon+ Reader Jojo Yee
Moon+ Reader site.editor
Moo0 Video Minimizer lizabrown
Monitor Your Wi-Fi from Your Mobile Device with Fing - Network Tools IO.Hazard
Monitor Your PC's Activity With A Free Utility rob.schifreen
Monitor Your DSL Connection In Minute Detail rob.schifreen
Monitor PC Health Right On The Desktop rob.schifreen
Money Plus Sunset Deluxe Jojo Yee
Money Plus Sunset Deluxe site.editor
Money Manager Expense & Budget Jojo Yee
Money Manager Ex Jojo Yee
Money Manager Ex Remah
Money Manager Ex site.editor
Money Manager Ex evering7
Moderation and Revision Explained gizmo.richards
Moderating Comments and Revisions gizmo.richards
Mobysaurus Thesaurus site.editor
Mobysaurus Jojo Yee
MoboPlayer trainman261
MoboPlayer trainman261
Mobipocket Reader Desktop Jojo Yee
Mobipocket Reader site.editor
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Jojo Yee
MJ Registry Watcher site.editor
MJ Registry Watcher MidnightCowboy
MixZing trainman261
MixZing trainman261
Mix Your Own Soundtrack To Work To rob.schifreen
Miro Video Converter site.editor
Miro Video Converter Jojo Yee
Miro site.editor
Miro Jojo Yee
Miranda IM site.editor
Miranda IM Jojo Yee
MiniTool Power Data Recovery site.editor
MiniTool Power Data Recovery danielchurchwell
MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.0 crank
MiniTool Partition Wizard site.editor
Minilyrics - Now You Can't Stop Yourself From Singing! George.J
Milo's Chinese Chess Jojo Yee
Milo's Chinese Chess Jojo Yee
Mikogo site.editor
Mikogo jhand
Mike Hall's Reversi Jojo Yee
Mike Hall's Reversi site.editor
Migrating to Mozilla Firefox gizmo.richards
Microsoft's Clip Layer Lets You Copy Text From Any Screen On Android Jojo Yee
Microsoft's Change of Heart On Creators' Update Queue-Jumping rob.schifreen
Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Remah
Microsoft Visual Studio Now Free For Non-Commercial Use! rob.schifreen
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Get It Now. For Free. rob.schifreen
Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager Jojo Yee
Microsoft Time Zones Jojo Yee
Microsoft Time Zone site.editor
Microsoft Solitaire Collection now available for Android and iOS rhiannon
Microsoft SkyDrive Finally Gets Its Desktop App rob.schifreen
Microsoft Security Essentials evering7
Microsoft Security Essentials Remah
Microsoft Security Essentials gizmo.richards
Microsoft Releases More Free Books rob.schifreen
Microsoft Releases Free Version Of OneNote rob.schifreen
Microsoft Releases 150 Free Full-Length E-Books rob.schifreen
Microsoft re-releases the Windows 10 October 2018 Update rhiannon
Microsoft Outlook site.editor
Microsoft OneNote Now Unlimited Freeware rob.schifreen
Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard site.editor
Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard Jojo Yee
Microsoft Office Accounting Express site.editor
Microsoft Office Accounting Express Jojo Yee
Microsoft Offers Web-based Office Applications for Free gizmo.richards
Microsoft Mathematics site.editor
Microsoft Mathematics Remah
Microsoft Launches Free On-Demand Virus/Malware Scanner robert.schifreen
Microsoft is changing their Terms of Use and Privacy Statement rhiannon
Microsoft Image Composite Editor gizmo.richards
Microsoft Image Composite Editor Jojo Yee
Microsoft Image Composite Editor v.laurie
Microsoft Image Composite Editor Remah
Microsoft Image Composite Editor evering7
Microsoft Hyperlapse Jojo Yee
Microsoft Hearts Jojo Yee
Microsoft GIF Animator Sahil Waste
Microsoft GIF Animator Jojo Yee
Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's Back And It's Free. robert.schifreen
Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier CryptoSurfer - ...
Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier Jojo Yee
Microsoft Expressions Design Remah
Microsoft Expression Web 4 and Expression Design 4 now Free bernardz
Microsoft Expression Design site.editor
Microsoft Calculator Plus site.editor
Microsoft Calculator Plus Jojo Yee
MetatOGGer Jojo Yee
MetatOGGer Jojo Yee
Metalogic Finance Explorer site.editor
Metalogic Finance Explorer Jojo Yee
Metadata in Your Files May Reveal Hidden Personal Information You Didn’t Know About v.laurie
Metacafe site.editor
Messages Jojo Yee
Meridian Player Transcend trainman261
Meridian Player trainman261
Mercury Browser site.editor
Mercury Browser ITnight
MemTest86+ Jojo Yee
MemTest86+ site.editor
MemTest86 Remah
MemTest86 site.editor
MemScope Jojo Yee
Memory Usage Troubleshooter Gets An Update rob.schifreen
Mejores Herramientas Gratuitas para PDFs arcedo
Mejores Aplicaciones y Servicios Gratuitos Online adrian.p
Mejor Visor Gratuito de Imágenes Digitales marcdarkin
Mejor Utilidad Gratuita de Puesta a Punto de PC marcdarkin
Mejor Supervisor Gratuito de Actualizaciones de Software arcedo
Mejor Software Portable Gratuito arcedo
Mejor Software para Linux Gratuito adrian.p
Mejor Software HDR Gratuito (Alto Rango Dinámico) adrian.p
Mejor Software Gratuito para Windows de 64 bits adrian.p
Mejor Software Gratuito para Particionar Disco adrian.p
Mejor Software Gratuito de Grabación de CD/DVD marcdarkin
Mejor Software Gratuito de Acceso Remoto adrian.p
Mejor Software Antivirus Gratuito marcdarkin
Mejor Servicio Gratuito de Navegación Anónima marcdarkin
Mejor Ripeador de CDs Gratuito adrian.p
Mejor Reproductor Multimedia Gratuito marcdarkin
Mejor Programa Gratuito de Creación de Imágenes de Disco arcedo
Mejor Programa Gratuito de Conversión de Vídeo y Audio adrian.p
Mejor Programa de Copias de Seguridad adrian.p
Mejor Organizador Gratuito de Fotos Digitales adrian.p
Mejor Navegador Gratuito adrian.p
Mejor Limpiador Gratuito del Registro marcdarkin
Mejor Limpiador Gratuito de Adware - Spyware - Scumware marcdarkin
Mejor Limpiador de Archivos Gratuito marcdarkin
Mejor Gestor de Descarga gratuito adrian.p
Mejor Freeware - Páginas en Español marcdarkin
Mejor Firewall Gratuito marcdarkin
Mejor Escritor de PDF Gratuito marcdarkin
Mejor Escáner/Limpiador de Troyanos marcdarkin
Mejor Escáner/Limpiador de Rootkits Gratuito marcdarkin
Mejor Editor HTML Gratuito adrian.p
Mejor Editor Gratuito de Etiquetas MP3 arcedo
Mejor Editor de Imagen Gratuito adrian.p
Mejor Desfragmentador de Disco Gratuito marcdarkin
Mejor Compresor Zip Gratuito para Android victor7clarke