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[UPDATE] Music Collection v2.8.7.2

The Portable Freeware Collection -

Music Collection allows you to build a database of your audio files across drives, disks and elsewhere. The program can accept any music, recorded books, or other audio media that you own or intend to. Add, edit and search for any information in the database. Album info can be manually entered or pulled automatically from one of 3 Internet album search tools. After saving the albums, you can browse or filter by a variety of criteria. Includes a variety of views and print methods.

Utilizes the Microsoft Access Database (MDB) format.

[UPDATE] DShutdown v1.73.4

The Portable Freeware Collection -

DShutdown is an automation program that allows you to perform variety of activities on either your computer or remote PCs. Functions include awaken, sleep, shutdown, close/open programs, alarms, lock, and more. Triggers include after a time period, program close (e.g. once file compression completes), activity monitor, network rate (e.g. when a large download finishes) and even monitor color changes.


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