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Still Got An XP Machine? Turn It On Now. 84.0%
Still My Favourite Free Office Software Suite 90.0%
Still Probably The Best Free Photo Editor For Windows 88.7%
Stitch MP3 Files Together Or Extract Audio From Video 86.0%
Stolen WiFi: How To Check and What To Do If Your WiFi Is Being Pilfered 89.4%
Stop Ads On Your Windows 10 Lockscreen 90.9%
Stop Gmail From Adding The Important Label To Your Email 80.2%
Stop mobile apps from tracking your location 84.7%
Stop Popups, Overlays, Privacy Notifications and More with This Browser Extension 86.7%
Stop Programs Accessing the Internet Using Windows Defender Firewall 95.5%
Stop Unwanted Email for Free With This Great Temporary Email Service 94.3%
Stop Web Trackers and Protect Your Privacy with This New Free Browser Add-On 83.4%
Stop Windows 10 From Recording Your Keystrokes, Speech and Handwriting 94.1%
Strong, Effortless Security For Your Internet Usage. And It's Free. 61.9%
Stuck at home? This list can make being inside easier 92.1%
Study The Origin Of Words With This Etymology Dictionary 77.5%
Stunning Level Of Detail For Network Detectives 73.0%
Summarize webpages online 58.9%
Sun, Sand, and Colorful Beach Chairs (Wallpaper of the Week) 78.2%
Superb Mountain Sunset (Wallpaper of the Week) 93.3%
Superb Simple Editor With Handy Macro Feature 94.6%
Supplement Your Virus Scanner With A Kaspersky Freebie 64.6%
Suspicious Windows 7 Update? It's Only Microsoft. 72.7%
Sync Your Files Without The Cloud 62.9%
Sync Your Photos and Files Between Devices Automatically 84.3%