The Portable Freeware Collection


[UPDATE] ChromeCookiesView v1.65

ChromeCookiesView is an alternative to the standard internal cookies viewer of Chromium-based Web browsers. It displays the list of all stored cookies and allows you to easily delete unwanted ones. It also allows you export the cookies into text/csv/html/xml file.

[UPDATE] QiPress Lite v1.076.4

QiPress is a monitor for the system keyboard and mouse, describing activity in a small, semi-transparent black box in the corner of your screen. Ideal for presentations, screencasts and program how-tos, the program can also behave as a diagnosis tool for keyboard problems, describe unlabeled keys, or provide feedback show when an application is ignoring input.

Settings are available to ignore key-sets to exclude for example mouse or keypad activity, as well as window color, transparency, fade-out and more.

A pro version of the program is available for commercial use, and has the same feature-set.

[UPDATE] Magnifixer v10.1

Magnifixer is a screen magnifier utility that lets you place the window anywhere on your screen, make it any size, and select a zoom level. The program will always show the area of your screen around your mouse cursor.

[UPDATE] Textadept v11.0

Textadept is a minimalist programmer’s text editor featuring split views, themes, auto-complete. Also features syntax highlighting, advanced search, and bookmarks.

Cross-platform with versions available for Mac OSX, Linux, and BSD.

[UPDATE] WPD v1.4.1722

WPD (Windows Privacy Dashboard) disables, uninstalls, or blocks many components and features that are either wasteful or share too much information from within the Windows operating system.

[UPDATE] Run-Command v4.64

Run-Command improves on the standard Windows "Run" tool with the ability to run programs as administrator, command favorites and more. Favorites can be managed by grouping by command categories.

[UPDATE] PhonerLite v2.85

PhonerLite is an SIP softphone for making and receiving VoIP calls. It supports multiple SIP profiles, integrated phone book and call logging.

Note: PhonerLite is a stripped-down version of Phoner, with a different but more user-friendly GUI. They use the same DLL and configuration data (sipper.ini) and can co-exist in the same folder.

[UPDATE] AlwaysMouseWheel v5.11

AlwaysMouseWheel allows you to scroll (via mouse wheel) any window under the mouse, even if that window is not in the foreground. This is especially useful when referencing multiple windows without losing focus on the primary window (e.g. taking notes).

[UPDATE] Info-Base v10.4

Info-Base is a very fast, effective, and easy PIM (personal information manager) and a freeform database for any kind of texts, notes, snippets, and similarly other data. It is a clone of the good old "Info-Select", Version 1.0 for Windows (3.x) - by Micro Logic Corp. with some new options like links, spell checker, tagging, global search, clips from browsers or other programs (with , global hotkeys) , and much more.

[UPDATE] KiTTY v0.74.3.2

KiTTY is a Telnet, SSH and Rlogin client forked from PuTTY. In addition to adding portability, it supports many new features, including session filters, automatic login, session icon, pre-defined saved command shortcuts, terminal protection feature, automatic login and ability to run commands on startup.

Interface improvements include transparency, roll-up and more.

[UPDATE] Desktop Info v2.10.0

Desktop Info displays system information on your desktop in a similar way to some other desktop information tools. Unlike others, this application looks like wallpaper but stays resident in memory and continues to update the display in real time. Uses very little memory and nearly zero CPU. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by monitoring of production or test server farms. Everything is customisable including language.

[UPDATE] CherryTree v0.99.24

CherryTree is an hierarchical note-taking application. It features rich-text formatting, syntax highlighting, spell-checking, image insertion and password protection. Data is stored in a single XML or SQLite file. Import from plaintext, HTML or your favorite note-taker, including Zim, Treepad, Keynote, Mempad and RedNotebook. Export to PDF, HTML or plaintext files.

Cross platform with versions available for Linux. CherryTree Portable is a portable wrapper for CherryTree.

[UPDATE] Directory Monitor v2.13.5.4

Directory Monitor enables real-time monitoring for new files/folders or changes. The program can monitor unlimited directories and network shares, as well as filter results and execute a program/script at a given event. The program can log all changes and allows notifications via balloon messages or taskbar animation.

Supports relative folder locations.

[UPDATE] FontViewOK v6.44

FontViewOK creates a quick visual overview on all fonts installed or from a folder. Includes printing with print preview function, a list of all fonts from a specific folder, dual font preview for quick comparisons of fonts, as well as ability to modify size, style and color.

[UPDATE] CSVFileView v2.48

CSVFileView is a simple spreadsheet viewer/converter utility for comma-separated value (CSV) or tab-delimited file. You can sort the lines according to one of the fields, remove unwanted fields and change their order and then save the result back into CSV file, tab-delimited file, XML file, or HTML report.

[UPDATE] RekSFV v1.8.4

RekSFV is a checksum generator and verifier that can evaluate files and whole directories. When scanning, the program checks for all supported files and verifies any found checksums. The program supports drag and drop, stay-on-top, minimize to tray, shortcut keys, multiple instances, sound notification and more.

The program supports several hashing algorithms including SFV, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512.

[UPDATE] RSS Guard v3.8.3

RSS Guard is a customizable, skinnable feed reader with a tabbed interface. It can fetch the most known feed formats, including RSS/RDF and ATOM and store them in a nested list, keyboard shortcuts, notification settings, gesture support and more.

Cross-platform, supporting a wide array of operating systems (Linux, OS X, *BSD and more).

[UPDATE] QuickImageComment v4.37

QuickImageComment is a tool with a variety of tools around viewing, editing and removing digital image metadata files. It can sync times, compare, export, or use the data to modify the file name (e.g. rename the file to the date the photo was taken).

The program functions with JPEG, TIFF and various RAW formats, retrieving data from a variety of formats including EXIF, IPTC and XMP properties.

The program has privacy features of deleting all metadata, which can include location and equipment used) as well as batch operations.

[UPDATE] Freeciv v2.6.2.1

Freeciv is a single or multiplayer, turn-based strategy game modeled after Civilization™. In this game, each player leads a civilization and fights to become the greatest in the world. You can play with the computer or with other players over the network.

The program is cross-platform with support for Mac, Linux, BSD, Solaris and many more.

Alternatively, Freeciv Portable is also available.

[UPDATE] Bandizip Standard Edition v7.13

Bandizip is an archive tool that supports a customisable interface, the searching of archives by file name, file splitting, password protection, self-extracting archives and varying levels of compression. It supports the creation and extraction of most common compression formats, as well as modern formats ZIPX and 7Z.

The program's "High Speed Archiving" function will allow you to compress or bypass the files its own algorithm on multimedia files (AVI, WMV, MP3...) or archive files (ZIP, RAR, 7Z...) that won't benefit from additional compression. This can increase archiving speed dramatically. Extract formats supported include 7Z, ZIPX, RAR, ALZ, EGG, TAR, BH, LZH, BZ2, ISO, CAB, WIM, XZ, ARJ, ZIP, Z and more.